Minutes - Information Committee

Minutes of the Information Committee Meeting, August 22, 2016

Draft: May be subject to revision

Present: Jack Arnold (Webmaster), Carol Leyba (Editor/Designer of Vistas), Gershon Siegel, DiAna Gutierrez, Bill Dunning, Pam Henline (representing the Board in Dag Ryen’s absence), and Marilyn Farrell (guest, for now). Chair Frank Schober’s absence was excused.
As the Chair and the regular Board Liaison were both absent, Jack Arnold ran the meeting.

Additions to the regular agenda: None

Review of Last Month’s Minutes:
• Regarding Claudia Daigle’s proposal to have Vistas interview the Conservation Committee’s John Parker and let the community know about the greenbelt mowing proposal, prior to the Board’s decision, the Board has tabled this proposal, where it remains.
• Regarding the “sender” of ECIA eblasts: While GM Brenda Leonard assured us that eblasts no longer say they are coming from Pam Henline, Jack indicated that the sender needs to be re-designated manually with every new eblast.
• Regarding online signups to receive Vistas online: Jack did speak to Brenda Leonard about this, but they concluded that it was not advisable because the signups could not be vetted as Eldorado residents. In a brief discussion about this, the committee members in attendance concluded that vetting was not necessary, and that a field could be added to an online form for those who wanted to receive both the online and print copy of Vistas. Jack will explore.
Last month’s minutes were approved.
Makeup of the October issue of Vistas:
• Article on the ECIA Rental House demolition (being undertaken by Southwest Abatement), assigned to Gershon
• Article on septic care, assigned to DiAna
• Bird article, about the black-throated sparrow, by Pam Henline
• Possibly snippet from Windmills and Dreams; Pam H will look through the book and send something that could be used
• Fall art show, from EACA
• Article on new ECIA employees (office staff Gloria and Regina; maintenance staff Albert and Jason).
• Budget development schedule for October, from Dan Drobnis
• Article from Mark Young, on white silicone roofs.
• Flora & Fauna article, TBD
• Another article on yoga (received)
• Something about Halloween? Carol will ask Destiny Allison of La Tienda
• New playground equipment being installed; get photos (Compadres Park and Community Center)

Holdovers from last month:
• Claudia’s suggestion: Information on prairie dog relocation costs; also on $80K cost of playground equipment. Dag suggested last month: “a private firm will be humanely relocating prairie dogs from the community center grounds later this week. Photo op? Brief story about their new home in Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge?”
• Photograph of the community garden (sent in by Obie Oberhausen but not used yet)
Website Review:
Jack again presented the site visitor statistics and stats on the most visited pages and the most often downloaded documents. Also reviewed the stats on subscribers to eblasts and to online Vistas (for both, roughly 800 subscribers, roughly 50% open the emails, and roughly 21% click to open linked documents).
Also looked at archived documents. Jack decided that these may need to be deleted, and will check with Mark Young.
Jack explained some of the technicalities of the hack attempts on eldoradosf.org. He also showed us his blog, Santa Fe Geek (santafegeek.com), which presents information on a variety of online and phone scams. It was suggested that he write an article for Vistas on this topic.
Jack also mentioned that Nextdoor, the private online network about the goings-on in the neighborhood, does have a daily digest, so that one needn’t receive multiple emails every day.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.
Drop-dead due date for articles is September 7 (except for Board Actions, due on September 16); the job is going to the printer on the morning of September 16.
The next meeting is scheduled for September 19.
Respectfully submitted,
Carol Leyba
August 22, 2016