Minutes - Stables Committee

Eldorado Stable Committee Business Meeting Minutes

Monday, August 30, 2010 at the ECIA Community Center 


A) Call to Order

Lisa Bessone, Stable Committee Co-Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.


B)  Roll Call

There was a quorum: Deena Joseph & Lisa Bessone, Co-Chairs, with committee members SuAnne Armstrong,Gretel UnderwoodElsa Kloess & Lyn Janiga. Darby Long had an excused absence. Others in attendance were Tom Willmott, ECIA Board President and stable liaison, Michael & Rita Linder, Patrisha Mayer, Sue Liming,Deborra Berlin, Jacqueline Garcia, Susan Sylvester, Dina Siegel, Frances Aull, Jan Burnham and PaigeMacFarland.


C)  Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Gretel and seconded by Lyn, the minutes of 7/26/2010 were amended to note an excused absence for Lisa and Lyn then approved unanimously.


D)  Approval of the Agenda

On a motion by Su Anne, seconded by Deena, the agenda was unanimously approved.


E)  ECIA Liaison Report

Tom Willmott noted collections of ECIA dues were $80,000 short for the year and reminded all of the Board /Committee Chair retreat on Saturday, 9/18.


Sub-Committee Reports

            1 - Water

Progress on the water project is stalled until bids are received.

            2 - Fly Control

Frances Aull volunteered to handle fly predator distribution for 2011. Lyn said a predator distribution had just been completed.   

            3 - Manure Management

Su Anne Armstrong erroneously reported net cost to barn owners YTD for manure removal as $3019. The correct figure is $3279.26.

            4 - Rules and Regulations Review

No action in August. Special meeting to be scheduled in September

            5 - Artist’s Day

Dina Siegel, Jan Burnham and Deborra Berlin volunteered to help with this project scheduled for October 9. More volunteers are needed.

            6 - Friday Socials

These will resume next summer.

            7 - Maintenance

Gretel and Tom Willmott will meet with Bill regarding maintenance issues including weeds in ditches, round pens and cleanup between the upper barns and 285.

 G)  New Business

            1 - The Stable road budget has $2300 remaining and the maintenance budget, $300. Gretel will discuss with Bill, using the road budget to deal with drainage issues on the main road, possibly a culvert.

            2 - Jacqueline volunteered to contact the stable community with a list of committee member’s email addresses. Communication will be improved by using individual addresses as well as the stable gmail account when contacting the committee.     


H) Old Business

            1 - Arena Usage and Training Tools

Survey results have not been tabulated. Issue tabled until the September meeting.

            2 - Rule banning training tools left in the arena.

Tabled until September meeting

            3 - Conservation Committee & Preserve Trails

The Conservation Committee will plan a joint trail work project with the stable community. Doug Armstrong, Jacqueline Garcia, Dina and Herb Seigel and Su Anne Armstrong volunteered to work on trails.

            4 - Proposal to install automatic gate at main entrance.

This item is tabled until further research is done.

            5 - Supplemental barn inspections were completed. 

            6 - La Paz crosswalk. 

No further complaints have been received. No action to move the crosswalk will be taken at this time.

            7 - Stable Manager

Due to financial constraints this idea is tabled until further notice

            8 - Teen Project. There is no interest from the Teen Group. No further action needed.


H) Open Forum

            Deborra Berlin expressed her concern about unauthorized feeding of horses.

The serious issue of unauthorized feeding is being addressed with the current review of the stable rules and regulations. Tom Wilmmott urged anyone with first-hand knowledge to contact Bill Donahue directly with that information. 


K)  Adjournment

            Adjourned the meeting at 9 pm.


Respectfully submitted by

Su Anne Armstrong, Secretary