Minutes - Information Committee


Minutes of the Information Committee Meeting, July 8, 2019

Present: Pam Henline (Chair), Lee Chiacos, Bonn Macy, Bill Dunning, DiAna Gutierrez, Libby Maclaren (Board Liaison), Nancy Sulzberg (Alt Board Liaison), Layout Producer Sandra Vreeland, guests Marilyn Farrell and Jon D’Amore. 

June Minutes were approved and introduction of Sandra Vreeland with Array Design Studio was made.  The JulyVistas and time taken to do the layout was discussed.

Message from the Board (Board Liaison Libby Maclaren):

 The cement pour at the pool is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10.  The dressing rooms are almost completed and pool opening is projected for the end of July. The Stables’ water system is being replaced and there is an Accessory Dwelling Taskforce in progress.  Persons responsible for pool vandalism have been identified.  A Board Retreat is scheduled for July 21, 2019.

Followup on Old Business: A new design of the August issue was brought up with questions regarding different fonts, pages dedicated to set topics, a side bar with contact info for Board and staff.  Are residents getting Vistas on time?  An article in Eldorado Living was read.  Sandra spoke on deadlines, dates to printer, style guide and work count and printing problems.  The maximum word count per page is 800 and 300 words per article.  Photos should be submitted in full resolution without cropping.  The need for a school/kids section was suggested.  Regarding the calendar, there is a need for contact info and bottom of page could be dedicated to random notes on happenings during the month.

Website Review: The topic of website providers for ECIA was discussed.  Is there a rush to make a change?  The website is outdated.  Can Board discuss at Board retreat?  Logo needs to be updated and then used on all communication from ECIA.

Makeup of September Issue of Vistas:  Fire Department BBQ, Volunteer Fire Fighter feature, Back to School, PTA, Stable Community Day (October), Pool wrap-up, EACA (October), and VGPL news.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Articles are due July 5th .  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 12, 2019.

Respectfully submitted,

DiAna Gutierrez