Minutes - Stables Committee

Minutes of the June 2021 Business Meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee

  • Time and Place: The June 2021 business meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (ESC) was held on Monday, June 21, 2021 on Zoom and was called to order at 6:40 p.m. by the Chair of the ESC. Copies of the Agenda, Chair Report; 2022 ESC Reserve & Replacement, Operating, and Capital Project Proposals; and Turnout Priority Proposal were available to all participants. The meeting was recorded.
  • Quorum, Attendees, Agenda: A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Amelia Adair, Deena Joseph, Kelly Smith, and Karla Lauritsen. Tara Debevec and Lisa Bessone had excused absences. In addition, ESC Board Liaison Carol Sanguinetti, ECIA Operations Manager Mike Rogers, Administrative Assistant Jocelyn Rizo, and the following Stable members were present: Carol Lowey and Charli Stevens. Amelia Adair presided as Chair of the meeting. Karla Lauritsen served as Secretary. The Agenda was adopted as prepared.
  • Stable Story:
    • Amelia Adair thanked Karla Lauritsen for organizing the second Wine and Weeds Walk with Philippe Cohen as guest speaker.
    • Amelia Adair thanked Charli Steven and Kelly Smith for catching the Linder’s loose horses and restoring them to their paddock.
  • Chair’s Report: Amelia Adair provided in writing. She addressed enforcement status, barn for sale list, trail course repairs, additions, and maintenance; stable reserve items; dressage letter locations; Greenspace Task Force report; activities around the Stable; Stable budget and financial planning 2022; risk management activities; and action items.
  • Open Forum: Charli Stevens announced that volunteers are needed for the Santa Fe Dressage Association Shows, July 15-19th at HIPICO. Please contact Charli.
  • ECIA Report: Mike Rogers, HOAMCO Operations Manager:
  • The Stable is participating in the ECIA project for creating one unified system for Reserve and Replacement (R&R). Mike’s team is working on updating and correcting the Stable R&R items.
  • Arroyo arena rock removal: Since rocks are expected to emerge continually, to rise to the surface, Maintenance Staff would like to try using a process using existing equipment and hand work: first, disc to bring up rocks; second, rake with tractor; third, remove surface rocks by hand raking. They expect this sequence to be repeated several times. If between repetitions, riders feel enough rocks have emerged to become unsafe for horses, then contact the ESC, who will contact Angelo of Maintenance to re-initiate the sequence. Deena requested that we try this for a period, then reassess; Kelly would like the rocks removed be reserved for mulching; Amelia asked Maintenance Staff to track their time with this on-going rock removal project.
  • Water meter registers: All are operational. Concerns:
    • A few registers on Arroyo Road have had foggy screens, but they can be wiped clear.
    • Registers on Tree Road have scratched screens, with the scratches beginning to interfere with reading.
    • One register on Arroyo Road has black specks under the screen.
    • ECIA plans to protect the registers from weathering by covering all with outdoor outlet covers so they last longer. Reading the above ground registers is much faster and easier for Maintenance Staff, than reading in the ground meters.
  • Replacement plan: According to ESC, the meters and registers are part of common area, so they are ECIA responsibility. Beyond the meters, the branch water pipe and hydrants, belong to Barn Owners. Amelia Adair will follow up with ECIA Board president, GM, and Operations Manager Mike Rogers to discuss.
  • Weed management activities
  • Maintenance Staff responded quickly to the identification of a Class A noxious weed at the Stable. They trimmed off the flower/seed heads, then sprayed with Avenger, an herbicide made of citrus oil, surfactant, and water.
  • The growth of weeds at the Stable has been much reduced by drought and members hand grazing and pulling/digging. Usually during May and June, staff mows and weed whacks twice a month; this year, neither were required. Staff and ESC will continue to coordinate efforts, with the goal of mowing before weed seeds mature, but not mowing without need. A few areas will need mowing soon. More bamboo stakes will be available for members to mark plants or areas to not mow.
  • Amelia confirmed that grazing does help, recommending that those members participating might hand-graze next to barns where the weeds have not been utilized.
  • Mike is working on capital project requests for the Stable:
  • The drainage requests he understands and is working on.
  • For the arroyo trail obstacle--the bank and step--he requested a site visit with Maintenance Staff, Deena Joseph and Amelia Adair, to better understand the project. An initial site visit was scheduled this Wednesday, July 17, 9:00 a.m., They will also make their best estimate of costs, for project approval, then up-date the estimate at the time of construction if the project is approved.
  • For the upper arena footing, Deena requested that the Stable replace maintenance equipment first, in order to correctly maintain the existing footing, so riders are more inclined to use the arena as well as to hopefully postpone footing replacement. The type of equipment recommended by the new contractor, CM Footing, can restore footing that migrates to the lower slope of the arena as well as remix the compacting sand dust into the footing. Maintenance Staff would be trained to operate this new equipment. Since this will be a new type of equipment, Carol Sanguinetti said this request should be submitted to the Finance Committee—by their next meeting--as a capital expense in the 2022 budget, rather than in the reserve and replacement budget. ESC will work with Mike Rogers to certify CM Footing as an ECIA vendor, so we can ask CM Footing for advice on short term solutions that could be done this year.
  • Kelly Smith requested that yacht rope be purchased to create rope gates for the arroyo arena and trail course. Jason Smith has volunteered to weave the loops in the rope gates. When installed, the rope gates are to be closed only when a member is actively using them, otherwise they are to be placed in an open position. Amelia Adair said we have the operating budget to do this, this year.

Carol Sanguinetti, ECIA Board Secretary and Liaison to ESC:

  • Barn 20 update: This barn is still in probate, as is the house. Since the barn has continuing violations, enforcement problems, probate as “owner” needs to be notified with a “demand letter.” ESC is aware of interested buyers. Carol will check with HOAMCO Manager Julie Navarro on the status.
  • ESC can accept money as donations and for memorial benches, as long as the money doesn’t violate ECIA non-profit status.
  • The ECIA Board now will meet on the third Tuesday of the month. This scheduling will change the timing in relation to committee meetings, creating delays with approvals. To expedite approvals, the ECIA Board can do electronic voting, then fully ratify at the next meeting. This is okay with our ECIA Liaison Carol S. If this change becomes a problem for the ESC, we would reschedule our meetings.
  • ECIA July 4th parade: Volunteers are needed; Stable entries are welcome.
  • Eldorado’s 50th Anniversary: Volunteers are needed; if you have historical artifacts or information, please share.
  • Old Business:
    • Equine Liability Insurance: Rule Revisions—see Chair Report.
    • Arena Use and Improvement: Deena Joseph, see Chair Report.
    • Greenspace Task Force: Karla Lauritsen, see Chair Report.
    • The next Wine and Weeds Walk will be Saturday, July 17, 5:30 pm.
    • Increasing Turnout Availability: Kelly Smith and Amelia Adair.
    • Proposal shown on Zoom screen; see attachment to these minutes.
    • The Committee and guests discussed various strategies for alleviating turnout traffic jams, including designating specific times—early morning and late afternoon/early evening--when turnout would have priority; create signup sheets to schedule turnout, to be posted at the lower arena; create guidelines for priority turnout time. Each owner would be restricted to 15 minutes use of the arena, regardless of the number of horses. This initial schedule will offer staggered turnout priority times to evaluate what times work best. Shorter turnout times, exceptions for lessons, and other suggestions were discussed.
    • Process: Based on the discussion, the proposed Trail Period listed below will be updated as discussed and circulated via the Stable gmail, posted on the website and at the lower arena
    • Feedback is needed from a broader range of the community. Lots of opportunities to provide feedback will be used. Kelly will manage the signup sheets daily; Amelia will send the plan via email to Stable members.
    • Improve the arroyo arena by removing rock from the footing and installing rope gates for all open areas in fencing, and improve the upper arena footing.
  • New Business.
    • Possible Rule Changes for Public Instruction Events: Kelly Smith proposed the ESC approve criteria and a process by which a proposed clinic sponsor could ask for an exemption from the Rules, by submitting a plan to the ESC at least 30 days prior to the proposed event. This would allow the ESC time to evaluate the event according to existing Rules, the availability of common space, and make a recommendation to the Board. Kelly will draft such a procedure for consideration at the next ESC meeting.
    • Stable Community Work Day: ESC will attempt to schedule at least two half days, in the morning, to avoid the heat of the day. Please send Amelia suggestions for volunteer activities.
  • Action Item Summary: The following action items were assigned during the meeting:

Action Item

Responsible Person


Barn 20 litigation update

Jessica Collins

Next meeting

Map of arroyo trails and primary obstacles

Deena Joseph


Submit new arena footing maintenance equipment as


capital expense

Deena Joseph


Propose short term plan for upper arena footing

Deena Joseph


Weed management at trail course: remove puncture vine

Karla Lauritsen


Schedule monthly Wine and Weeds Walk

Karla Lauritsen


Equine liability insurance: feedback from Daniels

Jessica Collins

Next meeting

Equine liability insurance: update Stable Rule

Amelia Adair & Kelly Smith


Trial Priority Turnout Times: results and recommendations

Kelly Smith & Amelia Adair

Next meeting

Install covers over water meter registers

Mike Rogers


Install yacht rope gates at arroyo arena & trail course

Jason Smith


Clarifying financial responsibilities for replacing water meters and registers

 Amelia Adair


Share Greenspace weed management plan with staff prior to mowing

Karla Lauritsen & Amelia Adair


Draft procedure for applying to hold an event

Kelly Smith

Next Meeting

Plan Community Work Days

Amelia Adair


  • Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

By Karla Lauritsen, ESC Secretary                          6/29/2021


In order to accommodate people who work and have limited time to turn out their equines, the ESC proposes the following trial of a limited change in turnout priority and time limits:  

  • Sign Up for Turn Out During “Turnout Priority Times:” People may sign up to reserve a 15 minute turnout time during “Turnout Priority Times.”   The ESC suggests that you check the board and sign up for a time period when you drive in to reserve a time for turnout. There will be a sign-up sheet at the lower arena.  
  • Turnout Priority Times: On WEEKDAYSonly, those who sign up for a 15 minute turnout time will have priority over other users in the lower arena:  
  • Mornings between 7:30 am and 9:00 am, and 
  • Evenings between 4:30 pm and 6:00 am.
  • Status Quo at Other Times:Except for Turnout Priority Times, riding and other multiple uses still take priority over turnout.  Turnout is allowed when the arena is available at other times, consistent with the current Eldorado Stable Amenity Rules, Section IX.   

Turn-out in the lower arena is limited to 15 minutes ONLY when another person is waiting to ride, turn-out, or use the arena.  If an individual is riding or lunging in the lower arena or in a round pen, and the Barn Owner/Sharer is waiting to turn-out, limit time to 30 minutes (55 minutes if having a lesson by an approved trainer).   

Stable Amenity Rules, Section IX: Common Area and Arena Use Rules. 

  • 15 minute limit: For those who sign up during the turnout priority times, turnout is limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.  
  • Other uses during Turnout Priority Time:  Uses consistent with multiple users (i.e., riding, lunging, hand walking) are allowed if there is nobody turned out or signed up for turnout.    
  • Users other than turnout users must leave the lower arena prior to and during the 15 minute time period that a turnout user has reserved. 
  • If a turnout user wishes to reserve a time and the lower arena is being used for riding/lunging/hand walking, the turnout user must sign up for turnout and give 10 minutes notice and the person who is riding/lunging/hand walking has 10 minutes to leave the arena.   
  • Limit of three advanced sign ups per week.  A turnout user may sign up in advance for the week for three preferred time slots for that week.    Sign-up sheets will be available for sign up beginning Sunday evening for the week.  
  • Shared Use Reminder.  Except for turnout in the lower arena or round pens, all Stable arenas and common areas are for shared use, even when a lesson is taking place.  Lunging and in hand work should be shared use. 

Feedback requested:  We’ll test out this schedule for one month, then discuss at our next ESC meeting.  Please send your feedback, pro and con, on how this system is working - or not - to Eldoradostables@gmail.com







Monday 6/28 7:30 am – 9:00 am 


(if blank, next available) 


7:30 AM 


7:45 AM 


8:00 AM 


8:15 AM 


8:30 AM 


8:45 AM 


Monday 6/28 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm 


(if blank, next available) 


4:30 pm 


4:45 pm 


5:00 pm 


5:15 pm 


5:30 pm 


5:45 pm