Minutes - Information Committee

Information Committee Meeting Minutes


A meeting of the Information Committee was held on Tuesday, October 30 at the ECIA Classroom, beginning at 6pm and was presided over by William Dunning, with Jon D'Amore as Acting-Secretary.


Voting members: William Dunning, Jon D'Amore & (arriving late) Karen Logan

Non-Voting members: ECIA Board Director/Liaison to the IC Jody Price

Residents & Guests: Barry Silver, Pam Henline, Lee Chiacos, Diana Gries, Mekah Gordon, Alan Lieberman, Bonn Macy & (arriving late) Megan J. Gonzalez.

Members not in attendance: HOAMCO Liaison & Editor Courteney Handy

Comments & Questions:

Questions were raised by attendees as to the unexplained absence of the Editor, and asked to know what is in such "job description."

Regarding the IC's participation in assembling the newly revised Eldorado Welcome · Packet, Pam Henline mentioned that her husband, who's knowledgeable in such things, offered his assistance to the IC several months ago and was never contacted.

IC member Jon D'Amore stated that at the August IC meeting he suggested HOAMCO be asked to supply examples of Welcome Packets from HOA's they work for. This was met with approval from the Committee and Secondary Liaison David McDonald. 

Karen Logan reported that the Welcome Packet is being worked on but a few, items still remain needed. General Manager Julie Navarro has completed her letter and has been edited by Karen. Mr. McDonald has finished his letter and Karen is editing it. She will bring both to the Working Meeting. A list of La Tienda and Agora businesses/phone numbers are being acquired.

It was suggested the IC ask local real estate agents for marketing materials they may use regarding Eldorado.

The Information Committee is requesting the charter passed by the Board on October 24 is not published or post.ed as being official due to concerns referencing Social Media. Mr. Price cordially explained the Board's position. Ms. Logan insisted this be an issue to be discussed during an Emergency Meeting of Mr. McDonald and the IC.

Lee Chiacos referenced that there's a need for a feeling of unity in the community and the VISTAS is s·omething that could bring the residents together.



Approval of Minutes:

A motion to approve the minutes of the previous October 4th meeting was not made as a copy was not available for the Committee to review.

Old Business:

Topics of discussion for future VISTAS was presented by William Dunning. These included (1) possible themes (such as seasonal/holidays) that need to be planned ahead,

(2) progress on the Eldorado Welcome Packet, (3) discussion of the sample November VISTAS.

Mr. Dunning expressed concerns about RAP, now in 2 consecutive VISTAS, becoming a recurring story every month. Mr. D'Amore responded that the current VISTAS is printing a rebuttal, which the Committee agreed to do for any article. But also stated that guidelines, such as a word-count, needs to be determined by the IC for future rebuttals.

Discussions of the December issue of VISTAS involved holiday decorations, events, etc.

Action Items:

The HOAMCO Liaison will be aked to request 5 Welcome Kits from HOAMCO managed HOA's to be used as concept examples for Eldorado's new kit in time for the next IC meeting.

Copies of suggested edits of the November VISTAS were supplied by Mr. Dunning & Mr. D'Amore. Mr. Dunning's were taken by Director Price to be presented to the HOAMCO Liaison the next day. Mr. D'Amore said he would scan and email his to the HOAMCO Liaison the next day. Concerns were raised about IC members receiving the sample of VISTAS one day before the deadline.

The audience asked several questions and made several comments regarding the sample November issue's RAP article, Ms. Henline suggested 3 items be addressed by the IC. (1)

Consider changing deadline date, (2) ask the Board about its concerns on RAP, and (3)

when will the Board 'move forward with the surveys of homeowners on roads covered with RAP.

New Business:

The idea of a News Items section for all future issues was presented by Pam Henline. These will be for pieces of information and items of interest to be shared with the community. Ms. Henline presented a group of 4 topics with short details for each. They are "Civility Policy," "Embezzlement by HOAMCO employee," Continued Management of ECIA by HOAMCO" and "General Manager's Monthly Report."

Mr. Dunning stated that by limiting "ink" (word count) to all future articles, there would be room for "News Items" as suggested by Ms. Henline.

Mr. Dunning and Ms. Logan discussed verbiage of the charter that they disagree with and needs to be addressed by Mr. McDonald.


There was discussion of limiting space to ancillary articles where the information may also be found elsewhere (library, senior center, recycling, etc) in order to have room for News Items and community-interest stories/articles.

A suggestion of a cartoon, ajoke, and a Kids Section highlighting local children should be included in each issue.

A suggestion to include interviews with residents living in Eldorado 25 years-or-more.


Motion: Moved by Jon D'Amore and seconded by William Dunning to nominate Karen Logan as Information Committee Chair. A vote was taken and the "Aye's" were unanimous.

Motion: Moved by Ms. Logan and seconded by Mr. Dunning to nominate Mr. D'Amore as Information Committee Secretary. A vote was taken and the "Aye's" were unanimous.

Motion: Moved by Mr. D'Amore and seconded by Ms. Logan to nominate Ms. Henline and Lee Chiacos as members of the Information Committee. A vote was taken and the "Aye's" we unanimous.

Motion: Moved by Mr. D'Amore and seconded by Mr. Dunning to return the  _ Information Committee meeting time from 6pm to 7pm. A vote was taken and the "Aye's" were unanimous.

Motion: Moved by Mr. D'Amore and second,ed by Ms. Logan to have a Working Meeting once a month in addition to the monthly open meeting. A vote was taken and the "Aye's" were unanimous.

Motion: Moved by Ms. Logan and seconded by Mr. D'Amore to have the No\Tember issue of VISTAS put on hold until the concerns regarding the RAP article and charter are resolved. A vote was taken and the "Aye's" were unanimous.


Itwas noted that residents Diana Gries has attended the required 3 meetings and Bonn Macy has attended 2. This is the first for Barry Silver and Megan Gonzalez with each stating interest in becoming a member.

Ms. Logan is requesting an Emergency Meeting with Board President McDonald to discuss the details of her Motion to put the current issue of VISTAS on hold.


Mr. D'Amore moved that the meeting be adjourned, and this was seconded by Ms. Logan at 8pm.

Secretary                                                       Date of Approval