Minutes - Roads Committee

ECIA Road Committee Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2017


  1. Call to Order: Committee Chair Felicia Probert called the meeting to order at 3:03 pm.
  1. Introductions/Attendees: Introductions were made around the table.
  • Road Committee Members: Felicia Probert, Karen Murry, Bob Blanchet, Russell Winslow, Fred Raznick, Terry Reilly, and Ken Kleiber. Excused absence:  John Reynolds
  • ECIA Board Liaison: Mike McDowell
  • Special Guests:

o    Robert Martinez, Deputy Director, Santa Fe County Public Works

o    Mark Young representing HOAMCO GM Isabel Ugarte

o    Lee Onstott, ECIA Facilities & Grounds Committee

  • Public

o    Walter Gallegos, 37 Encantado Road

o    Sue Shriver, 2 Balsa Ct.

o    Alan Lieberman, 22 Juego Rd.

o    Dr. Mekah Gordon, 22 Juego Rd.

o    John Gervers, 6 Cayuse Place

o    Jim Knight, 53 Cerrado Loop

o    Tom DiRugiero, 5 Demora Road

o    Vahl Jackson, 22 Chusco Road

o    C.M. Kittredge, 4 Verano Way

o    Cecil Rich, 34 Fonda Road

  1. Public Comments: Felicia asked if there were any members of the public present who wished to comment on something other than the recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) project.  None were voiced. 
  1. Modification/Adoption of Agenda: Approved
  1. Approval of Minutes from March 20, 2017 Meeting: Felicia noted that there was not a quorum of members who attended the March 20th meeting. Approval tabled for now.   
  1. Chair Comments: Felicia welcomed Mr. Martinez and members of the community for coming out to the meeting and their interest in our roads. 
  1. ECIA Board Liaison Report: Mike McDowell introduced himself and advised that at the last annual meeting of the Board, he was appointed as the liaison for the Road Committee. His role is to facilitate communication between the Committee and the Board. 
  1. Old Business/Open Action Items: None
  1. New Business: Robert Martinez, Santa Fe County Deputy Public Works Director provided information on the following topic areas. 
  1. Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) Project – The results of the extensive question and answer discussion on the RAP project in Eldorado is available on the ECIA website at http://eldoradosf.org/document/RAP%20Project%20Info%20Sheet%202017%2006.pdf
  1. Process for Evaluating Paved Roads for Maintenance or Re-Paving - The County evaluates all the paved roads using the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) system. Roads are given a rating of 1(fail) to 10 (newly paved).  The average rating for paved County roads is about 6.5 (good condition), higher than the national average.  Over the last six years, Santa Fe County has done a good job of doing pavement preservation on many of the paved roads while they are still in good condition so that they don’t deteriorate to the point of needing a much costlier total replacement.  For every $1 invested in pavement preservation $10 in replacement costs is delayed.   In studying the issue, the 4.8 million spent on pavement preservation of 188 miles of County roads, saved the County taxpayers 50 million in pavement replacement costs.  A road that has deteriorated to a PASER score of 1 – 3 will have to be replaced.
  1. Multi-use paths and walkability:
  • Facilities and Grounds handles the multi-use path system in Eldorado. They have the master plan of where multi-use paths will be built.  
  • New requests to build a multi-use path should be included in the master plan.
  • The County doesn’t automatically include a path when building a road.
  • In some cases, like Herrada, there isn’t enough room in the right-of-way to include a path. But along the major arteries like Avenida Vista Grande where there is currently a multi-use path, the right-of-way was wide enough to include it. 
  • In setting priorities for paving project, the ECIA should make the County aware of what roads that they would like to have a multi-use path built in conjunction with a road.  
  • Multi-use paths will increase the cost of projects and that needs to be taken into consideration.
  • The County code defines different road types, such as rural and urban. The roads in Eldorado are rural so you aren’t going to see sidewalks, curbs, bike lanes, etc. like you might see on an urban road. 


  1. Update on Ave Amistad/ Ave Buena Ventura Chip Sealing Project - Ave. Amistad is scheduled for 2018. Ave. Buena Ventura is scheduled for fall 2017.  Ave. Amistad was rescheduled for next year due to the grant agreement being frozen.  The freeze was lifted June 6 but not in time for 2017 project bid schedule. 
  1. Committee Round Robin:
  • Concerns were expressed about waddle removal on Herrada Rd damaging road edges.
  • Compadres is losing its’ base.
  • Wildflower Conservation Zone on West Herrada Rd is going well. The County is picking up the bagged bar ditch waste.
  1. Next meeting: TBA

Meeting Adjourned 4:50pm.