Minutes - Stables Committee



Time and place.  The January 2020 meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (“the ESC”) was held on January 21 at the ECIA Community Center, and was called to order at 7:04 pm by the Chair of the ESC. Copies of the Agenda, Chair Report, ESC Annual Calendar, Proposed Rule Change, and Proposed Common Area Use Guidelines were provided

Quorum, Attendees, Agenda.  A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Amelia Adair, Mike Ault, Gretel Underwood, Deena Joseph, and Karla Lauritsen.  In addition to ESC Members, Board Liaison Carol Sanguinetti, ECIA Admin Assistant Rachel Turnbough, and the following barn owners and sharers were present: Carol Loewy, Susan Tweit, Liz Matthews, Herb Siegel, Dina Siegel, Luci Wienczkowski, Susan Sylvester. Amelia Adair presided as chair of the meeting and Mike Ault served as Secretary. The agenda was approved as drafted. The meeting was recorded.

Minutes. The Minutes of the November 2019 ESC Business Meeting were previously approved with no corrections.

Stable Story. Amelia shared a thank-you card to the ESC from Listening Horse (for our recent Community Day). She thanked John Gervers, head of the Eldorado Roadside Tree Project, and his crew for trimming bushes at the Stables entryway, and Gretel and Karla for helping after the recent death of another barn-owner’s horse.

Open Forum. Barn owners made comments on the following topics:

  • Request for barn-owners to be careful about leaving old hay out after it has become moldy (potential risk to horses that might eat it).
  • Suggestion that minors be required to have adult supervision when using jumps.
  • Another request (and volunteer offer) to harrow arena more quickly after snow to maintain footing.
  • Reminder that people may not need to pay the high professional replacement costs for hydrants, when in many cases much cheaper repairs will fix it. Suggestion to talk to ESC or other barn-owners first.

 Chair’s Report. Submitted in writing.

ECIA Report.

New board liaisons:

  • Welcome to Carol Sanguinetti—our new Board Liaison!

Communication protocol:

  • ESC will ask ECIA to add Stables issues to the existing Community Center Emergency Procedures. First point of contact will be an ESC member, who will have access to Maintenance leads, and the designated ECIA staff person who will handle Stable issues after hours and on weekends. We are investigating an automated “hotline” that would forward potential emergency requests to the entire ESC.

  • ESC will be assigning “Leads” for various areas--e.g., maintenance (Gretel), roads (Amelia), arenas (Deena), new members (Karla), and communications (Mike). These positions don’t necessarily have to be ESC members
  • Concerns were expressed about recent maintenance work (water shutoffs, lights disconnected, etc.) conducted by the ECIA without any advance notice to the ESC. Amelia has discussed these issues with Operations Manager Mike Rogers, and has received assurances that communications will improve going forward. In fact, communication has been much better since Mike Rogers was assigned as the Stables point person.


  • New Image (plumbing contractor) is still trying to locate remaining water line leak.
  • Arroyo Road remains in poor shape. ESC asked ECIA/HOAMCO to determine what additional work New Image is responsible for and manage completion/warranty—despite having pre-paid the contractor to hit the 2019 FY budget.


  • Water billing will not be based on metered use until all leaks are repaired. We will continue to use fixed-amount estimated billing.
  • Rachel will be providing more data on per-barn usage after we start billing.
  • ESC Maintenance meter reading will be coordinated (as much as possible) to align with main meter reading by EAWSD.
  • Amelia will provide Rachel with new fly predator information for 2020.
  • Rachel reminded us that second copies of recent bills are for filing/reference only, not an additional bill.

Other issues/questions:

  • Request that snowplow crew be shown where not to pile up drifts, to avoid problems with access, flooding, etc. Suggestion that piles could be directed towards trees and grassy areas.
  • Questions about manure piles being left in front of dumpsters. Some of this is due to dumpsters overflowing (due to icing) but that doesn’t appear to explain all of it. On a related topic, Amelia is working with Maintenance to put gravel pads down to ensure better access to dumpster, and will review dumpster capacity and location.

Elect Committee Officers:

Gretel Underwood nominated Amelia as Chair of the ESC and Mike Ault as Secretary. The motion was seconded.  No other nominations were received.  This slate of officers was unanimously approved for 2020 term.

Maintenance & Repair Issues:

Lighting: All Stables common area lights have been replaced with solar motion lights. This has reduced our lighting impact on the community—and even attracted a great horned owl!

Electrical outlets should still be on at most lights, other than those with wiring issues.

Sign plan: Signage proposal to upgrade front gate area presented at the November meeting has been further researched, and is ready to be submitted as a capital project request. Mike will send the proposal to any barn owner upon request.  Amelia will submit the proposal to the Board and the Finance Committee.

Arena maintenance: Deena has asked Leonard to harrow the arenas after snowfall to clear the snow faster. Arena contractor Triple T is coming back to educate Maintenance crew (and ESC members) on best practices after the large tractor is repaired, which should be done in the next couple weeks. Deena is working on an “arena handbook” to ensure proper maintenance, drainage, etc.

2020 Maintenance Schedule Update: Awaiting feedback from Mike Rogers

Roads: We have received a drainage plan from the chair of Eldorado Roads Committee—our goal is to prepare a bid package for the plan, then work with Finance to determine how to implement the plan over time, as part of the Replacement Reserve for the Stable roads. Once the plan is completed, the improvements should essentially be permanent, with only minor maintenance necessary as an operational item, so thereafter the Stable roads should not need to be in the Replacement Reserve

Old Business:

Emergency Alerts: Mike Ault has trained the ESC on how to send these broadcast alerts via DialMyCalls service. Rachel will start sending new barn-owners contact info to Mike A and Amelia. Mike A will take over roster updates from Jennie, so he can keep the broadcast alert list updated.  Thank you to Mike A for this very important improvement to our evacuation plan!

New Barn Owners: Karla is planning a welcome party—we want to do it soon, but reduce weather risk. Current plan is to select a date in late February.

Architectural Standards: Under development. Draft standards to be circulated to the community for review and comment when complete.

Amenity Upgrades: Gretel recapped the Stable Amenities Upgrade Task Force work to date—in response to the Eldorado-wide initiative to increase use of all ECIA amenities. Phase 1 encompassed immediate, low cost opportunities to increase use of the upper arena, trail course, arroyo. After gathering input via multiple channels, the Amenities Upgrade Task Force is proposing a rule change and new usage guidelines for all common areas. These are being sent to the stable community for comment over the next two weeks, then on to Board for potential implementation. Phase 2 of the Task Force’s work is to propose longer-term, potential capital improvements for the Stables to increase use and value of the Amenity, such as to upgrade the lower arena or other riding areas.

Gretel made a motion (seconded by Deena) to approve this proposed rule change as drafted. An extensive discussion followed, including:

  • Appreciation for the efforts of the Task Force to improve usage of the Stable Amenity.
  • Feedback (pro and con) about proposed language in the Draft Use Guidelines stating “Training elements that have been set up by a Stable Committee Appointee/s, may not be moved, changed or removed.”

  • Questions about potential safety and liability issues of having training aids in a shared arena.
  • Concerns that riders opposed to training aids have been “disenfranchised” by the process to date
  • Feedback on the relative conditions (e.g., footing) in our various riding areas, and the impact of different kinds of activities on those conditions.
  • A range of opinions about what constitutes “considerate behavior” when using shared amenities.
  • Concerns about potential damage to training equipment being regularly assembled and disassembled.

The motion passed 4-1.

Next steps: the draft Rule change and Use Guideline will be sent to the stable community for comment.

New Business:

Equine Burial next steps: Karla prepared a proposal which includes suggestions for how to prepare for and handle emergency equine burials.  Discussion was tabled until next meeting. Annual Meeting: Amelia is planning a meeting for February.

Action Item Summary:  The following action items were assigned during the meeting:

Action Item

Responsible Person


Perform annual review of all dumpsters for capacity and location, added this action item to our maintenance schedule.


Next meeting

Send sign proposal to the Finance Committee


Feb. 3

Send sign proposal to Susan and others who request

Mike A


Prepare a bid package for the drainage plan, then work with Finance to determine how to implement the plan over time



Add snow deposit and keep clear areas to a Stables map for the snowplow drivers


Next meeting

Finalize Stables Maintenance Schedule based on feedback from the maintenance crew

Mike R

Next meeting

Distribute updated Emergency Preparedness Plan including the broadcast alert system; ensure ECIA emergency plan instructions include the Stables


February 15

Update and distribute Stable Roster

Mike A

Next meeting

Schedule barn party to welcome new barn owners


Next meeting

Send proposed rule to stable community for comments



Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm. The next scheduled meeting is March 17.

By:  Mike Ault, Secretary                                           Date: Jan 21, 2020