Minutes - Stables Committee




  • Time and place. The March 2021 business meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (“the ESC”) was held on March 15, 2021 on Zoom and was called to order at 6:03 pm by the Chair of the ESC. Copies of the Agenda and Chair Report were available to all participants. The meeting was recorded.
  • Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Amelia Adair, Deena Joseph, Karla Lauritsen, Tara Debevec, Kelly Smith, and Lisa Bessone. In addition to ESC Members, ESC Board Liaison Carol Sanguinetti, HOAMCO staff Mike Rogers and Jessica Collins and the following barn owners were present: Carol Loewy, Dina and Herb Siegel, Charli Stevens, Jonathan Turkle and Susan Sylvester. Amelia Adair presided as chair of the meeting. Tara Debevec served as Secretary. The Agenda was adopted as prepared, with one addition: to add the issue of April meeting time to the end of the Agenda.
  • Minutes. The Minutes of the February 2021 ESC Business Meeting were previously approved by e-mail; there were no corrections to those Minutes.
  • Stable Story. Amelia Adair recognized and thanked Jonathan Turkle for working toward joining the Conservation Committee. She additionally thanked Jennie Dunn, Lisa Bessone, and Alice Griffin for helping Gretel Underwood while she is injured.
  • Chair’s Report. Amelia Adair announced that the ECIA’s annual meeting will be held in person on May 6, and that everyone is welcome to attend. The remainder of the Chair’s Report was delivered in writing.
  • Open forum. No comments.
  • ECIA Report

Mike Rogers, ECIA Operations Manager:

  • The camera at the main gate is now streaming live
  • The Arroyo Road gate will be left as is without an additional camera
  • The 285 gate decoy camera will be installed. One old camera from the main gate will be moved there and fake conduit will be installed
  • Trail course fence has not been completed because Julie Navarro believes the Stable has not requested funding for this item, and will need the Board to approve a capital projects request form (even though the remaining fencing will cost about $200). It’s unclear where the funds will come from. Amelia will follow up with Julie Navarro and Sal Monaco, Board treasurer
  • The maintenance crew will attempt to change the gate code and time on Wednesday
  • Update on Asset Panda – this is a new program to track and monitor ECIA amenities. It’s up and running. A walk through to review Stable Amenity assets and replacement plans was scheduled for March 25, 20201 at 10:00 am with the Stable Committee and Mike Rogers
  • Leak was identified on the Arroyo Rd line.

Jessica Collins, ECIA Assistant General Manager:

  • Waste Management will be picking up on Thursday afternoon, in response to the Board president’s letter to them
  • Barn 20 is still in litigation, with no new information from the attorney. Carol Sanguinetti will try to push it forward at the next executive board meeting
  • The Fly Predator program was billed for the entire season and divided per barn
  • Gave instructions for deleting prior payment information in HOAMCO’s new online payment system. She will also email them out.
  • New sharer in Barn 6 – Robin McLennan and her daughter Sophie.
  • New horse arriving in Charli Steven’s barn mid-April.

Carol Sanguinetti, Stable Committee Board liaison:

  • The Community Center will be opened up starting in April as long as Santa Fe COVID status is green.
  • Hopefully the July 4th event and parade can happen.
  • May 6th is the ECIA annual meeting.
  • Nominations for ECIA Volunteer of the Year are open.
  • Volunteers are still needed for 50th anniversary planning committee, to plan events for next year.
  • Old Business

Deena Joseph gave an update on amenity maintenance:

  • Upper arena footing: she’s working on replacement costs for the footing for purposes of the replacement reserve study
  • Following up on questions reducing dust in arena footings: there may be some additives that can control dust, but we don’t have budget to install dust free footing for the upper or other arenas – watering is impractical in New Mexico
  • Our consultant recommended renting a tractor attachment that can pick up rocks in the lower and arroyo arenas, after which wood chips could be tilled in
  • Arroyo trails project status: work will continue as volunteers and budget allows. Cholla collected by walkers is being removed in stages by the maintenance crew. She is working on a map of the new trails and obstacles, but it is difficult as the topography is complex, and she is unsure what people would like from the map.
  • The trail course bridge is in the queue for the maintenance crew to repair.
  • It’s possible that the old trail bridge that could be repaired and used as one of the arroyo trail obstacles

Amelia Adair led a discussion on ESC 2021 budget priorities and goals:

  • Went over the 2021 ESC Budget Proposal, list of small projects and expenses, (attached) and asked for feedback. The ESC approved this list, which we will now present to Julie Navarro.
  • Clarified budget process as she understands it – requests for 2022 capital projects over $1,500 need to be requested by April. 2022 Operating Budget requests need to be made by May.

Karla Lauritsen gave an update on the Green Space Management task force:

  • Goals include fire prevention via dead wood removal. Dead wood will be chipped and used onsite
  • Weed mitigation: we’ll be educating equine owners about weeds and encouraging them to graze their horses on emerging weeds around the Stable common areas
  • The task force is considering the best approach to managing the trail course footing to mitigate weeds. The plan will likely involve some grooming of the footing, plus hand weeding, grazing and mulch to smother emergent weeds
  • New Business.
    • Annual meeting and Survey results, next steps: See Chair report. Further discussion tabled until next month.
  • Lisa Bessone reported that many Stable volunteers are now tracking volunteer hours – not including administrative work as committee members, but actual maintenance, repair and improvements to the Stable Amenity. She will simplify the spread sheet so all volunteers can access and record their hours.
    • New meeting time: after discussion, the Committee and guests decided that, due to the time change, starting the April meeting at 6:30 pm would be best.
  • Action Item Summary: The following action items were assigned during the meeting:

Action Item

Responsible Person


Gate code will be changed to 1610, gates will open without a code until 9:00 pm (due to time change)

Mike Rogers

Next week

Dummy camera moved to 285 gate

Mike Rogers

Next meeting

Meet with Julie Navarro and Sal Monaco regarding 2021 operating budget items and trail course fence funding

Amelia Adair

Next meeting

Walk through to update reserve replacement schedule for the Stable Amenity

Mike Rogers and Amelia Adair


Email instructions for deleting credit card payment info

Jessica Collins

Next meeting

Check on status of Barn 20 litigation

Carol Sanguinetti

Next meeting

Prepare map of major arroyo trails & primary obstacles

Deena Joseph

Next meeting

Obtain rental information for rock removal attachment

Deena Joseph

Next meeting

Propose plan for upper arena footing replacement

Deena Joseph

May meeting

Draft of 2022 capital projects requests

Amelia Adair

Next meeting

Draft of 2022 operating budget request

Amelia Adair

May meeting

Prepare volunteer time spread sheet for everyone’s use

Lisa Bessone

Next meeting

  • Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 7:42 pm.

By: ____Tara Debevec_____                            __3/15/21_

            Tara Debevec, Secretary                                 Date


For discussion at the March 15 ESC meeting




Post & rail fencing to complete the trail course fence


Maintenance crew to install

Materials for dressage letters for upper & lower arenas


For volunteers to complete & install

Electronic media & communication expenses


DialMyCalls, Stable gmail spam filter subscription, eldostables.com hosting

Community outreach & mentorship expenses


Reimburse volunteers: welcome & condolence gifts, invitations for events

Greenspace management expenses


Cost for 5 pounds of native grass & plant seed, for volunteers to plant & maintain

Trail course: materials for larger walkover “bridge”


Volunteers to construct





  • As requested by the Arroyo Trails Team last year: $1,500 for a larger bank obstacle constructed of used railroad ties, to be installed in the upper part of the arroyo paths, with multiple options for trail users.  To be installed by the maintenance crew.  Deena Joseph to prepare proposed design, for cost estimating. 

ESC may request additional funds for minor repairs & replacements of equipment later in the year, depending on budget availability.