Minutes - Roads Committee





  1. 1. Time and place. The August meeting of the ECIA Road Committee (RC) was held on August 6, 2020 via Zoom, and was called to order at 5:44 pm by the Chair of the RC, James A. Mason. Copies of the Agenda were available on the ECIA website.
  1. 2. Introductions, Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. All four Committee members, James A. Mason, Amelia Adair, Paul Ingraham and Art Kaiser, were present, so a quorum was achieved.  Also present were ECIA Board Secretary and alternate RC liaison Carol Sanguinetti, Operations Manager Mike Rogers and Office Assistant Sarah Skagen, and ECIA Santa Fe County Liaison Joseph Gutierrez. Guest John Gervers with the Eldorado Roadside Tree project was present. The following Eldorado residents who live on Avenida Azul or Azul Loop were present: Maryellen Donat, Bill Keeffe, Carol and Ani Magai, Darrel Owen, Drea Bratsch, Susan Edmunson, Doug and Loretta Armstrong, Patsy Tafoya, Sarah and Ralph Munson.  In addition, the following Eldorado residents were present: John Whitbeck,  Gordon Smith, Mekah Gordon, Dan Drobnis and Pam Henline.

Dr. Mason presided as chair of the meeting and Ms. Adair served as secretary. The agenda was adopted as presented. The meeting was recorded.  Dr. Mason welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked all participants to introduce themselves and describe where in Eldorado they live.

  1. 3. Minutes. The June 3, 2020 meeting Minutes were previously approved via email. There were no additional corrections to those minutes.
  1. 4. Chair Report. Dr. Mason gave the following report: he recognized and thanked Art Kaiser and Paul Ingraham for their excellent job photo documenting the chip seal of the RAP roads by the Santa Fe County Public Works (SFCPW) maintenance crew since the last meeting.
  1. 5. ECIA Board Liaison Report. Board Vice President and RC Liaison Melicent D'Amore was not present, as she had an excused absence.  Board Secretary and alternate Board liaison Carol Sanguinetti was present.  She reported on the new Board meeting date, which has been moved to the fourth Monday of each month.
  1. 6. Transportation Advisory Council Update.  Mr. Gutierrez is not a member of, or involved with, the Transportation Advisory Council, so there was no report.
  1. 7. Old Business/Open Action Items

7.1 Review of RAP road chip sealing inspection and progress. All chip sealing is complete on the eight Eldorado RAP Roads.  The RC was very happy with professionalism of the County crews.  Photo documentation of the progress of this road work by RC members Mr. Ingraham and Mr. Kaiser will be provided to the County for their records and will be archived by the ECIA.

7.2  Begin working with Los Alamos for road component analysis and air sampling: this project is still under development.  For now it is on hold until the road evaluations are complete.

7.3  Paving Cerrado Loop update.   Joseph Gutierrez reported that the monies for this project have been committed.  Work should begin in September.  Not sure when, but that’s moving forward.

7.4  Tree trimming along Eldorado Roads.  John Gervers with Eldorado Roadside Tree project reported to the RC regarding progress of trimming along the RAP roads before the chip sealing project.  Its volunteers maintain trees along the 33 miles of paved roads in Eldorado, which now includes the RAP roads which were just chip sealed.  The objective of maintaining the trees is highway beautification and safety.  When Mr. Gervers learned about the chip seal project they immediately trimmed back trees along those roads that might interfere with the County’s equipment, which saved trees and time.  Learning about County road projects ahead of time is most helpful, to keep ahead of the County. Mr. Gervers thanked the RC and the ECIA front office and Board for their support.

  1. 8. New Business

8.1  Traffic issues on Juego Road.  Residents have reported increased speeding along the road and have requested the ECIA post additional signage.  Prior to this meeting, Dr. Mason contacted SFCPW signage person, who provided the following information: the County has done traffic counts on Juego Rd. plus a speeding detection system, prior to the chip seal project.  Those measurements in 2019 showed 85% of cars were traveling under the posted 25 MPH speed limit.  Dr. Gordon, a Juego Rd. resident, asked whether the ECIA or local residents can put up signs asking drivers to slow down.  Dr. Mason reported that the County owns the full 50 foot right of way along the roads, so no signs may be posted in the road right of way without County approval.  Residents should contact the sheriff regarding speeding.

ACTION ITEM: Dr. Mason has asked the County to bring its speeding detection equipment back out to get new traffic counts on Juego Road, and will ask the County to consider new signage if the data reflects an increase in speeding.

8.2  Capital Improvements application/SF County ICIP.  ECIA County Liaison Joseph Gutierrez reported about this annual process where public bodies within the State request appropriations from the Legislature to fund capital improvement plans.  Santa Fe County calls this their Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (“ICIP”).  Previously, Mr. Gutierrez reported on this same topic to the F&G Committee, which is also preparing an application for the Board to consider submitting to Santa Fe County. 

Mr. Gutierrez explained that every local public body is charged with going to their communities and receiving input to update their capital improvement plans for upgrades on publically owned property.  In Eldorado, examples of capital projects that can be funded by legislative appropriation include roads, trails, and the senior center.  ECIA-owned property is not eligible.  Constituents then have the opportunity to request their legislators make legislative appropriations to fund or partially fund these projects.  Projects with a match are more likely to be funded.  Smaller financial requests are more likely to be funded, especially in the coming year.

It is important that all projects requested for the County to administer be on the County’s ICIP.  The County Commissioners will vote on their 2021 plan at the next public meeting in September. 

The RC discussed the list of road upgrade projects the RC had identified as top priority in March 2020.  The RC’s and the SFCPW’s lists of road project priorities were the same for the top 5.  It’s important to coordinate with the County on these projects.  According to Dr. Mason, the County intends to hire a consultant whose job is to laserscan the roads which will allow County to make rational decision on which roads get resurfaced, replacing the antiquated PASER method of road rating.  The County has data on average daily traffic on these roads.

The RC has been looking at road conditions including slope of the road and soil types.  Slope is one of the driving factors for listing roads; also condition of drainage ditches and culverts, and the number of homes served by the roads. 

Ms. Adair reported that the Board has requested that this draft application be prepared for Board review by August 14.  The F&G Committee is also preparing their request; the two committees will collaborate on a document for the Board to review.

ACTION ITEM: Ms. Adair will prepare a draft Application for request for appropriation for the RC to review, using the roads already identified as priorities.  Dr. Mason will prepare a cost estimate for those road projects. 

8.3  Discussion about PASER inspection process and conclusions.  Tabled until the next meeting.

8.4. Other ECIA committees.  Ms. Adair reported that the Finance Committee has discussed the RC’s application for a capital improvement for funding for survey equipment has been included in the draft 2021 budget.

8.5  HOAMCO Report. Operations Manager Mike Rogers reported that he and F&G Chair Kathy Ritschel will be doing a PASER survey of the hike/bike trail and learning how to perform them.  Avenida Azul issues were already discussed.

  1. 9. Public Comment. Several homeowners along Avenida Azul and Azul Loop (including Bill Keefe, Drea Brasch, Doug and Loretta Armstrong, Susan and Dan Munson) spoke about the significant safety issues faced by pedestrians who are forced to walk on the road due to poor visibility, speeding drivers, and no shoulder on dangerous sections of the road. They requested that a hike/bike trail be built along Avenida Azul to connect the greenbelts, and that speeding is addressed.

The RC discussed the history of this roadway, the fact that the County’s right of way is 64 feet wide so wide enough for a hike/bike trail depending on what portion of the right of way the road is constructed in, and whether a plan for a hike/bike trail was ever developed.  Due to the fact that Avenida Azul crosses several arroyos, constructing the trail may be more challenging than in other areas. Apparently when the issue can been raised in the past, some residents objected to constructing a hike/bike trail along this road.

Hike/bike trails are maintained by the ECIA and are under the purview of the F&G Committee, but the road safety issue is something the RC can raise with SFCPW.

ACTION ITEM: Dr. Mason will contact the County engineer who handles traffic safety to get information for Avenida Azul and Azul Loop, and see if it is possible to construct at least a bladed dirt pathway to allow pedestrians to get off the road, in the meantime while funding and planning for a hike/bike trail is being pursued.

John Whitbeck complimented the RC for its good work with the County on behalf of the homeowners, and its focus on factual information.  He asked about whether there is a plan to upgrade Encantado Road, which sees heavy use and the County spends a lot of time regrading.  Dr. Mason confirmed that Encantado Road is on the list under suggestion for repair.

Gordon Smith: Requested a traffic count for Frasco road, and asked the RC to add Frasco to the list of priority projects to be upgraded by getting paving/chipseal.

  1. 10. Committee Round Robin. None due to lack of time.
  1. 11. Next Meeting: The RC meets on the first Wednesday of every month. Next meeting: September 02, 2020.  Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm.

By:  Amelia Adair, Secretary                                       Date: August 16, 2020