Minutes - Information Committee


Meeting Information Committee

March 8, 2019


Attendees: Committee Members - Chair Karen Logan, Pam Henline, Lee Chiacos (via speaker phone), Bonn Macy-excused absence, Board Liaison David McDonald, Board member Todd Handy

Also three residents: Paul Inghram, Diane Gries, Jon d’Amore

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 PM and roll called.

Minutes from February 20, 2019 meeting were approved unanimously.

Old Business:

The design and possible vendors for a redone ECIA web site was discussed. It was decided that the existing scope of work should be reviewed and developed into a Request for Proposal (rfp). Some additional possible vendors have been identified. The Information Committee (IC) will assist with a rfp.

New Business:

A motion describing the production of the Vistas was discussed by the Committee. The motion is specific to responsibilities of the Information Committee, Board and ECIA office for producing each edition of the Vistas. Each of the points in the motion was discussed by committee members with some comments by Board liaison. The document is at the end of these minutes. The motion was approved 3 – 0.

The IC agreed that a template for the News Briefs, making it more readable, is needed immediately. Board president agreed in principle.

Board Liaison McDonald Report:  The liaison would take the motion to the full Board for discussion at the next workshop meeting on March 20. The Board meeting has been moved to March 25. He also reported that three of the contracts related to pool construction have been received after legal review.

There were several comments from the audience concerning availability of information. Questions arose about committee charters and Board plans for changes. The 2009 Committees and Responsibilities document was questioned as to whether it had ever been put into effect by any board motion and McDonald promised he would investigate.

Meeting adjourned 3:05 PM


The Information Committee (IC) resolves that the following points should be followed in order to produce a timely, professional copy of the Vistas each month which will provide interesting, accurate and pertinent articles to the ECIA community.

The IC recognizes that the Board is responsible for the content of all Vista articles.

HOAMCO has no decision making over any content in the Vistas. Articles from various HOAMCO employees will be solicited and published as appropriate and depending on content and space available in each issue of the Vistas.

The layout of the Vistas will be under control of the IC with final overview by Board liaison and/or other specified Board members.

Two pages of the Vistas (p4&5) will be devoted to articles supplied by the Board, and any other articles related to the management of the ECIA. This two-page spread will always include a section on “Recent Board Actions”. Articles by the Covenants Compliance Officer, and the General Manager may appear here.

Space, as needed, will be used for short news-type reports on recent events such as Open Forums, committee meetings, Board workshop meetings, new information available to residents including web links, etc. These articles will be edited by Info Committee for correct facts, grammar and spelling.

One page will be devoted to the monthly meetings calendar, and articles about Activities/Events which lists other activities in ECIA facilities and possible listings of events in the community which are relevant to ECIA residents.

A pool update article will be featured on page one during the rehabilitation of the pool.

Other articles may be about such subjects as: flora and fauna, birds, gardening, recycling, Vista Grande Public Library, the Senior Center, Volunteers, committee articles, Eldorado history, etc.

All general articles will be sent to the email address articles@eldoradosf.org and will immediately be forwarded to the IC chair. The IC will retain articles and use when appropriate. The IC will fact check and edit articles for correct grammar and writing style.

Deadline for submission of articles will be announced by the IC on the first of each month to conform with meeting schedules and production. The only exceptions to the deadlines are the Recent Board Actions and short news items. The IC will provide all articles for inclusion by the third Monday of the month. HOAMCO is responsible for facilitating the production, publication and delivery of each Vistas in a timely manner. A draft copy of the Vistas will be available to the IC by three working days before the Vistas is sent to printer. Exceptions on dates will be agreed on, particularly for November and December. Vote:  motion by Henline, second by Chiaco,  3 – 0  (Logan, Henline, Chiaco) Date:  March 8, 2019