Minutes - Roads Committee




  1. 1. Time and place. The October meeting of the ECIA Road Committee (RC) was held on October 7, 2020 via Zoom, and was called to order at 5:51 pm by the Chair of the RC, James A. Mason, Ph.D. Copies of the Agenda were available on the ECIA website.
  1. 2. Introductions, Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. Only two Committee members, Chair James A. Mason, and Secretary Amelia Adair were present, so no quorum was achieved.  Also present were Operations Manager and staff liaison Mike Rogers, and Office Assistant Sarah Skagen.  Eldorado residents Jim and Bette Knight were present.

Dr. Mason presided as chair of the meeting and Ms. Adair served as secretary. Without a quorum, the meeting was informal only and did not address the agenda. The meeting was recorded. 

  1. 3. Minutes. No action was taken as a quorum was not achieved.  September Minutes were previously approved via email.
  1. 4. Chair Report. In response to public comments, Dr. Mason reviewed the original road analysis by the RC, and discussed how the evaluation for the ICIP request was done.  Key issues are use, homes served, and condition of the roads, including drainage, surface and condition.  He’d like to provide training for residents about what to do about their culverts, so they can request culvert repair from the County.  Maybe a ZOOM training going out into the field and showing people how to clean out their culverts?  Mike Rogers reported that the ECIA maintenance crew has been fixing and cleaning out culverts in the greenbelts under the hike/bike trails.

ACTION:  Ms. Adair will work with Dr. Mason to create a “how to” flyer about cleaning out culverts: create a video.  RC members can hand out the flyer to homeowners when they find a problem culvert, tick the box options, to help people understand what the problem is and how to fix it. 

Dr. Mason recommends the ECIA purchases corrugated plastic culverts from ADS, Advanced Drainage Systems.  They are much more durable and resilient than steel pipes and don’t abrade from the sand and gravel wearing; they are pretty permanent.

Dr. Mason envisions the RC going out to find issues and help alert and educate homeowners about how to fix the problems and notify the County.  He showed photographs as examples of good drainage and bad drainage.

  1. 5. ECIA Board Liaison Report. None.
  1. 6. Transportation Advisory Council Update.  None.
  1. 7. Old Business/Open Action Items

7.2  Paving Cerrado Loop update.   The project is going forward; eblast has been sent out by the ECIA.

  1. 8. New Business

8.3  HOAMCO Report. Operations Manager Mike Rogers reported that the ECIA plans to purchase a chipper for use in the greenbelts.

  1. 9. Public Comment. Resident Bette Knight had two comments:
  2. 1. She’s aware of the paving project coming up, but has received no notification from SF County about this action. She spoke to local county commissioner Hank Hughes and members of SFCPW and they won’t notify residents.
  1. 2. Ms. Knight asked about the future plans for the unpaved section of Cerrado Rd. between the two sides of the loop. She requested the RC request funds from the County to pave that section next year, because many people drive that portion of the road to avoid the loop as a connector for the end of Cerrado Loop.  +/- 26 homes use that connector. 

ACTION: Ms. Adair will email Board liaison Mel D’Amore about the communication issue, and inquire whether the information about the paving e-blast sent out today can be posted on the ECIA website, and perhaps put a notice about paving project information on the marquees, referencing the website.

  1. 10. Committee Round Robin. None.
  1. 11. Next Meeting: The RC meets on the first Wednesday of every month. Next meeting: November 04, 2020.  Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.

By:  Amelia Adair, Secretary                                       Date: October 7, 2020