Minutes - Information Committee


Meeting Information Committee

December 27, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM by Chair Karen Logan.


Attendees: Committee Members – Chair Karen Logan, Pam Henline, Bill Dunning, Lee Chiacos (via speaker phone), Board Liaison David McDonald, ECIA Community Relations Coordinator/Editor Courteney Handy. Approximately 7 guests.

There were no minutes as the previous month’s meeting was canceled.

Board liaison McDonald report: A long compendium of rules and regulations for behavior at the meeting was recited. It is asked that all members of the Association who attend sign in, and that anyone who wishes to speak should sign in for that as well.

Old Business:

We discussed the Information Packet that is to be given to all new home owners. A listing of businesses and strategic phone numbers has been supplied by Fred Raznick. This info along with a letter from Board President and General Manager make up the packet. It should be ready to publish and put on ECIA web site as soon as a final review is done of the material.

Courteney and the committee discussed deadline dates for Vistas publication. The Info Committee would like to receive a draft three days before the committee meeting. It was also decided later that the Info Committee meeting would be the Tuesday after the Monday Board Workshop meeting.

The Facilities and Grounds has not proceeded on purchase of an electronic sign. This sign would replace the Agora marquee, with that marquee relocated to Ave Eldorado entrance. The Agora does not have electricity hooked up at this time. Another possible location is at Ave Torreon and Ave Eldorado.

Everyone agreed to some general changes to the Vistas look, including more white space, different type size (larger) and redo of calendar.

New Business:

Resident Sam Finn would like to run a series of articles about Eldorado’s night Sky Resource. These would enhance appreciation and perhaps make all residents more aware of their lighting usage. Additionally, lectures and sky-watching events with telescopes could be planned. The committee encouraged submission of these articles.

Another resident would like to supply information relating to fire preparedness which could include articles, lectures and demonstrations. On January 17, 2019 Martin Vigil Emergency coordinator for the County will speak at Community Center and other events are planned. Will include such articles in the Vistas.

The cost of printing on recycled paper is approximately $700 more per month. This cost will be tracked but no change immediately to recycled paper. The layout program used to create the Vistas will move from Quark to AffinityPro which should greatly enhance and ease the layout and production.

The ECIA office is preparing a pull-out calendar covering 1 year ahead, which will list the know upcoming firm date of events in the community.

The January 2019 Vistas articles and layout were reviewed extensively. The emphasis is on articles which are timely and relevant to living in Eldorado, as well as news about the community. It is hoped that “fluff” articles can be minimized. In many cases, e-blasts will be used for important and/or late breaking news. Some information from the Eldorado school is desired so that will be pursued when school is in session. It was questioned whether a short blurb from a bird article should be published with a link to full article on web – no decision.

Mathew McQueen and Peter Wirth town hall in Eldorado on January 8 – needs e-blast & marquee.

For February - possible article on Karen Murry and Katherine Mortimer, more history and possible bird article.

Open Discussion:

Three residents who have attended meetings would like to become members of committee. McDonald emphasizes that Board is changing the way this happens and that perspective members must submit a list of qualifications and why they wish to become committee members (all committees). But since this is neither a part of ByLaws or Info Committee Charter, everyone agreed that this cannot suddenly be applied. The three perspective members gave a quick oral run down on their interests and qualifications. The Info Committee agreed to discuss this via e-mail and decide on possible nominee(s).

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 PM