Minutes - Information Committee

Minutes Nov 11, 2019

Information Committee

Conference Room 7 PM


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM.

Attendees: Pam Henline, committee chair, Bill Dunning committee member, Lee Chiacos committee member via telephone, committee member Bon Macy excused absence,  Mel D’Amore Board liaison, Sandra Vreeland graphic designer, Diana Oliver, HOAMCO Community Relations Coordinator, Margaret Shaklee resident

The Agenda was approved

Approval of Minutes; Minutes for 9-9-2019 were approved. Notes from working meeting on 10-14-2019 were approved.

Report from Board

       Status of Web implementation company- ArrayOne is working on hourly basis with IC on survey and collection of data to help define redesign of web.

       Status of hiring someone to start work on data – preliminary specs developed and reviewed, need to work w HOAMCO

Old Business

            Resident questionnaire about use of web site: reviewed proposed form w no changes. Discussed how to include w assessment-need help from HOAMCO. Idea to award free dinner via drawing for those who return survey (written and web survey). M. Shaklee had good ideas and has a sample on-line survey. ECIA needs to purchase more robust version of SurveyMonkey.

            Web site forum: after surveys returned, late January-February?

 Style Guide has been posted to web and printout to committee chair mailboxes

            Vistas for November- looked good!


New Business

            IC would be happy to require 2 attendances for membership-will wait for Board direction.

            Review ‘What we have’ for Dec. How much latitude does IC have to edit submissions – ex from Election committee- and with EC decided on a compromise. Committee to keep informing writers of how to prepare submissions. Reviewed articles ready for Sandra.

Survey Monkey for Web survey-happy to welcome Margaret Shaklee for this and her other expertise

Both Mel D’Amore and Pam Henline are away during crucial early prep-time for January Vistas. Mel will help assemble ‘what we have’. Pam will send auto-email redirecting to herself and Mel. A fair number of articles are already queued for Jan. See below.


            January – possible contents

                   Pictures Winter Festival

                   One from election committee

                   Bylaws and schedule and posting

                   Report on Dec. budget forum

                   Board budget and new year message

                   Other Board articles-not a democracy-have, probably edit

                   Board on paying assessments?

                   Lifeguards needed?

                   Snow removal?

                   Web questionnaire- urge filling in?


                    School dragon pic - have

                    Search & Rescue - have

                    Osprey - have     

                    285 recycles?

                    Flora Fauna?

                   Tree recycle?


Adjournment 8:35 PM