Minutes - Roads Committee

Road Committee Minutes 1.8.18

  1. Call to Order: Committee Chair Felicia Probert called the meeting to order at approximately 6:03 p.m.
  1. Introductions/Attendees:
  • Road Committee Members: Felicia Probert, Karen Murry, Bob Blanchet, Russell Winslow, Fred Raznick, Terry Reilly, and Ken Kleiber,
  • Excused absence: John Reynolds.
  • ECIA Board Liaison: John Henriksen
  • Public (17 Total – 15 Residents; 1 Non-resident; 1 Unknown)
    • Joel Pearson, 15 Juego Road
    • James Mason, 21 Domingo Road
    • Stephanie Levy, 21 Domingo Road
    • R. Johnson, 2 Moya Place
    • Jon and Melicent D’Amore, 16 Tarro Road
    • Louise Raoch, 28 Moya Loop
    • David Yard, 2 Joya Court
    • Brian Cassidy, 24 Quedo Road
    • John Gervers, 6 Cayuse Place
    • Kim Crickard, 13 Descanso Road
    • Naomi Harrison, 15 Ladera Road
    • Refused to Sign, 17 (?) Ladera Road
    • Paul Fink, 10 Redondo Court
    • Gershon Siegel, 11 Bonito Court
    • Leslie Bischoff, 9 Duende Road
    • Unknown Late Arrival


  1. Public Comments:

Highway Safety Corridor Designation – David Yard advised the Committee about a community effort to have State Highway 285 from Lamy to Old Las Vegas Highway designated as a Highway Safety Corridor, and to have improved signage and law enforcement presence within the designated corridor.  A petition is currently being circulated.  David left a copy of the petition with Committee and requested our support. 

  1. Modification/Adoption of Agenda:

With the number of people present regarding the recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) topic, Felicia suggested that the agenda be modified so that both agenda items regarding the RAP project be the first order of old business.   Motion was made, seconded, and approved. 

  1. Approval of Minutes from October 5, 2017 Meeting:

The draft minutes from the October 5, 2017 meeting were reviewed.  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to approve the meeting minutes as drafted.

  1. Chair Comments:

Felicia advised that to get through the very full agenda, and to keep it civil and respectful the meeting would be conducted under the following rules:

  • The meeting is being taped as a standard practice to more accurately complete the meeting minutes.
  • Public comments will be limited to 2 minutes per speaker. No interruptions or comments will be permitted until the speaker has finished.
  • Persons wishing to ask a question or speak should raise their hand and wait until being acknowledged by the Chair before speaking.
  • Do not interrupt the person who has the floor, all will get their turn.
  • Out of respect for the committee and other members of the public present, no photos should be taken unless you are a bona fide member of the media.
  1. ECIA Board Liaison Report:

ECIA Board President John Henriksen introduced himself as the new liaison to the Road Committee following the resignation of Mike McDowell from the Board.  John expressed his support of the Committee’s work on the RAP project.  He also discussed the Board’s strategy for funding for the hike/bike path improvements.  John also mentioned that there were two upcoming vacancies on the Board and invited committee members and residents in attendance at the meeting to consider running for an open seat. 

  1. Old Business/Open Action Items:
    1. RAP Project Update:  Before opening the floor to public comments, Felicia provided the following update provided earlier in the day by Robert Martinez, Deputy Director, Santa Fe County Public Works. 
  • Application of the RAP to Glorieta Road will be completed when the necessary heavy equipment is available. Additional work on the RAP project will be suspended until the spring at the earliest. *
  • Santa Fe County plans to fog seal coat the roads that have been surfaced with the RAP to date. Application of the fog seal requires warmer temperatures and will be scheduled for late spring/summer 2018.  Roads with the RAP surface completed to date, within the Eldorado Subdivision, are:
    • Carlito Road
    • Chusco Road
    • Demora Road
    • Estambre Road
    • Glorieta Road
    • Juego Road, Court, & Place
  • Any pending decisions on deletions or requests for additions to the original list of roads designated to receive the RAP are suspended along with the project. Changes to the original list will be addressed prior to any plans to resume the RAP project in Eldorado.    Deletions and additions to the original list ultimately requires the approval of the NM Department of Transportation. 

*Note:  On January 10, Robert Martinez advised that additional work on the RAP project in Eldorado is suspended until the fall of 2018 at the earliest. 

Public Comments on RAP:

Four individuals signed up to speak on the RAP project.  Mr. Robert Johnson of 2 Moya Place spoke in support of the RAP and expressed an interest in having Moya Place added to the project list due to the impassable conditions that occur during rain/snow.  Mr, Johnson also reiterated his comments made at the Commissioner’s December Townhall Meeting that the roads are owned by Santa Fe County and it is their responsibility to maintain them.  He questioned why residents were being given the opportunity to “vote” on how the County carries out their duties and responsibilities on County owned property. 

Mr. Brian Cassidy of 24 Quedo Road expressed support for the RAP project and asked that Quedo Road be added to the project list.

Mr. Jon D’Amore declined to comment during the public comment period. 

Ms. Melicent D’Amore expressed opposition to the use of 100% RAP on Eldorado roads due to concerns about water seepage through the rap being toxic to the aquifer.  This is based on her previous experience in Potter County, PA. 

Following the public comment period, approximately one hour was dedicated to questions/answers between the attendees and the Committee on the RAP Project.  Substantive information not previously addressed in the RAP project updates will be added and made available on the ECIA website.  

  1. 2017 Inspections Results and Summary: The results of the spring and fall road inspections by the Road Committee were distributed.  No major changes in road conditions were noted. 
  1. Ad hoc subcommittee for Herrada Wildflower Conservation Zone (WCZ): As discussed at the October meeting, Felicia did some research into the bylaws regarding ad ho committees. Per the bylaws an ad hoc committee may only be established by the Board, for a specific purpose, for a limited period, and dissolved when work is accomplished.  This won’t work for the WCZ however the ECIA bylaws currently under revision is addressing subcommittees to the standing committees.   Subcommittees are to be addressed in the committee charter.  See Biennial Review and Update of Committee Charter for next steps
  1. New Business
    1. Addition of Roads to RAP List: With the suspension of the RAP project, this item will be tabled until the fall of 2018. 
  1. Biennial Review and Update of Committee Charter: The committee charter was last updated in in 2016 so is due for an update in 2018.  Discussion was held concerning modification of the charter to allow for subcommittees such as the Wildflower Conservation Zone.  The ECIA Bylaws currently under revision address this.  Felicia will consult the new bylaws and with the Facilities & Grounds Committee that is also addressing a similar issue and present a draft revised charter at the next meeting. 


  1. Election of Committee Chair:

In accordance with the committee charter, a chair must be elected on an annual basis.  Felicia was the only nomination made.  On a motion by Fred and seconded by Terry, Felicia was elected chair by unanimous.  Per the charter, this recommendation will be forward to the Board for approval. 

  1. Committee Round Robin:


  • Questioned why Fonda Ct was being considered for the RAP list. The road is in good shape.  Felicia explained that it was a natural extension of Fonda Road at Gualdo and one of the residents had asked that it be added.  Russell observed that Fonda Road isn’t that bad with only one area with a wetness problem, otherwise issue is wash boarding.
  • Expressed concern about the potential for a bad precedent with cost sharing with the County on the hike/bike path. John H explained that the Board understands that but funding requests to the County or the State Legislature have a higher chance of success when the beneficiary is sharing in the cost. 
  • RAP not being screened properly so the sizing is inconsistent. This may contribute to it not holding up as well.  Winter will give the County a good chance to monitor how it does.

Robert Blanchet:

Urged the audience to get involved with the Committees.  Eldorado is a unique place and there’s always going to be disagreements.  Different information and perspectives is important to the process. 

  1. Next meeting:

Monday April 9, 2018 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the Railroad Building

  1. Meeting Adjourned