Minutes - Roads Committee



  1. Time and place. The May meeting of the ECIA Road Committee (RC) was held on May 6, 2020 via Zoom, and was called to order at 5:32 pm by the Chair of the RC, James A. Mason. Copies of the Agenda were provided.
  1. Introductions, Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. All three Committee members, James A. Mason, Amelia Adair and Paul Ingraham, were present, so a quorum was achieved. Also present were Board Liaison Melicent D'Amore, Eldorado residents Joel Peterson and ECIA Santa Fe County Liaison Joseph Gutierrez. Mr. Mason presided as chair of the meeting and Ms. Adair served as secretary. The agenda was not amended. The meeting was recorded.
  1. Minutes. No meeting was held in April.
  1. Chair Report. Mr. Mason gave the following report:

The function of the RC is to analyze technical problems of the roads in Eldorado and to present this information to the ECIA Board for action. The RC is purely an advisory group.  The roads belong to the County. The RC will provide suggestions and guidance to the County on what to do and help prioritize action.  The RC encourages open, honest and factual discussion of issues. Political issues related to roads in Eldorado are directed to the ECIA Board.

Mr. Mason welcomed new members Paul Ingraham and Amelia Adair.

  1. ECIA Board Liaison Report. Ms. D'Amore gave the following report:

There were several recent meetings concerning roads, including one between Santa Fe County Public Works, Board representatives and the Road Committee chair on April 23, 2020 regarding current Eldorado roads and public works issues. The town hall meeting regarding RAP was scheduled for May 13 via ZOOM. There was also a meeting between the Road Committee and SF County Public Works Project Engineer Diego Gomez on April 23.

  1. Transportation Advisory Council Update. Mr. Gutierrez gave the following report:

Mr. Gutierrez's role is to help facilitate communication between the ECIA Board and Santa Fe County. The Board has now opened up a dialog between the RC and County. He explained the amounts of money appropriated by the State in previous years and current years, some of which are now in jeopardy of being pulled back in light of oil and gas revenue crash. In the future, the County will be more proactive on how those funds will be used.  He discussed the way the County's maintenance budget works, bond issues and the funding cycles for capital improvements for roads.

  1. Old Business/Open Action Items
    • State grant of $500,000 for roads and hike/bike extension has already been retracted by the State.
    • Mr. Mason explained the RC's decision for recommending Cerrado Loop for the $150,000 grant for paving (see graph presented by Mr. Mason including a user ratio, "ADT/N", where N=# of homes on the road, ADT = the County's Average Daily Traffic number). After extensive discussion about all candidate roads, and based on the field visit with County Project Engineer, the RC recommended the Board approve Cerrado Loop as the one road that should have this investment. The key criteria for the County in determining whether to pave or upgrade a road is a 20 year analysis of maintenance costs: is it lower cost to pave vs. maintain the road for 20 years?
  • Maintenance Issues: Basic observations/issues from inspections after snow &/or rain. The RC has investigated the soil types throughout Eldorado to correlate soil type with road performance based on the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service online soil survey. Issues identified on specific roads can be categorized as listed in the Agenda below:

7.3.1 Minimal or no road slope drainage

7.3.2. Poor maintenance of culverts

7.3.2. Substantial number of crushed culverts

7.3.4 Poor engineering of ditch drainage

The RC is also looking at roads all over Eldorado, and will be assisting the County, working directly with County Public Works and Mr. Gomez, to analyze Eldorado roads by developing a rational method of prioritizing road maintenance. Key criteria will also include hardness of roads, grading and slope.

7.4.1. RAP Roads. This was a brief discussion, because the ECIA is sponsoring a town hall on May 13 to discuss these roads, and all appropriate County officials will be at the town hall to answer questions. All RAP roads still have large potholes, washboard zones, unraveling of cold joints and edges. The County understands their mistake and proposes to put down chip seal over the RAP on all eight RAP roads in Eldorado, pending hearing feedback from property owners on RAP roads. Mr. Mason presented elevation profiles of all RAP roads, showing the grades and drainage issues.

7.5.1 Call for Committee members for the RC. Agenda lists the requirements for membership and expectations.

  1. Public Comment. Mr. Mason explained that the intent of public comment is to provide information to the Board for use in furthering its positive relationship with County, and explained the ground rules for the public comment section.

Public comments were offered by the following residents: Mekah Gordon, Tony Bonanno, John Gervers, RC member Paul Ingraham and James Lee.

  1. Committee Round Robin. Not held.
  1. Next Meeting: The RC meets on the first Wednesday of every month. The next meeting will be held on June 3, 2020 at 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm via Zoom.
  1. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 7:33 pm.

By: Amelia Adair, Secretary                                            Date: May 6, 2020