Minutes - Roads Committee




  1. 1. Time and place. The March meeting of the ECIA Road Committee (RC) was held on March 3, 2021 via Zoom, and was called to order at 5:31 pm by the Chair of the RC, James A. Mason, P.E., Ph.D. The Agenda was available on the ECIA website.
  1. 2. Introductions, Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. All four RC members, James A. Mason, Amelia Adair, Paul Ingraham and Art Kaiser, were present, so a quorum was achieved.  Also present were ECIA Board RC liaison Melicent D’Amore, Operations Manager Mike Rogers, and Office Assistant Melinda Espinoza.  Guests present included Nolan Zisman, member of the Santa Fe County Transportation Advisory Committee (SFC TAC), and Eldorado residents Bette and Jim Knight, Fred Raznick, and Paul Fink.

Dr. Mason presided as chair of the meeting and Ms. Adair served as secretary. The agenda was adopted as presented.

  1. 3. Minutes. The February 3, 2021 meeting Minutes were approved unanimously.
  1. 4. Chair Comments. None.
  1. 5. ECIA Reports.

            5.1  Board RC Liaison Report: Ms. D'Amore reported that the Sheriff town hall was a success.  Assessments were due February 15; two board candidates are running for the Board; there is still one open seat on the Board.

            5.2  HOAMCO Report: Mr. Rogers reported the survey equipment was ordered except for one piece; the ECIA’s credit card limit needs to be increased to be able to order it.  He also reported that the ECIA found engineering blueprints for the Eldorado roads.  The ECIA is holding a meeting with the State Lands office about the adjacent State Trust land to the south of Eldorado, including the Leasee.  ECIA is seeking a permit for another access to this State Trust property.

ACTION ITEM: Dr. Mason wants the full size copies of the Eldorado plat maps, in addition to the roads engineering blueprints, for surveying purposes.  Dr. Mason will pick up the prints from Mr. Rogers to review them.  Ms. D’Amore will have the office check for the cost of scanning them into electronic copies.  Mr. Ingraham offered to have them scanned if appropriate.

  1. 6. Transportation Advisory Council Update. Nolan Zisman reported that the SFC TAC held their quarterly meeting in February.  Items of interest include:
  • The NE/SE connector project between Avenida Del Sur and Dinosaur Trail has permits and is going out to bid.
  • The City and County are studying alternatives to determine how they might extend Zafarano road from Siringo to Agua Fria.
  • The County is working with the State on a safety survey in the Madrid area.  
  • The County is applying for NMDOT grant to extend Ave. Del Sur trails to the Community College; Arroyo Hondo trails to the Rail Runner station.

Conclusion: we may want to see about working with the County and a NMDOT grant to get more trails and paved roads. 

  1. 7. Old Business/Open Action Items

7.1 Paving Cerrado Loop update.   Dr. Mason presented information about the Cerrado Loop project, including photos of the grading progress.  He presented a PowerPoint with the details of the County’s progress.  Dr. Mason has been photo-documenting SFCPW’s progress on grading and drainage changes, especially in potential problem areas.  The County crew has put a lot of effort on draining the water away from the road, digging very deep drains which will likely erode the loose soil.  Dr. Mason will ask them to armor those ditches to help mitigate erosion.  He was impressed with the consistency of the work and the way they carefully avoided damaging mature trees, in response to the property owners’ requests.

Dr. Mason doesn’t know when they will start paving, but it’s getting close.

ACTION ITEM: Ms. Adair will connect Paul Butt, Chair of the Conservation Committee, with Dr. Mason to discuss erosion mitigation. 

8.1  Meeting with the Sheriff: Town hall scheduled on Tuesday February 16, at 5:00 pm.  The town hall meeting was very positive and as an outcome, the amount of police presence in the Eldorado area has increased. SFC Sheriff Adan Mendoza was very responsive to concerns raised by community members about speeding and other traffic issues.

8.1.1  SPEED BUMPS – At the town hall, the Sheriff confirmed that speed bumps are the purview of the SFC Public Works Department.  As requested by Board president Nancy Sulzberg, the RC discussed which Eldorado roads might qualify for speed bumps.  Unfortunately, according to the County’s policy on traffic calming measures, which includes speed bumps, most Eldorado roads do not qualify, because they are either arterials, unpaved, or the average daily traffic (ADT) level is below the County’s threshold. 

8.2 Inspections of roads in Eldorado. The committee members have been assigned roads to review.  Dr. Mason will work with us individually to help us evaluate the roads, to build consistency as we do our reviews, including one-on-one training on how to capture the Google Earth data.

ACTION ITEM: Dr. Mason will send dates out for members to work with him one on one.


        8.2.3  Report back in one month.  We should all report back next month on our road inspections.

  1. 8. New Business

8.1.  NM Legislative Session – Monies for planning of Pedestrian Trail along Avenida Azul.  Mr. Rogers reported that $10,000 has been appropriated by the County to study and plan how to build the hike/bike trail along Azul.  It will be done in stages, starting with the more dangerous areas with blind corners and hills.  Also, the road is not centered in the County ROW, which makes design more challenging. 

8.1.1  Google Earth Profiles.  Dr. Mason demonstrated the Google Earth elevation profile of Azul Loop, to identify the problem areas.  He explained that the Bureau of Land Management has guidelines for trails for maximum slope of trails.  Google Earth shows an 8% slope at some sections, which may be too extreme a grade for a pedestrian path.  Mr. Rogers reported trail building and repairs are done by a vendor to the County.

ACTION ITEM: Dr. Mason will connect with F&G Chair Kathy Ritschel to discuss what the planning money is going towards.  Dr. Mason thinks this planning can be done in-house, providing information to the County, including preliminary surveys, to free up more money for actually building the trail.

  1. 9. Public Comment. Fred Raznick said that the ECIA should have the original 15 pages of the plat maps for Eldorado. The original surveyor for the Eldorado community was Community Sciences Corp. in Corrales (505-897-0000) is still is in business, and they may be able to provide new copies if the ECIA no longer has those copies. 

Bette Knight raised concerns about how the drainage areas opened up by the County along Cerrado, which are currently empty dirt, may erode, will be dusty, and may erode causing damage to wells and electrical boxes. She asks whose responsibility is it to prevent erosion or weeds in the disturbed areas?

  1. 10. Committee Round Robin. None
  1. 11. Next Meeting: The RC meets on the first Wednesday of every month. Next meeting: April 7, 2021.

Adjournment.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:16 pm.

By:  Amelia Adair, Secretary                                            Date: March 3, 2021