Minutes - Information Committee

Minutes of the Information Committee Meeting, December 19, 2017

Present: Gershon Siegel (Interim Chair), Pam Henline (Board), Jody Price (acting Board Liaison), Courteney Handy (Community Relations Coordinator/Editor/Designer of Vistas), Bill Dunning,  guest Paul.

Message from the Board

  • Board Working Session is Thursday Jan. 17, 4-6 PM.
  • The 2018 budget was passed-a letter will go out before New Years ~around the 28th of December.
  • The draft bylaws will be discussed/possibly passed in January.
  • The Board approved a home business.
  • Jody Price is now the secretary of the Board.
  • The Information Committee should update their charter.
  • The Election Petition is to be posted next week ~around Jan. 3.
  • One seat is open on the Board.
    • Eblasts will go out regarding this.

October’s Minutes

  • Jody did not send in the October minutes.
    • He will send them out by January.
    • November and December minutes can’t be posted until Jody sends the October minutes.

The Future of the Minutes

  • Dag Ryen sent an email to Gershon stating he would be the Interim Secretary if no one volunteers.

The Future of the Information Committee

  • Gershon Siegel (Interim Chair) has resigned as chair. However, due to the fact that there were not enough members to form a quorum, his resignation has been put on hold until the next meeting in January.
    • ((Interim)) secretary and chair) will be elected at the January meeting. 


Website Review

  • Isabel’s management report needs to be posted up there.
  • Jody and Courteney discussed a few options regarding the templates for the redesign.
    • The design “Tortuga,” was mentioned as being the best template. Below is the link to the design and a screenshot of what the home page could look like.



  • Jody is aiming for “Wordpress” to be our software. It is cheap and has over 1,000 templates to use.
  • Jody is hoping to keep our current host, which will cost around $40/month.
    • Timeline: Jody hopes to form this committee after the holidays and then hopes to see mockups of possible templates.
    • Future: Dag pointed out that the new website should focus on Board news, updated news in Eldorado, and current events before uploading the archives.


Webmaster Report

  • Jack’s report came before the meeting 12/19/17.
  • Webmaster Activity for November-December
    • Update and add articles to the home pages.
    • Update Mailchimp email list, send vistas mailing.
    • Update/repair agendas.
    • Prepare reports on site stats, and create a visual sitemap to aid in planning for new site.
    • Upload current Vistas
    • Upload and link Antone’s data files
    • Monitor site security.
    • Communications with staff, community and committee members.
    • Update calendar.
    • Post/repair Agenda (Arch. Comm)
    • Meet with staff
    • Check for system updates
  • Here’s a link to the report:

Review of the December’s Draft Vistas

  • The Draft looked good.
  • There were a few typos.
  • The movie picture couldn’t be read-Courteney changed the photo.
  • Suggestions were given about using a different font than (Arial to Cambria or Verdana)
  • Suggestions were given to turn down the opacity for the red
    • Courteney later decided to change the color to baby blue.


Makeup of the February Vistas

  • Snippet about Gloria leaving—Isabel
  • 285 Recycles –-DiAna.
  • Drone Article (March Issue).
  • Thoughts on possible fees for amenities in “Message from the Board”—John Henriksen
  • Community Food Drive: how much food was gathered?
  • Dog Park Fence: how much did it cost, what changed, etc. Promote the workers who made this happen—F&G
  • What is the office doing for the community? What improvements have been noticed? (This will be an ongoing segment)—Isabel
  • Historical articles: Has the ECIA community forgotten its history? –Gershon and Pam
  • The youth of the community—where is it and how do they see the community?
  • Groundhogs for groundhog day—Bill
  • Pet memorial-what is this about?—David McDonald?
  • Notice: Pick up your dog’s poop bags.
  • Update on new birds—Pam
  • Mark Young’s

Already received Articles

  • Article on Injured wildlife—Flora and Fauna
  • Election Committee: 2018 Board of Director Elections & ECIA Board Nomination Petition Due March 1, 2018 (Pg. 2)— Bette Knight..
  • Bird Article—Pam (when needed, will use).
  • Yoga-Expectations

Future Topics

  • Jody will approach the board in the next BWS about whether or not to include social media or Nextdoor Eldorado as outlets for information.
  • Have the people Eldorado forgotten about its history? Perhaps the inclusions of archived articles need to be placed in future issues of the Vistas as a reminder?
  • Assessment reminder—Isabel
  • Committee to update its charter.
  • Free tax help article?
  • Discuss the Annual Report and ideas to make it more visible, readable, and modern.
  • Email blast about the gophers and the orange fencing—to come from
  • Pam will give the commercial history of Eldorado (March issue).
  • Do we allow advertising in the Vistas? What constitutes as advertising?
  • Presentation in January @ the Board meeting with HOAMCO about Drones
    • This will inform the public about Drones.
  • This will be a March or April article.