Minutes - Stables Committee


The Eldorado Stable Committee regular business meeting was held on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at the Eldorado Community Center. Committee members present were: Luci Wienczkowski, Karen Cameron, Gretel Underwood, Amelia Adair and Elsa Kloess. Several Barn Owners were also present. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Amelia Adair. Minutes of the previous meeting were previously approved by email and sent to ECIA, and copies were available at the meeting.  Agenda was approved. Introductions where given.

Open Forum: Barn owners were invited to raise issues of concern. Comments about the election of officers, loose horses, self policing about the gate were made by Carol Lowey.  Gretel Underwood agreed about the gate needing to be closed, but not about self policing.  Alice Griffin made comments about the gate and inquired about the electric option, also about speeding concerns. Randy Jenks commented on the rules not matching the gate expectation and that new members only have rules to go by, not emails that had been sent out.

ECIA reports were given by John Henrickson.  Horse burial is still on moratorium at the stables but the ECIA is open to ideas. Luci is looking into composting as an option. John Henrickson is the new liaison for the Eldorado Stables. Revised Stable Funding Guidelines were adopted by the Board in October 2018 (copies were available at the meeting).  Based on the Board’s decision to use smaller dumpsters, ECIA labor and equipment costs for manure removal are not being charged to barn owners, but owners are now responsible for the removal of their manure to the dumpsters provided. Owners will be billed for Waste Management manure dumpster service in advance.  Bills will go out twice per year.  Manure is going to renewable sources. Copies of the ECIA General Ledger Report regarding Stable Operations and the 2018 Replacement List were available for review.  Following questions from barn owners, the chair hopes to work with the GM so hopefully the 2018 Stable Budget Report will be more clear in the future by differentiating between reimbursed costs, showing reserve replacement funds balances, accounts receivable and operating funds. The gopher removal program will be addressed again in the spring.  Barn owners expressed concern that they were not expecting the change in billing.  John agreed that a letter from the Board and the Committee will be sent to barn owners explaining the change. Barn owners may also request a payment plan from the GM.

Sub-committee reports:

General Maintenance:  Gretel Underwood  reported that potholes were filled at the lower gate. Tractor clearing in the arroyo arena of the tumble weeds was done. We still need a no parking sign, and a close the gate at the walkthrough sign. Disc harrowing needs to be done to the lower arena as well as a trench or culvert repair to prevent water draining into the lower arena.We also need mowing of weeds in the common area before fire season. We need to communicate to the community when the arenas are closed for work. Amelia reported that the GM intends to have work done to improve drainage along the tree road, as discussed with the GM and a contractor last year.  Amelia suggested that those impacted provide feedback to the GM.  Some people have suggested ideas such as drywells in the paddocks, gutters on barns on the slope from above, and a center drain. It is suggested that people directly affected have a conversation with the GM.

New Business: Recognition and thanks were given to Bonnie Mamp, for her service as interim chair.

Election of Officers: Amelia Adair was nominated as the new Chairperson byElsa, seconded by Luci. Amelia nominated Karen Cameron as Secretary. Luci seconded it.  There were no other nominations. The Committee unanimously approved the slate of officers. 

Rule Review: Amelia is working on revising the Stable Rules from 2016, and will provide a draft to the Committee for review before the next meeting.  Barn owners will also have the opportunity to comment on the draft rules before they are presented to the Board.

Horse Burials: Luci asked for volunteers for her research for horse composting plan to present to the Board. 

Manure Transport: Amelia continues to work on alternatives to improving manure transport and options which may assist barn owners who have difficulty using the new dumpsters. Waste Management should be able to provide lower threshold dumpsters for the manure; Amelia will work with the GM on this option.  She is also preparing a proposal for one possible roofed concrete pad. Barn owners expressed willingness to help their neighbors dump manure for those less able to do so, and shared buckets and strategies they are using successfully. 

Fly Predator:  Continuing the fly predator program with the current manure management was discussed and voted on.Gretel Underwood made a motion to stop the program. It was seconded. The vote was 2 for the program to continue and 2 for it to end. The tie was broken by the Chairperson. The program remains, but the Committee will consider a different distribution method to maximize the use of the predators.

Gate: The Committee and barn owners discussed the option of an electric gate, including the past Board decision not to install such a gate. Luci will distribute the information about prior bids.  Speeding: A discussion of placing speed bumps in the stable area was discussed, as speeding is still a concern.

Next meeting was scheduled for April 16, 2018, at 6:30 pm. The next meeting was rescheduled for April 24, 2018, at 6:30 PM. The meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm
Minutes prepared by the Secretary, Karen Cameron.