Minutes - Stables Committee

ECIA Stable Committee Special Meeting


November 27, 2017


The meeting was held at the ECIA Community Center Foyer.  The meeting was called to order at 6:07 PM by interim chair Bonnie Mamp.

Attendees: Stable Committee Members Bonnie Mamp, Elsa Kloess, Gretel Underwood, Amelia Adair (acting Secretary), Luci Wienczkowski; and stable owner Carol Lowey.

Action on the Revised Stable Amenity Rules:  Bonnie reported that the Board has sent us the attached comments to the Stable Rules, as part of its every other year review of committee rules.  Committee members discussed the various changes proposed by Board members as reflected in different color highlighting. 

Action Items:

  • Amelia will ask Pat Donohue to look for the last version of the Revised Stable Rules proposed by the Stable Committee and sent to the Board in 2016.
  • Amelia, Gretel and Luci will review the comments, making sure we are starting from the 2016 set of Rules, which have not yet been approved by the Board; revise the dispute resolution section to be consistent with ECIA procedure; and update sections consistent with the Revised Stable Funding Guidelines
  • A revised draft of the Rules will be prepared for the Stable Committee and stable owners to review before the next Stable Committee Meeting; after comments are received from stable owners, the goal will be to present the revised Rules to the Board

Follow Up on Revised Stable Amenity Funding Guidelines: 

    • Bonnie reported that a decision has not yet been made by the Board regarding where smaller dumpsters will be placed.
    • Discussion covered the risks of using makeshift ramps for wheelbarrows and the logistics of lifting muck buckets up steps into the dumpsters. The importance of satellite piles was raised.
    • Further discussion took place about possible alternative options for manure transport, which may meet the Board’s goals of covered manure storage and reduced costs (since, according to the Revised Funding Guidelines stable owners will have to either perform or pay for manure transport). Options discussed included building at least covered, two concrete pads with back stops and ramps, where a tractor could efficiently load a dump truck or large rolloff dumpster; or hiring a contractor to pick up and dump muck buckets 3 x per week which barn owners would place in front of their barns on designated days.
    • Action Item: Amelia, Pat and Alice will continue to research options for manure transport.  Amelia will contact contractor Ken Blake to discuss and obtain a bid for these options.
  • WATER METER READING. Bonnie reported that the water meters will be read in December, but barn owners will be charged if they have to clean out the meter boxes.  Timing of billing is unclear
    • Action Items:
      • Bonnie will contact Isabel regarding promised gopher eradication program;
      • The Stable Committee will remind owners to clean out their meter boxes
  • STABLE BUDGET. Gretel discussed the fact that requested and budgeted maintenance for the common areas, including arenas and roads, has not yet been performed. 
    • Action Items: Gretel will follow up with Isabel regarding outstanding maintenance

Stable Holiday Party.  The party is planned for December 16 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at the Community Center in the Living Room; it will be a potluck.  We will invite the Board.


  • NEXT REGULARLY SCHEDULED MEETING IS JANUARY 10 at 6:00 pm. Rules and Horse burials will be on the agenda.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Amelia Adair, Acting Secretary