Minutes - Stables Committee


Eldorado Stable Committee Business Meeting Minutes 

Monday, June 28, 2010
ECIA Community Center 

A) Call to Order 
Lisa Bessone, Stable Committee Co-Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

B)  Roll Call
There was a quorum of committee members: Lisa Bessone & Deena Joseph, Stable Committee Co-Chairs, with committee members Su Anne Armstrong, Gretel Underwood and Merrylyn Janiga. Others in attendance were Elsa Kloess, Alice Griffin, Darby Long, Susan Sylvester, Dina Matz-Siegel, Julie Lubke, Jacqueline Garcia,Patrisha Mayer, Luci Wienczkoski, Luther Robb and Tom Willmott, ECIA Board President.

C)  Approval of Minutes
On a motion by Gretel and seconded by Lyn, the minutes of May 24, 2010 were approved by a unanimous vote with an amendment noting that Gretel Underwood’s absence was excused as she notified the committee in advance of her trip to Paris.

D)  Approval of the Agenda
On a motion by Gretel and seconded by Lyn, the agenda was unanimously approved.


E)  ECIA Liaison Report
Tom Wilmott, ECIA Board President, is the new liaison to the Stable Committee. Welcome Tom.

Sub-Committee Reports
1 - Water 
The intensity of the system leak(s) increased yet again. Patrisha Mayer did a check of hydrants and found one definite leak which has been repaired. There is, however, a leak beyond the one repaired. All hydrants should be checked immediately and regularly by all barn owners. 

Su Anne Armstrong is presenting our proposal for a new water system to the Finance Committee on July 14th. She will distribute the proposal to the stable community for comments.

2 - Fly Control
Darby Long reported that she and Lyn Janiga distributed 2 million predators recently. 

3 - Manure Management
Su Anne Armstrong reported that the net cost to barn owners YTD for manure removal is $2,883.

4 - Rules and Regulations
Lisa Bessone explained that the Stable Committee is reviewing the R&R in a working meeting each month with the intention of reorganizing and clarifying them and making them easier to use. No working meeting will be held in July.

5 - Artist’s Day
Alice Griffin discussed her ideas for this community outreach event which is scheduled for Saturday morning, October 9th from 9 to 12. New ideas include a raffle, photos of kids on horses, coloring book style pages of horses for kids, and media specific study groups for artists, such as photography, painting and others. Alice needs your help and ideas for this project.

6 - Friday Socials
Luci Wienczkowski, Barn 26, volunteered to host the 1st Barn Social of the year on Friday July 9th at 5:00 PM. 

G)  New Business

1 - Nomination of New Members
On a motion by Su Anne and seconded by Gretel, Elsa Kloess and Darby Long (having fulfilled the requirements to be committee members) were recommended to the ECIA Board of Directors for appointment to the Stable Committee. Merrylyn Janiga was appointed to the Stable Committee by the ECIA Board in their June meeting. 

2 - Arena Usage
A proposal presented by Deena Joseph in May to allow training aids to remain in place in the upper arena for a defined period was discussed.  Many problems, concerns, suggestions and compromises were presented; the result of which was unanimous agreement of the committee (and those present) to a “trial period” beginning 7/4/2010 and lasting one month. Training aides can be left out Sunday noon through Tuesday at 5PM when they will be put away. Training aids will be in the north end of the arena only and a track around the perimeter will be left clear.  All are encouraged to use the aides. Riders can move the aides if needed. 

3 - Stable Security
Historically this is the time of year when the Stables experience the most theft. Luci Wienczkowski proposed that the lower gate remain closed even during “feeding hours”. The committee unanimously agreed that in July and August the lower gate should remain closed. The gate can be used but should be opened and closed each time you go through. All are encouraged to note the license number of suspicious vehicles and report any suspicious activity to Raven Hicks, ECIA Community Services Manager, at 204-2945 as well as to the sheriff.

4 - Conservation Committee & Preserve Trails
Lisa Bessone and Deena Joseph will be attending the July 6th meeting of the ECIA Conservation Committee to explore opportunities for a joint project in the Eldorado Preserve.

5 – Communication
Deena Joseph presented a new procedure for streamlining the communications for non-emergency complaints by the stable community to the committee.  The process was unanimously agreed on.  It follows:

            * A handwritten or emailed complaint is sent to the stable committee, which, in turn, notifies the General Manager.

            * If the General Manager receives a complaint, he will forward it to the committee.

            * The committee will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the addressee and to the stable owner named in the complaint.

            * The committee will deliberate and make its recommendation to the General Manager within five working days.

            * The GM, so charged with managing the amenity, will take the committee recommendation under advisement and notify both parties of his decision, as well as advising the committee of the final determination.

H) Open Forum 
1 - Dina Matz submitted a proposed rule change requiring the removal of all training aids from the arena after each use. This will be considered at the July meeting.

K)  Adjournment  The meetingwas adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted by

Su Anne Armstrong, Secretary                                                           Approved July 26, 2010