Minutes - Stables Committee

Eldorado Stable Committee

Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2017


Attendance:  Committee Members:  Pat Donahue, Chair; Elsa Kloss; Bonnie Manp and Luci


                        ECIA Board:  Pam Hemline, Stable Liaison

                        Stable Community:  Amelia Adair, Gretel Underwood, Carol Lowey, Dina

                        Siegel, Lisa Bessone, Deb Norman, Amanda Kimera and Debbie and Mike


Meeting called to order:  By Pat at 7:05pm

Approval of Agenda:  Pat added barn inspections under new business.

                                      Elsa made a motion to approve.  Bonnie seconded.  Approved


Approval of last meeting’s minutes:  Elsa made a motion to approve.  Bonnie seconded. 

                                                                Approved unanimously.

Old Business:  Dina reported the Emergency Evacuation Plan is almost complete.  A meeting was held last week for comments and suggestions and she will incorporate those.  It was noted that the burden of evacuation is the responsibility of the horse owner.  A brand inspector will be invited to the stable for people to get or update their transport papers.  Date TBA.

Action Item:  ECIA office needs a copy of the plan.  The plan will be included in all

welcome packets.  Person responsible:  Pat.

ECIA Reports:  New Billing and Rules

Pam reported that the Board is of the opinion that barn owners should pay for the labor and possibly equipment costs associated with moving manure from the piles to the dumpster.  No decision has been made on what to charge for labor.  Also under consideration is charge the barn owners maintenance and depreciation on equipment. The estimate per barn, however, seems to be in the $130 to $200 range annually.  It was promised that this new billing policy will be discussed with barn owners prior to going into effect.

Currently, water is billed once a year.  The Board is considering moving to a twice yearly billing based on each barn’s previous use.  If a barn owner under or over pays then that will be reconciled in the following year.

Questions included:  Is it legal for the Board to charge additional costs and would that affect ECIA’s nonprofit status?  Are other amenities being looked at for user fees?  Pam said any changes would have to be looked at by the ECIA attorney.  No user fees are being considered for other amenities.  Barn owners are encouraged to send questions to Pam and to attend the upcoming Board Meeting and speak to the Board about their concerns.

The Board has not approved the revised stable rules pending decisions on billing changes.  A more readable format was suggested.  It was also suggested that the Board consider the rules as is and include any changes at a later date.

Sub-Committee Reports:

General Maintenance and Arenas – Pat

Round pens have been harrowed, lower gate has been replaced, Ken Blake is scheduled to do maintenance on the lower arena and the upper will be redone this year.

Questions included:  Will the roads receive attention this year?  There will be a plan for that.

Is the manure being just dumped or is it being disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.  It is been disposed of properly.  What can be done to prevent damage from weed whacking?  Is the light and electrical outlet on the lower row scheduled for repair?

            Action Item:  Pam will ask Mike to educate the summer temporary staff on safe weed

            whacking practices.


            Action Item:  Pam and Isabel to follow up on electrical malfunction.

Community Day – Pat

Listening Horses will again provide pony rides.

Fly Program – Pat and Luci

Program begins in May.  Luci and Tommie have agreed to do it for one more summer.  New volunteers are needed for next year.  Since not everyone participates, do we still what to do this?  The Board thinks we are obligated to be good neighbors to residents living around the stable.

New Business:

Pat to schedule annual barn inspections late May.

Nomination of Gretel Underwood to the ESC.  Elsa moved to nominate Gretel.  Bonnie seconded.  Approved unanimously.

Discussion Items:

Next ESC meeting is Thursday, July 6 at 7pm at the community center.

Open Forum:

Several attendees expressed concern that there is no way to have an open dialogue with the Board.  There is concern that, sometimes, the Board is not aware of all the facts surrounding an issue.  There is not enough listening on the Board’s end.  Pam will take these comments to the Board.

A question was raised about unsold barns that have been standing empty for well over 6 months.  New rules state barn can remain empty for 18 months but a lack of enforcement was acknowledged.

A barn owner inquired about what to do if a neighbor allows weeds to grow in their corral, the weeds dry up and blow into her corral causing possible injury to her horse when the horse eats the weeds with stickers on them.  It was noted that there is a notification process for these situations and the barn owner should alert the ESC and they will make sure the process is initiated.

Meeting Adjourned:  8:42pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Luci Wienczkowski

April 6, 2017