Minutes - Roads Committee

Road Committee December 5, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: 6pm

In Attendance: Road Committee members Russell Winslow, Robert Blanchet, James Mason; ECIA Board Liaison Libby Maclaren; Fred Resnick excluded absence; Karen Murry attending.

Agenda: Approved

Chair Comments: Russell stated he agreed in June to fill Felicia Probert’s remaining term as chairperson thru the end of 2018.

ECIA Board Liaison: Libby Maclaren

  • ECIA Community Pool is structurally sound, will need renovation and improvements to bathhouse plumbing, electrical; pool decking, and shade structures.
  • Board motion to appoint Pam Hemline to the Information Committee
  • Review on location and type of cameras needed at the Community center, Stables, Ballfield, Compadres Park and potential blind areas needing surveillance.

S.F. County Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Update: Russell

 explained purpose of TAC is to work at the direction of the Santa Fe County Public Works Department on all areas of transportation.  TAC members serve a 3-year term and can only serve 2 consecutive terms. 

Bob Blanchet asked if TAC was reviewing the 285 Safety Corridor request.  Currently the TAC is working on Santa Fe County Transportation Plan to establish Goals, Outline and Processes.

Old Business:

  • Update on 3-year Hike/Bike Apron Paving Project with County scheduled to start this year in Eldorado. Project has been delayed until next year due to weather limitations and large backlog of other scheduled County projects. Project will likely take 2-years to complete.
  • Wildflower Conservation Zone: Karen Murry gave short rundown on 2018 flower season and large turnout of Herrada Road residents who helped beautify their road side ditches.

New Business:

  • John Gervers would like the Eldorado Roadside Tree Project, Wildflower Conservation Zone and Eldorado Road spring cleanup be added to the Road Committee’s Charter. He felt all three groups help beautify the appearance of Eldorado roads. Nancy O. requested to work with John G. to add native trees to the roadsides as well as keeping some of the nonnative Siberian elm trees. James Mason cautioned about erosion control and the need for efficient water runoff in roadside ditches. Investigate plantings at bar ditches to help prevent erosion.
  • Potential Roads for Upgrade Consideration in SF County 2020 General Obligation Bond Issue. Public Speakers expressed issues with Domingo Road, the intersection of Quedo Road/Avenedia Eldorado. Balsa Road was approved in the last bond issue and should be scheduled for improvement in 2019.  A comment was expressed to remove RAP applied roads down to the subgrade.
  • Fall Road Inspections: Russell commented that Eldorado roads appeared in better condition than previous years. County appears to be ahead in grading trouble roads. James Mason would like to create an Eldorado data base for concerned residents to add their problem roads needing improvement. James would like to set up an Eldorado GIS system for our roadways. One resident mentioned Road Committee should contact the Eldorado Fire Department and local Ambulance companies for a list of problem roads.  Apparently medical services can only drive 10mph on rough washboard roads and this could be a potential hazard for patients.  An open discussion was held on ways to properly grade roads: making sure the roads are properly crowned for drainage, proper drainage ditches are created for water runoff and water sprayed as roads are graded and dirt properly compacted afterward.
  • Karen Murry expressed interest in returning as a member of the Road Committee. Russell thanked Karen and will ask for official Board approval so Karen will be a member starting 2019.
  • Election of new Chairperson. No one voiced interest in Chair position. Russell agreed to continue through 2019.

Public comments: Mekah Gordon commented on RAP.