Minutes - Roads Committee

ECIA Road Committee Meeting Minutes

Community Center Railroad Building

Monday June 25, 2018

  1. Call to Order: Committee Chair Felicia Probert called the meeting to order at approximately

3:05 PM.

  1. Introductions/Attendees:

• Road Committee Members: Felicia Probert, Karen Murry, Blob Blanchet, Ken Kleiber,

Fred Raznick, Terry Reilly, Russell Winslow; James Mason

• ECIA Board Liaison: David McDonald

• ECIA Board Members: Claudia Ahlstrom, Joseph Gutierriez, Pam Henline

• ECIA F&G Committee Chair: Nolan Zisman

• Special Guests: Robert Martinez, Deputy Director Public Works, Santa Fe County,

David Padilla, Open Space and Trails Maintenance Foreman, Santa Fe County

• Public:

o Mary Raynard, 15 Moya Loop

o Nancy & Chris Krage, 8 Espira Road

o Lee Chiacos, 11 Duende Road

o Naomi Harrison, 15 Ladera Road

o Alice Kane, 5 Duende Road

o Sean Sortain, 6 Fonda Court

o Mekah Gordon/Alan Lieberman, 22 Juego Road

o Evie Gauthier, 4 Verano

o Paula & Ben Schuster, 3 Laguna Lane

o Allen & Mary Vallei, 71 Moya Road

o Bill Snyder, 2 Dovela Place

o Lisa Smith, 10 Dovla Road

o Stephanie Levy, 21 Domingo Road

o Jim Taylor, 47 Estambre Road

o Sheila Sullivan, 3 Cerrado Loop

o Elizabeth MacLaren, 2 Dovela Court

o Gwen Sperling, 1 Avalon Place

o Dan Stotlemeyer, 8 Monte Alto Place

o Paul Fink, 10 Redondo Court

o Kim Crickard, 13 Descanso Road

  1. Modifications/Adoption of Agenda: Approved
  1. Approval of April 9, 2018 Meeting Minutes: Approved
  1. Chair Comments: Felicia mentioned that the paving from the 3-way stop to Ave. Buena

Ventura has been completed. The work was done by a contractor to Santa Fe County.

Project was funded by a 2015 Capital Outlay Fund grant.

  1.  ECIA Board Liaison Report: David McDonald mentioned the ECIA Board will be moving

forward, through discussions and suggestions, on the RAP issues.

  1. Transportation Advisory Council Report: Russell Winslow reported that the primary

action was looking at Dinosaur Trail for adoption by the County as road.

  1.  Old Business/ Open Action Items


  1. a. Committee Charter Update: Felicia reported that at the recent ECIA Board working

meeting there was discussion but no decision on how to implement subcommittees. The

Board did issue a new charter template that included some language concerning

member conduct. At the last meeting we voted to approve the draft charter pending

further direction from the Board. Revised draft charter is now in the new format, the

portion on subcommittees has been deleted, and a reference to include road side tree

trimming has been added. Motion was made by Fred Raznick to approve the revised

charter and forward to the Board for formal approval. Motion was passed unanimously.

Fred Raznick asked if a traffic blind spot on Ave Vista Grande at Vista Grande Drive

could be addressed. Clump of junipers on private property is obscuring vehicle visibility.

Will be referred to John Gervers and his volunteer trimmers for evaluation.

  1. b. Wildflower Conservation Zone Subcommittee: On hold until a decision by the Board

on subcommittees.

  1. c. April Road Inspection Results: Inspection results reviewed were distributed and

reviewed. Russell asked if the results for the RAP roads can be separately analyzed to

track the performance of RAP to see if they are as good as dirt or base course. James

Mason asked if the study can include thickness of the RAP surface. Tabled until October

meeting for fall inspections.

  1. d. Prospective Committee Members: James Mason has met the requirements for

membership on the Road Committee by attending consecutive meetings on the January

8, and April 9, 2018, and he is a confirmed member in good standing of the ECIA.

James gave an overview of his expertise and would like to bring a fresh perspective to

the Road Committee. Motion was made to recommend James to the Board for

committee membership. Approved unanimously.

  1.  New Business


  1.  Q & A with Mr. Robert Martinez, Deputy Director, Public Works Department, Santa Fe


  1.  Open Space and Trails
  2. Schedule for 2018 PASER Evaluation of Hike/Bike Path: David Padilla reported that the

County is ready to conduct the annual PASER rating of the hike/bike path and requested

that Lee Onstott contact him to schedule it. Facilities and Grounds Committee Chair

Nolan Zisman will coordinate scheduling the evaluation.

  1.  Allocation of 2018 Capital Outlay grant ($100K) for Hike/Bike Path. The funds

will be applied to re-construct and pave the hike/bike path from Chusco Road to

Ave. Buena Ventura. The PASER rating on this section is below a 3 indicating it

needs to be replaced. Projects will be scheduled after confirmation of funds and

approval by the County Commission. Work will not begin until August at the

earliest. Depends on workload of country project management staff.

  1.  Apron Paving Update. ECIA will buy the materials as needed and the County will

complete the work when time permits. Advanced notification may be tricky as the

aprons will be worked on around depending on other County road projects.

Felicia asked if the estimated cost of materials will be enough to do all of

priorities 1-4. Not sure at this time. Will have to wait and see if material costs


  1.  If the ECIA were to construct an Eldorado “entrance” sign on Ave Eldorado near

285, where might it go? The County will do additional research on potential

locations and side of road for visibility, right of way encroachment, utility

placement and vehicular liability. Will be discussed at F&G meeting.

  1.  What “issues” if any, regarding the right of way, might you foresee in extending

the Ave Eldorado hike/bike path to the stable. Robert Martinez mentioned

extending hike/bike path on Eldorado side would be tricky with the sloping and

the water utility placement. The La Paz side would need a 10’ easement to

extend hike-bike path. Additional research on where the roadway sits within the

road way and lot owner lines is needed.

  1.  How much, if any, of the work and/or cost of re-engineering and paving the

gravel section of the hike/bike path from Herrada Road to Ave Vista Grande and

can the County fund project. Or will it all be on the ECIA with or without help from

the legislature? $15K is available for hike/bike improvements. Need an

engineering study to address drainage issues and construction costs. The

County currently has no funds available for the project.

  1. 7. Rail trail weed eradication: No Round Up or other herbicide is scheduled to be

used for weed abatement on the sections of Rail Trail that pass through

Eldorado. County uses mowers to trim brush along the immediate sides of the

trail. They try to use caution during this dry season to prevent fires. Residents

wishing to have more brush cleared and/or intermingled wildflowers conserved

might consider adopting section of the trail. Contact Carol Branch with Santa Fe

County for additional information.

  1. ii. Roads.
  2.  RAP Project Update: Robert Martinez advised that NMDOT wants the RAP

removed from the St. Francis location by the end of the month. The County is in

the process of moving it to the northern part of the county. It will not be cost

effective to move the RAP back down to apply to Eldorado roads. If more RAP

becomes available, the County will consult with the ECIA first before applying it

to any additional roads in Eldorado.

Mr. Martinez was asked to explain the difference between hot and cold

application of RAP. Hot is basically paving and is costly and would need capital

improvement project funding. Cold road prep is grading and ditch prep. Millings

placed down cold and rolled flat with water spray. No additional bindings added.

Toxicity concerns: A County fact sheet is available and shows the RAP follows

EPA standards.

  1.  County’s assessment of RAP surface performance to date: RAP is performing

to expectations and awaiting monsoon seasonal rains.

  1.  Planned road maintenance projects for the remainder of 2018.
  2.  Prep work is completed on Ave. de Compadres. Completion of the 2 inch

asphalt overlay will occur after July 1 and the start of the County’s new fiscal


  1.  Schedule for Balsa Road Paving Project: 2019
  1.  Shoulder mowing schedule: Contact Road Foreman Chris Sena directly.
  1.  General comments/questions for Mr. Martinez: Russell had concerns about the

SF Southern/Mountain States Railroad crossing repair at Ave Vista Grande.

Piles of dirt and asphalt left by side of road and compaction of asphalt left an

uneven bumpy surface. Mr. Martinez will check on having he site cleaned up

but no additional work will be done.

  1.  Public Comments:
  2.  James Taylor, 47 Estambre Road: Question regarding road building

specifications used by the County, and 100% use of RAP

  1. b. Dan Stottlemeyer, 8 Monte Alto Place: Expressed concerns about 100% use

of RAP, citing standards from CA and other states.

  1. c. Allen and Mary Vallei, 71 Moya Road: Support RAP for Moya Road because

of a long history of mud problems.

  1. Committee Round Robin: Bob Blanchet asked that residents please slow down

when in Eldorado for safety. Karen Murry asked if fog seal would be applied to 8

existing RAP’d roads. County has no plans to fog seal at this time. Karen asked

about the future of Wildflower Conservation Zone. Will be explored at fall meeting.

Fred Raznick voiced concerns about the toxicity of RAP surfaces on roads. Russell

Winslow asked Better Eldorado to please send full Power Point documentation so a

full review of information on RAP can be analyzed. James Mason asked about the

degree of road ditch slopes.

  1.  Next Meeting: October, date and time TBA

Adjournment: 5:15pm