Minutes - Stables Committee

The Eldorado Stable Committee regular business meeting was held on

Wednesday, October 12, 2016, at the Eldorado Community Center.  Committee members present were: Pat Donahue, Luci Wienczkowski, Tara Debevec, Karen Cameron and Elsa Kloess. The meeting was called to order at 7:06pm.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The General Manager’s report was given by Liaison, Pam Henline.  Detailed bills went out.  Nine-month manure total was 5820.00 and fly predator was 983.00.  Bills were based on number of horses per the Stable Rules.  Contact GM for billing issues.  No manure update.  The floor was open for discussion and clarification.

The report of the Liaison was given by Liaison, Pam Henline. Survey results 23/36 barns (64%) were in favor of a Stable Committee.  Survey results 2/36 were opposed to Stable Committee.  Comments will be reviewed by committee and taken under consideration.  The floor was open for discussion and clarification.

Sub-committee reports were given.  General Maintenance sub-committee reported that grounds look tidy.  Roads and round pens looking well kept.  A latch for the west gate and post to have it fixed to is requested along with the latch at right side of main gate be fixed so it can be securely opened.   Arena sub committee reported that gate at upper arena is out of alignment.  Community day was a ton of fun.  It was great to meet new barn owners.  Thank you to Alice for Listening Horses where 63 pony rides were given.  Over 120 people came through to learn about the Eldorado Stables and meet the donkey.  Liza Bessone will write something up for the Vistas. The floor was open for discussion and clarification.

Old business items were presented and open for all present to discuss. Proposed rule rewrite went out to the community.  Comments are to be submitted per the memo.  All comments will be printed out and consolidated for the Board’s decision.  Stable Committee will collect comments and present to the Board.  The Budget for 2017 will be late due to rule changes and Stable Committee poll.  It will be similar to last year.  The electronic gate can be in it, and can be presented at any time.  There are only two trainers listed as insured at the ECIA office.  Call Gloria in the office to see if your trainer has insurance, as there are many more trainers at the stables. GM will follow up on uninsured trainers. Speeding continues to be a problem.  Gate closing has improved, though many feel electronic gate would be best for community moral.  Mark Young will follow up on barn inspection.

New Business items were presented and open for all present to discuss. A much needed Holiday Party will be December 9 from 6-10 at the ECIA.  General Manager knows to plow the winter roads.  Winter road’s snow removal for weekends and Holidays needs to go to bid.  A motion to approve a waiver for Barn 2 was made, seconded, and approved none opposed.  A motion to nominate Gretel Underwood as a committee member was made by Pat, Seconded by Elsa, motion was approved bay all voting members.  A motion to nominate Bonnie Mamp as a committee member was made by Luci, seconded by Karen, motion was approved by all voting members. 

Discussion Items: Speed bumps were brought up as a solution for speeding.  Annual ECIA assessment for Stables was mentioned as 4.00 per lot.  This is not a high rate for the amenity.  The community would like to be informed of new barn owners so that they can be properly welcomed.

Next meeting January 11, 2017.

The meeting adjourned at 7:57.