Minutes - Information Committee

Minutes May 10, 2021

Information Committee

Zoom 7 PM

Call to Order 6:59

Attendees: Pam Henline chair, Bill Dunning committee member, Sandra Vreeland layout specialist, Erica Penczer Board liaison, Kira Walsh, HOAMCO representative

Approval of Agenda


Report from Board


Old Business

            Comments on Vistas from last few months

            Status  50 years publication and photos


New Business

            New Board of Directors and information flow-discussed that there is very little time

                  To get the Vistas to printing when the Board meeting is fourth Monday

                  Of month

            Review ‘What we have’ for June 2021

                     Last minute changes for pool-get pool passes

                     Annual meeting and Board organizational meeting-several related articles needed

                            From Board

                     Board interviewing so include bios of whoever is selected

                     Multiple news tid-bits from office including Community Center opens on May 17

                     May not be enough for June-Bill do Flag Day and Pam looking for bird article

                     July 4 status and info


            Ideas for July Vistas  

                    On County water hookup by Hank Hughes-PH to contact

                    Something on community garden-PH to send email

            Interview by Lee Chiacos

            Bulletin Board at Agora – look at it and have a plan. Office to find out

                         Location of key

            Discussed how to get more emails for lot owners = incentive?




            Call for new members


Comments from public

Adjournment  8:42