Minutes - Stables Committee

Minutes of the September 2021 Business Meeting

 Eldorado Stable Committee

  • Time and Place: The September 2021 business meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (ESC) was held on Monday, September 20, 2021, on Zoom and was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by the Chair of the ESC. Copies of the Agenda; Chair Report with attached Greenspace Task Force Report; July 2021 ESC Minutes; ECIA Committee Charter Template with Code of Ethics and redlined ESC Charter; DRAFT ESC Clinic/Event Variance Guidelines; and Barns for Sale, were available to all participants. This meeting was recorded.
  • Quorum, Attendees, Agenda, & Minutes: A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Amelia Adair, Lisa Bessone, Kelly Smith, and Karla Lauritsen. Tara Debevec and Deena Joseph had excused absences. In addition to ESC Members, ECIA Board Liaison to the ESC Carol Sanguinetti, ECIA Assistant General Manager Jessica Collins, and ECIA Operations Manager Mike Rogers were present. The following Stable members were present: Carol Lowey, Charli Stevens, and Mike Nosow. Amelia Adair presided as Chair of the meeting. Karla Lauritsen served as Secretary. The Agenda was adopted as prepared. The July 2021 Minutes were accepted, as previously approved by email.
  • Stable Story:

Amelia A., presenting for Mike Ault, thanked equine trainer Patrick Otis who helped during the monsoon rains by digging trenches to drain paddocks.

Amelia A. thanked Gretel Underwood and Alice Griffin for pulling an enormous amount of weeds in the arroyo, plus everyone else who have helped pull weeds, including Lisa B., Karla L., and Ani Magai.

Amelia A. thanked Craig Geil for weed whacking at the Stables, not only at their barn, but at neighboring barns too.

Amelia A. thanked Karla L. for organizing Wine and Weeds Walk, 4; and thanked Kelly S. for being guest speaker.

Amelia A. thanked Jonathan Turkle for hosting the Summer 2021 Stable Party.

Kelly S. thanked everyone who attended the 16th birthday party for her daughter’s pony.

Karla L. thanked Debbie Swiderski for helping care for Lynn Ritchie’s horses, while Lynn recovered from surgery.

  • Chair’s Report: Amelia Adair provided in writing. She addressed barn enforcement status, plus barns for sale or sharing; project reports; activities around the Stables; Stable budget and financial planning for 2022; risk management activities; public instruction events; annual meeting and survey feedback, next steps; and action items list.
  • Open Forum: No comments.
  • ECIA Report

Mike Rogers, ECIA Operations Manager:

  • Roads and drainage: Amelia A. showed a video of monsoon rains flooding Luci Wienczkowski’s paddock (video by Liz Mathews), then thanked ECIA Maintenance Staff for responding immediately, by re-establishing a drainage ditch along Red Barn Road to prevent further flooding.
  • Mike R. summarized: overall the whole system now works better, though a few areas need additional work. His crew will install a culvert on Arroyo Road between Gretel U. and Elsa Kloess’s barns. In the future, our capital project request for 2022 should allow us to install a culvert at the intersection of Tree Road and Upper Road and potentially to install a 740’ French drain along the Red Barn Road.
  • Further discussions focused on work to be done, providing temporary and permanent solutions. This kind of infrastructure is amenable to incremental improvement.
    • To manage water flowing off state highway 285 into the Stable; Kelly S. will contact NM DOT for assistance.
    • Stable design and budgeting considerations: Amelia A. showed three charts (planning options for drainage improvement: where road base, culverts, swales and French drains are needed, plus costs—materials, delivery, and ECIA provided labor), based on professional cost estimates and recommendations by James Mason, Ph.D., engineer and chair of the ECIA Roads Committee. Dr. Mason’s recommendation, according to best practices, is to install French drains along most of the Stable roads.
    • Proposed actions: Upgrade the drainage system, piece by piece over a number of years; this is easier to budget. In the remaining 2021 budget year, the Stable has $2K that can be allocated to roads and drainage.
      • Build a section of the 740’ French drain along Red Barn Road, from the highpoint by the Adair barn to the Tree Road culvert. If built with a 4” pipe, this would cost $4K; if built with 6” pipe, cost would be considerable more. Based on the 4” option, the Adairs offered to contribute $1,278.
      • Regrade several of the ditches (except for the portion scheduled for installation of a section of the French drain). Beveling the edges of the deep and steep sided ditches is a priority, especially for the safety of equines, people, and vehicles. ECIA will also continue to maintain the swale/ditch along Tree Road and Main Road, to aid both barn access and drainage.
      • Restore roads damaged by water erosion by smoothing the ruts formed across and beside them. This budget year, we have few funds available for adding materials such as road base.
      • The Santa Fe County culvert along Avenida Eldorado, under the main entrance road to the Stables, has filled in. Amelia A. will contact SF County for maintenance.
      • High priority: protect the arenas: Continue to maintain the swales around the lower arena and round pen. Thank you for solving the drainage problem from the upper arena, by redirecting the flow off the arena, to water a nearby tree.
      • Mike R. is the point of contact for maintenance work and will work with us on details of scheduling and projects for the crew.
    • Arenas, round pens, trail course and arroyo trails maintenance:
      • The cholla debris along the arroyo trails, collected by volunteers, is to be removed by the Maintenance Crew. Alice G. will assist with removal.
      • Egress/ingress from the gate in the SE corner of the arroyo arena has eroded badly. ECIA Crew will restore.
      • The washouts in the lower arena and lower round pen could be restored by moving some panels, to square up a corner, then perhaps installing burlap covered wattles. Equine safety is a priority, so Deena J. will work with Mike R. and crew here.
    • Thank you, ECIA Operations Manager Mike Rogers and Maintenance Crew!

Jessica Collins, ECIA Assistant General Manager.

  • Barn 20 is for sale and has paid past due Stable fees; the Mayer estate will attend to maintenance issues this month.
  • ECIA has provided examples of the additional coverages which Stable members are requested to carry by the new ECIA insurance agent.. These examples are from Horse Insurance Specialists. The “primary and non-contributory” coverage is optional, according to Daniels Insurance.  Assuming other equine insurers will provide at least the waiver of subrogation coverage, then the ESC will work on revising the Stable rules on insurance to reflect this new standard.

Carol Sanguinetti, ECIA Board Secretary and Liaison to ESC:

  • Current COVID safety measures are being practiced.
  • Carol is developing a new home owners orientation, maybe holding a welcome event once a year. This will be ready by spring 2022. She is inviting each committee to have a table, to distribute information, to invite new homeowner involvement.
  • If you have ideas for the 50th anniversary of Eldorado, please share!
  • Everyone is invited to attend ECIA Board meetings.
  • Old Business:

Greenspace Task Force: Karla Lauritsen, see Chair Report.

  • Thank You! To all who have grazed, pulled, whacked or mown weeds at the Stable this season. Your stewardship is making a difference. The Stable is a more attractive place to be and to hand graze our equines.
  • I will be collecting photographs of you and your equines in the greenspace. Send in your selfies or ask a friend to make a still picture, photographic or otherwise. We will collect the images into a printable PDF, which will be sent back to you.

Suggested Procedure for Considering Requests for Variances for Public Events:

  • Amelia A. presented the draft of procedures for evaluating requests on-screen. Requests will be taken on a case by case basis, with none being automatically agreed too. The ESC would like community input, including from our ECIA Liaison Carol S. Comments may be submitted to the ESC email, eldoradostables@gmail.com; Kelly S. will do the wordsmithing, and then the ESC will bring a more finished draft to the next meeting.

Halloween costume parade: Please come!

  • Brainstorming suggestions were to invite non-equine kids to join in; to have non-members sign the community day release form; invite more volunteers on parade day; have costume judges award prizes; be COVID safe, in line with Santa Fe Public Schools; encourage participants to remain in friend and family pods….
  • New Business.

ECIA requires each Committee to update their Charter by adding a Code of Ethics: Carol Sanguinetti

  • ESC voted unanimously to revise our charter by adopting the code of ethics requested by the Board; the revised charter will be sent to Carol S., who will present to the ECIA Board for approval.

Arenas and Arroyo trails maintenance standards: Deena Joseph, see Chair Report.

Annual Review of Stable Rules and Guidelines: Amelia Adair will begin and lead this effort over the next few months.

Signs at the Stables, are guidelines needed? In response to an official complaint and after evaluating ECIA guidelines for homeowners, the ESC finds further need to explore this issue, specific to the Stable. ESC created a signage task force, led by Lisa Bessone.

  • Action Item Summary: The following action items have been assigned during meetings:

Action Item

Responsible Person


Roads & drainage: smooth existing structures

Mike Rogers & Crew


Install culvert on Arroyo Road

Mike Rogers & Crew


Contact NMDOT about water runoff from highway flowing into Stables

Kelly Smith


Contact SF County: request maintenance of culvert at Main Entrance

Amelia Adair


Restore eroded areas in lower arena and round pen

Deena Joseph, Mike Rogers & Crew


Annual review of Stable Rules and Guidelines

Amelia Adair

Next meeting

Develop signage task force

Lisa Bessone


Equine liability insurance: feedback from Daniels

Jessica Collins


Equine liability insurance: update Stable Rule

Kelly Smith, Amelia Adair


Draft procedure for considering requests to hold a public event

Kelly Smith


Weed management: common spaces

Karla Lauritsen


Create greenspace stewardship portraits

Karla Lauritsen


Remove cholla debris piles from arroyo trails

Alice Griffin, Mike Rogers


Install covers over water meter registers

Mike Rogers


Make rope gates for arroyo arena and trail course

Jason & Kelly Smith


Clarify financial responsibilities for replacing water meters and registers

Amelia Adair

By end of year

Map of arroyo trails and primary obstacles

Deena Joseph



Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 p.m.

By Karla Lauritsen, ESC Secretary                          9/24/2021