Minutes - Information Committee


Meeting Information Committee

February 20, 2019


Attendees: Committee Members-Chair Karen Logan, Pam Henline, Bill Dunning, Lee Chiacos (via speaker phone), Board Liaison David McDonald, three residents

Before the meeting began, Karen Logan made a statement concerning the planned Info Committee meeting the previous day, where most Board members (David McDonald, Elizabeth MacLauren, Todd Handy, Joseph Gutierrez, and HOAMCO representative Stacy Maule) were present and where Julie Navarro and Anna Hansen would be handling the Vistas for March rather than Courteney Handy.  Ms Logan was upset that the meeting with the Info Committee and the Board had left so many questions as to who was going to be doing the vistas, and it was if we were getting outsources for layout. Also, the issue of the news briefs and web page management was not resolved. The chair then brought up the issue of the Board and a Hoamco representative appearing at our previous scheduled meeting to discuss a personnel issue without any warning or pre-meeting information.

The meeting was called to order and role called.

Minutes of January 22, 2019 meeting approved unanimously.

Board liaison McDonald report:  The concerns of Board with Info Committee were deferred to an Executive session of the Board since the subject is about specific personnel, meeting to be held Wednesday, February 27. Four people sent resumes for web design work. Those resumes and Scope of Work document will be sent to Info Committee.  Aroma therapy issue handled by Board.

Old Business:

The Welcome packet was again reviewed.  A one page 8.5 X 11 will be allowed for Agora and La Tienda. Discussion on listing of other vendors was resolved by deciding that only ‘brick and mortar’ businesses would be listed. This could include the businesses in the La Tienda area known as The Condominiums. 

Bill Dunning to continue his work here.

Pool report: to be included on front page Vistas every month.  Costs estimates so far to be included with article along with web links.

Third digital marquee again discussed. Location at Ave Eldorado just west of 285 has problems with access to private land. The chair will meet with the Stable Committee chair to discuss and look at various locations at the stable for our new sign as soon as it warms up. The water company site on corner of Ave Eldorado and Torreon is not available.

There were questions about a multiple page article submitted about the El Dorado Fire Department. Action tabled.

New Business:


The Info Committee will work with Board on web design project and interview web designers as soon as the committee received the scope of work list from board.

The March Vistas was made available at this meeting, so little could be done on editing. Duplicate articles were noted as were some articles to move to later editions. Committee members would edit as soon as possible.

It is planned to have eight pages in the April Vistas. There were 8 pages in April 2018 but only two in April 2017.


Open Discussion:

There was a question about residents having access to audio recordings of Board and Committee meetings. Recently these have been restricted by Board president to access in the Community Center office and no copies allowed.  Ms. Logan informed the residents this was not a subject for the Information Committee and suggested they bring it up at the next board meeting.

Meeting adjourned 8:55 PM