Minutes - Roads Committee

May 10,2010

Meeting was called to order by Nolan Zisman at 6PM. In attendance were Lea Williams, Bob Burdette, Fred Raznick, and Ed Moreno representing the Board in the absence of Ed Benrock. John Mifflin and Dale Knapp were unexcused absences. Nolan informed the committee that Sherman Frankston has resigned.

Approximately 350 road survey results have been tallied by Nolan. The early results seem to indicate that while residents want improved roads in some form, almost 2/3rd’s said it is the county’s responsibility and they (residents) did not want to pay for improvements. Of the 350 surveys only 122 said they would pay $300 yearly and 69 said they would pay more.

Scenarios for funding road improvements were discussed. They included the following:

The ECIA fronting money for individual and/or the entire community’s roads.

Formation of tax districts within the Eldorado for the entire community, or road by road.

Meet with state and county officials to discuss other options.

The idea of getting the county to station a grader in Eldorado was brought up again. Nolan thought that this may cost lot owners $40+/- a year in increased assessments. Questions as to location, maintenance, number of hours that it would serve Eldorado were some of the questions that would have to be addressed..
The deterioration of Av. Vista Grande, which was recently re-paved, was noted and to be brought to the county’s attention if it had not been already. Discussion of Eldorado’s representation on the Road Advisory Committee was held since at a public meeting Commissioner Stefanics said she thought since Ed Benrock was the chair of that committee, that Eldorado probably had an additional representative, which is not the case. It has an alternate (Frank Schoeber) only. The question is whether it is to Eldorado’s betterment to have its representative in the chair position or not. Does being the chair comprise Eldorado’s position, as the chair may have to be a neutral party, or does being the chair help Eldorado?

Nolan asked that members report “volunteer” vegetation that could create a hazard for vehicles and pedestrian traffic (blocking vision at intersections).

Date of next meeting is August 2nd at 6PM. We will invite Liz and Robert to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 7:25PM.

Submitted by Fred Raznick