Minutes - Roads Committee

ECIA Road Committee Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2016

1. Call to Order: Chair Felicia Probert called the meeting to order at approximately 6:05 p.m. in the
Railroad Building at the ECIA Community Center

2. Introductions/Attendees:
• Road Committee Members: Felicia Probert - Chair, Bob Blanchet, Ken Kleiber, Karen Murry,
Fred Raznick, Terry Reilly, John Reynolds, Russell Winslow
• ECIA Board Liaison: David Yard
• Excused absence: Rob Wickham
• Public:
o Jim Wilson, Balsa Rd
o Sharon Kain, Balsa Rd
o Russell Mooney, Balsa Rd
o Sue Shrivz, Balsa Ct
o Mary C Bryant, Balsa Rd
o Don Keith, Condesa Rd
o Toni Carrell, Condesa Rd.
o Brad Stroman, Condesa Rd
o Mike LaBrie, Condesa Rd
Felicia noted that there was a quorum present.

3. Public Comments
Four residents from Condesa Road addressed the Committee about their concerns with dust on
Condesa Rd. They asked if there were any options for dust control or hardening the surface other
than paving. They provided some information on one product called Envi Road. They also asked if
lowering the speed limit from the current 25mph to 15 mph was a possibility. Lastly, they inquired if
there had been any air quality testing on Eldorado’s dirt roads to determine if there were any known
health hazards. Felicia will contact Robert Martinez with Santa Fe County Public Works to follow-up
on these questions.
Post Meeting Note: Robert Martinez provided the following responses to the questions raised by
the Condesa Rd residents.
“The county has not had positive results using mag(nesium) chloride or any other dust
suppressant/stabilizer product in the past. These products are not a one-time application and
very costly. We are not in the process of evaluating any stabilizer products at this time, nor do we
have a budget for this product. We did conduct a test area on Avenida Monte Alto before it was
paved and got negative feedback from the residents. Apparently when it rained the residents
were tracking the product into their garages and complained. We did another test area in Agua
Fria and the product didn't last long. The county has not done air quality testing on dirt roads in
Eldorado or the county. We do not post speed limits lower than 25mph, unless it is a school

5. Review of Balsa Road Survey Results
Felicia distributed the results of the survey conducted of the residents of Balsa Rd and the roads that
are captive to Balsa Rd (i.e. roads that can only be accessed via Balsa Road). Balsa Road has been
in the top 5 of the Road Committee’s priority list for paving since at least as early as 2004. However,
the surface of Balsa Road remains dirt due to limited funding for road improvements. In September
2014, several residents from Balsa Road attended a meeting of the Road Committee to present a
letter and the results of a partial door-to-door survey of residents of Balsa and captive roads,
requesting that Balsa Road be re-surfaced.
Forty-one residents representing thirty-two homes signed the informal survey in support of upgrading
the surface of Balsa Road from dirt to a paved surface. In the interest of getting a more complete
picture of the opinion of all 119 lot owners on Balsa and captive roads, the Road Committee
conducted a formal survey.
The goal of the Road Committee’s survey was to determine the preferred road surface (asphalt, chip
seal, base course, dirt) and preferred funding mechanism (self-fund through a county improvement
district or wait for public funding) if the respondent was in favor of an asphalt or chip seal surface. A
survey form was mailed to the 119 lot owners of record on Balsa Road, Court, Drive and Place, and
Domingo Road, Court, and Place. The survey mailing included a self-addressed stamped envelope
for the ECIA office to encourage return of the completed survey. The surveys were mailed on or
about Saturday February 27, 2016 with a return deadline of March 31, 2016. All surveys returned
were considered, including those received as of April 10, 2016.
A total of 82 surveys (69%) were returned. Forty-seven respondents or 57% prefer either an asphalt
or chip seal surface over a base course or dirt surface. As for funding, 34 or 72% of the 47
respondents who prefer asphalt or chip seal, want the improvements funded by public funds as
opposed to self-funding through a county improvement district. The street specific survey results and
analysis are made part of these minutes as Attachment A. The survey form also invited comments.
A compilation of the comments and responses where appropriate are in Attachment B.
Felicia stressed that the purpose of the survey was information gathering and that no funding was
currently available to improve Balsa Road. If funding were to become available through a bond
election or other means, there would be public meetings as part of the planning and design process
with opportunities to provide input. In other words, any improvements to Balsa Road beyond general
grading for maintenance were not on the near horizon.
Discussion between the Committee and residents in attendance centered on clarifying the different
road surface types, and options for funding capital improvements including special improvement
districts. One resident reiterated that the rural feel of dirt roads would be lost by paving and speeding
would increase. Another resident expressed concern that the tree in the center of Balsa on the west
side would likely be lost. One resident reported that pieces of re-bar and wire appear on the surface
every time the road is graded. She collects whatever she finds on the short stretch of Balsa that she
walks daily and deposits it near the power box on the east end of Balsa at Compadres. There was
also discussion about the County’s desire to pave Balsa because given the amount of traffic on the
road it is not cost effective to maintain the road as dirt any longer.
Felicia thanked the residents in attendance for coming out to the meeting and for taking the time to
complete the survey and provide thoughtful input.

6. Chair Comments - None

7. ECIA Board Liaison Report
David reported that the Board has been looking carefully at the recent court ruling on the hens as
pets litigation and deciding on next steps. He recommends reading the decision to help in providing
input as the Board moves forward with the next steps. David also reported that his term on the Board
ends in May but he has agreed to stay on in the short term until the Board is able to fill the two
pending vacancies.

8. Old Business/Open Action Items - None

9. New Business
a. Spring Inspections - Felicia will distribute the inspection forms in the next few days. Due date
for completion is Friday April 22.

10. Committee Round Robin - None

11. Next Meeting

Felicia will contact Robert Martinez to determine his availability to attend a Road Committee meeting.
The next meeting will be scheduled accordingly.
Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:45 p.m.