Minutes - Stables Committee



 Time and place. The September 2018 business meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (“the ESC”) was held on September 18, 2018 at the ECIA Community Center, and was called to order at 7:05 pm by the Chair of the ESC. Copies of the Agenda, past meeting Minutes, Financial Reports, Stable Gate bids, Barn Infraction Enforcement Status, and ESC Chair report were available.

 Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Amelia Adair, Gretel Underwood, Elsa Kloess, and Mike Ault. Karla Lauritsen had an excused absence due to an illness in her family. In addition to ESC Members, ESC Board Liaison David McDonald was present. Mike served as Secretary. The Agenda was adopted as prepared.

 Minutes. The Minutes of the August 2018 ESC Business Meeting were previously approved by e-mail; there were no corrections to those Minutes.

 Stable Story. Amelia recognized and thanked Karla and Luci Wienczkowski for meeting with and mentoring new barn sharer Liz Matthews as part of our new welcome process.

 Open Forum. No barn owners were present but following issues were raised:

 Carol Loewy emailed Amelia about the 3 trailers parked along the arroyo road, raising concerns about fire access. After discussion, the ESC felt there was little risk, but agreed to consider amending the rules to specify where parking is allowed.

 Chair’s Report. Amelia provided a written Chair Report (attached). She requested help with the water bill situation. Mike agreed to assist with this issue.

 ECIA Report. Board Liaison David mentioned that the ECIA Board was hiring a project manager to assist with logistically complex projects (e.g., facilities/maintenance support). Other topics:

Water bills: New bills have been generated, but barn owners still have questions about amounts due. Following extensive discussion about the various issues concerning water meters and bills, Gretel proposed that ECIA use Amelia’s calculated averages per barn/horse to re-do 2017 bills as a solution to establish a fair billing rate for those whose bills were clearly outside of historic averages. David, Amelia, and Mike will meet with GM Julie Navarro to look at the meter data, and talk about ways of making the bills more fair, and discuss calibration of water meters and other issues. The ESC also proposed creating a thorough factsheet about how the bills are calculated, how to test meters, etc. to restore trust.

Manure bills. Amelia asked when bills for manure will be issued.

 Budget and Financial Issues. Amelia shared the latest income and expense statement, highlighting the road repair line item and clarifying that we are not going to come close to the budgeted road & repair line item in 2018.

Electronic gates: The ESC evaluated the 3 bids received for the gates, and agreed to a revised features list. Amelia will send this to our top two vendors ASAP. Revised bids based on the revised list need to be provided to the Board by Monday if possible to be evaluated at the working board meeting.

Funding Guidelines. The ESC discussed a proposal for revising the Stable Funding Guidelines to be presented to the Board. Specifically, in the future, the ESC proposes that quarterly bills be issued to barn owners based on what is on ECIA records for equines in each barn (not a quarterly horse count—it is the responsibility for every owner to notify ECIA about new horses and the loss of a horse). One horse would be attributed to empty barns for manure & fly predator costs. Amelia will draft a simple, proposed revised Stable Funding Guideline which can be sent to barn owners for feedback prior our next meeting.

2019 Capital Budget. The ESC reviewed the proposed 2019 Stable Amenity Budget and discussed making two changes based on new information about capital projects. The cost for signs is small enough not to be part of capital budget, but can be rolled into the regular operating budget. After further research, the proposed cost for replacement of the kiosk (currently proposed as $2000) is probably too low. Amelia proposes increasing the amount to $5000 for budgeting.

Replacement reserve update. The Facilities and Grounds Committee is updating the Replacement Reserve List, and has asked the ESC to update the Stable Amenity data. Some items (replacing cattle guard) are not needed. Fences may not be owned by the ECIA. Gretel and Amelia will review the property vs. the list to assess what is really needed.

Gophers: ESC asked Julie to seek a firm quote for the cost of gopher work done at the Stables.

Amelia moved that we amend latest draft budget to increase the budget amount for the kiosk from $2K to $5K. Motion passed unanimously.

 Maintenance and Repair Issues.

Maintenance Schedule: Weeds were mowed this week, but had not been touched (except for one small area) since June. ESC raised concerns about how we can get agreed upon maintenance work done in the future. David reported that the new Project Manager will be responsible for managing the maintenance schedule, using a HOAMCO software tool and training the maintenance crew.

 Old Business. The following items of old business were discussed:

Communications: Mike to send test of dialmycalls service to Stable Committee (from roster) plus David (505-699-2258). Mike has emailed Board member Emily about website and will follow-up.

Fall inspection: The ESC proposes establishing a fall barn inspection only to check for weeds in paddocks. Amelia will talk to Mark Young, Covenants Compliance, about weeds inspection. She distributed a list of barns that are vacant

and/or out of compliance. Much discussion with David about enforcement options—especially what it means to be a member “not in good standing” and option for assessing liens (on home vs. barn). David agreed that Amelia may contact Mark Young to discuss enforcement options.

Listening horse article from Horse Rescue: Done—will run in October Vistas.

 New Business. The following items of new business were discussed:

Next meeting: October 30 at 7:00 pm

 Action Item Summary: The following action items were assigned during the meeting:

Action Item

Responsible Person


Send revised gate bid requirements to top 2 vendors


Sept. 21

Meet with Julie about water bills, gophers, etc.

Amelia, Mike, David

Sept. 30

Tour barn to assess reserve replacement needs/priorities

Amelia, Gretel

Next meeting

Send dialmycalls test to ESC + David


Sept. 19

Meet with Mark Young regarding enforcement


Next Meeting

Draft proposed revised Stable Funding Guidelines


Next Meeting