Minutes - Information Committee


Minutes June 14, 2021

Information Committee

Zoom 7 PM

Call to Order


Attendees:   : Pam Henline chair, Bill Dunning committee member voice only, Sandra Vreeland layout specialist, Erica Penczer Board liaison, Kira Walsh, HOAMCO representative. Sal Monaco ECIA Board President

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes  approved unanimously


Report from Board

   Web site status      proceeding, getting photos   advertise in Vistas later

Old Business

            Comments on Vistas from last few months

            Last minute changes in May Vistas

            Status  50 years publication and photos , changing photo frame digital , dividers, spiral, redo annually if needed      

New Business

            New Board of Directors and information flow- Sal Monaco wanted to review and be sure this would work under new timing and new responsibilities. The office or Board to get the Board actions section to IC by Friday noon after the Tuesday board meeting.

 Something from committees when something avail.

   Items ; new web site, Johnathan GIS mapping systems, new amenities- disc golf

            Board meeting this month  June 15

            Review ‘What we have’ for July 2021

                     Last minute changes for pool or swim lessons

                     Have weed article

                      Have fraud article

                      Hank Hughes on water

                      July 4?

            Printing schedule and Board meeting third Tuesday of month

            Recommendations for budget for 2022

                 Framing old photos and how many

                 Printing, layout for 50 Years

            Event listing – recommendation for how to produce and continue


        Bulletin Board at Agora – all agreed that posting pages 1 and 2 of Vistas each month, along with the calendar would be a good way to start-needs to be done by someone at the office.

            Interview by Lee Chiacos – when here, soon






            Call for new members

Find out Tierra Bella and joe miller  ??

What goes in  pizza place


Comments from public