Minutes - Stables Committee


The Eldorado Stable Committee regular business meeting was held on

Tuesday, October 24, 2017, at the Eldorado Community Center.  Committee members present were: Luci Wienczkowski, Bonnie Mamp, Karen Cameron, Gretel Underwood, Amelia Adair and Elsa Kloess. Several Barn Owners were also present.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Interim Chair Bonnie Mamp. Minutes of the previous meeting were previously approved by email and sent to ECIA.  Agenda was approved as corrected with a motion to approve by Amelia, and a second from Gretel.

In Open Forum, Barn Owner Randy Jenks inquired about the billing of the fly predator program and the ECIA billing statement.

The report on New Billing was given by Amelia and Gretel.   The Board has adopted the Revised Stable Guidelines, including “Plan B” which requires, As of January 1, 2018, that barn owners will be responsible for putting manure into the bin.  Amelia, Pat and Alice volunteered to participate in an Ad Hoc  committee to look into alternative proposals for manure transport to be presented to the Board. 

Gretel reported that AFC paving came to look at the drainage on the Tree Road. Input about drainage was requested from barn owners.  This topic now goes back to the GM and possible input from the Conservation Committee.

Sub-committee reports were given. General Maintenance  reported that the broken bolt is fixed,  some pot holes are fixed, the lower arena has a new mounting block.   There will be work to have the drainage of Road 1 back to the arroyo.  Weeds will be cut in the informal arena.  Barn owners need to dig out their own water meter holes.  Arena Committee stated that Upper arena is read for the big fall overhaul. Now is a good time for the lower arena to be disked, harrowed and dragged.  Kenny Blake will be called.  The grounds are looking good. We need a rock picking party.  In 2018 the upper arena will have major work done to it and panels replaced.   The weeds at the emergency gate are maintained.   Community Day was successful with 109 visitors, and 30 pony rides provided by Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding.  Thank you to all volunteers.   The Community Day event was well supported by the General Manager. Amelia will take responsibility for managing the fly predator program in 2018.  Tommie suggested it needs to be evaluated as the new manure removal takes all of our fly predators with it.  . Budget and financial review there is no rollover for the operating budget.  The reserve budget has three items for 2018: upper arena subsurface and railing, side road 1 work, and main stable road work.

New Business items were presented. Election of officers will happen at the January meeting as the Interim Chair will step down.  New stable owners may not be receiving stable information form the ECIA office.  A suggestion of a welcoming committee for new owners was discussed, as a way to inform the barn owners that new owners have proper horse health certificates.   The complaint process needs to be adjusted so that it does not burden the GM with so much time.  Complaint process revisions have not been implemented as they are part of the revised Rules which have not yet been approved by the Board.  The complaint process will be complaints are in writing to the Stable Committee and if the stable committee feels it needs to go to the GM then the GM will get involved. Gates are to remain closed per the edict of the ECIA.

Discussion Items:  Where is the rule revision?  Holiday party will be planned. 

Next meeting,  January 10, 2018.

The meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm

Minutes prepared by the Secretary, Karen Cameron.