Minutes - Roads Committee

ECIA Road Committee Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2017

1)Call to Order: Committee Chair Felicia Probert called the meeting to order at 6pm.

In Attendance were committee members: John Reynolds, Karen Murry, Bob Blanchet, Russell Winslow, Felicia Probert, with excused absences of Fred Raznick, Terry Reilly and Ken Kleiber; Public attendees Ruben Martinez, Gerald Gulseth and Tom Di Ruggiero.

Introductions were given around the room to familiarize ourselves.

2)Public Comments:

Ruben Martinez introduced himself as a local business man and passed around his Freedom Hauling business card. Asked who he should talk to about snow removal on hike/bike paths. We recommended he speak to the Gm Isabel Ugarte.

Gerald Gulseth just wanted to see what the road committee was about.

Tom Di Ruggiero explained the drainage/slope pitch problems he is experiencing on Demora Road. He thanked Felicia for recommending County Director Robert Martinez. Road appears to be graded with a layer of dry gravel added for traction. Asked what to do about filled in culverts, causing drainage problems.

3) Adoption of the Agenda: Approved

4) Chair Comments:

a)Felicia commented that she held off putting  the Capital Outlay bill request for road improvement forward with the county.

She wanted to make sure we keep our 100k allotment on schedule for Ave. Amistad improvements scheduled for Spring 2017.

b)Balsa Road paving project was approved in the November Bond measure. It is not considered a high priority and will probably be scheduled for approval in late 2018 or 2019.

  1. c) Siberian Elm trees are being pruned and trimmed on our major paved roads by John Gervers. He has spoken to the county and has their approval to prune the elms growing within the road right of ways. He is volunteering his services.

He organized the tree trimming workshop in March.

5) ECIA Board Liaison Report:

Mike Mc Dowell is our new board liaison and a new ECIA Board member.

a)He talked about the possible road problem facing Ave De Compadres.

It appears the base is coming out of the paved road in places and might have to be addressed in the future.

b)Mike talked about dust abatement costs as being very high and John Reynolds and Felicia commented that the county does not use dust abatement products. Commented that traffic speed can increase dust problems.

  1. c) Mike is looking forward to working with the road committee to help with our road maintenance.

6) Old Business/Open Action Items: None at this time

7) New Business:

  1. a) Nomination of Committee Chair: Felicia Probert was recommended by John Reynolds and seconded by Bob Blanchet.
  2. b) Spring Inspection Prep: Road inspection forms were distributed with areas to be covered. Road Inspection to be done the first two weeks in April
  3. c) Adopt a Shoulder Program: the West Herrada Road Sunflower Club was discussed. We are trying to explore ways to get the community involved in wildflower plantings and possible artist participation. Weeding and clearing the culvert events and seed parties were discussed. A community meeting will be posted on Next Door Eldorado and flyers handed out by Karen Murry for an Earth Day April 22nd morning get together to try get  the community involved. Trying to approach Robert Martinez with a workable plan to save the wildflowers and not be moved by the county. Last year was a grass roots effort of weeding, wildflower seeding and dump hauling to improve the road shoulder. It was wildly appreciated and enjoyed!

7) Committee Round Robin: Discussion about a possible way to create a funding organization that can take donations to help with Eldorado’s needs and improvements.

8) Next Meeting TBA in June

9) Adjourn 8pm.