Minutes - Stables Committee

The Eldorado Stable Committee regular business meeting was held onThursday, July  7, 2016, at the Eldorado Community Center.  Committee members present were: Pat Donahue, Luci Wienczkowski, Tara Debevec, Karen Cameron and Elsa Kloess. The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.  Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The General Manager’s report was given by Brenda Leonard.  Billing dates are mid October and late January.  Manure update is that the composting is not working.  Estimated cost for the year will be $6,140.00. Grating roads is routine maintenance keeping costs down.  Empty barns and barns for sale at this time are 4 for sale and 3 empty. A notice of barns for sale will go in the Vistas.  Empty barns still need to be maintained.  If they are a health or safety issue ECIA will do its best to contact owner, then take care of the problem and bill owner for service. Field cameras have been placed at the gates to monitor closing of gates. ECIA wants committee to identify habitual offenders and then ECIA will be sending out letters for not closing gates.  The floor was open for discussion and clarification.

The report of the Liaison was given by Liaison, Pam Henline. Barn re-inspection will be July 19along with mid-year horse count.  ECIA’s attorney is still working on the access agreement to the north property.  The floor was open for discussion and clarification

Sub-committee reports were given.  General Maintenance sub-committee brought up weed upkeep is fine. Rain puddles in the manure piles that Ken will work on.  The lower round pen needs to be leveled off. The floor was open for discussion and clarification. Arena sub committee reported that there is money in the budget to improve the footing in the upper arena.  A proposal will go to Brenda with two bids to do the work.  A recommendation for the bid with the most arena experienced was made. The floor was open for discussion and clarification.

Old business items were presented and open for all present to discuss.  Community day committee is looking for volunteers.  It is September 24th at 10 am.  No new volunteers.  A few rule changes are still in the process of rewrite.  The next step is to get it out to the community.  Hard copies from the GM’s office and an email will be the method for comments on those proposed rules only.  Stable Committee will collect comments and present to the Board. 

New Business items were presented and open for all present to discuss.  The Arroyo Proposal, presented by Alice Griffin, to have a space for riding obstacles to remain up in the southeast part of the amenity. The location is flat and will not interfere with the trail system.  Estimate of work was discussed with Mike. The 2017 budget is due in August.  A security gate was discussed to add to budget, as gates are still not locked.  A motion to approve a waiver for Barn 29 was made, seconded and approved.

Discussion Items:

Carol Lowey brought for discussion the future of the stables with short-term rentals and how the community should respond.  Carol Lowey brought to discussion the addition to the 2017 stable budget of ECIA purchasing vacant barns and for the space to be turned into a turn out arena. Luci Wienczkowski brought for discussion if all gates are to be closed that includes arroyo gates and they are subject to field cameras as well.

Next meeting October 12.

The meeting adjourned at 9:09.