Minutes - Stables Committee



The Eldorado Stable Committee regular business meeting was held on

Tuesday, March 3, 2015, at the Eldorado Community Center. Committee members present were: Alice Griffin, Karen Cameron, Pat Donahue, Tara Debevec and Elsa Kloess. The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

The Agenda was approved.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

The report of the Liaison was given. ECIA will send letters to those still needing to pay manure, water and HOA dues.

The report of the General Manager was given. Increase in insurance coverage will begin August 1. All barn owners and sharers will carry $1,000,000 liability insurance. County taxes will be split among barn owners. A request for a stable community representative to monitor accuracy of County assessment process was suggested. Security was discussed.  

Subcommittee reports were given. General maintenance about potholes, locks, electricity, and compost were shared. Long term plans about the reserve and replacement of the upper arena, and the footing maintenance of the lower arena were discussed with the arena subcommittee. Electronic gate committee will attend a finance meeting to present proposal.

Open forum discussion included the rental of the red barn, and improvement use of entire stable property.

New business was discussed.   Three waivers were presented and voted upon in support of sending the waivers to the ECIA Board.

Discussion items were: Charter changes that represent the current committee, fly predators ordered, fly predator volunteers needed, Community Day August 1st, volunteers needed for organizing Community Day, new ideas for Community Day, barn inspection date April 20th.

Next meeting: June 17th.

The meeting adjourned at 9:13.



Eldorado Stable Committee Business Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 26, 2010 at the ECIA Community Center 

A) Call to Order

Deena Joseph, Stable Committee Co-Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.

B)  Roll Call

There was a quorum of committee members: Deena Joseph,SuAnne Armstrong and Gretel Underwood. Others in attendance were Elsa Kloess, Darby Long, Julie Lubke, Amanda Kimera and Michael Linder.


C)  Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Su Anne, seconded by Darby, the minutes of 5/ 24, 2010 were approved unanimously.

D)  Approval of the Agenda

On a motion by Su Anne, seconded by Gretel, the agenda was unanimously approved.


E)  ECIA Liaison Report

Tom Wilmott, ECIA Board President and our liaison, was not in attendance.


Sub-Committee Reports

            1 - Water

We still have a moderate but persistent leak. Julie volunteered to help SuAnne listen to hydrants. A notice will be sent notifying stable owners that this will happen beginning Thursday 7/29.

            2 - Fly Control

Darby Long reported that there were fewer flies thus far this year. 

            3 - Manure Management

Su Anne Armstrong reported net cost to barn owners YTD for manure removal is $3,089.

            4 - Rules and Regulations

No action on this item this month.

            5 - Artist’s Day

Alice Griffin submitted an short article to Vistas’ September issue announcing Artist Day at the stables 10/9 and plans another article for the October issue.

            6 - Friday Socials

Gretel Underwood, barn 12, will host our 2nd Barn Social on SATURDAY, August 14th beginning at 5 pm.

            7 - Maintenance

Gretel contacted Bill about a drainage issue near the front manure pile, perimeter fencing needed between barn 1 and 2, weeds being cut and trash being picked up.

G)  New Business

            1 - Formation of Ad Hoc Water Committee

Su Anne reported that Jacqueline Garcia, Sarah Bond, Mary Ann Caldwell, Luci Weinczkowski, Dina Matz and Bonnie Mamp had volunteered for this short term committee to advance the replacement of the stable water system.


            2 - Rule banning training tools left in the arena.

As this was originally presented by Dina Matz who was not present and the test period was still in force, this item was tabled.

            3 - Proposal to install automatic gate at main entrance.

This item was tabled until the August meeting.

H) Old Business

            1 - Complaint Process

The process below will be presented to the community for inclusion to the Stable Rules and Regulations once the complete review of the R&R is complete. The process follows without Dina Matz’s suggested changes not yet discussed in a business meeting:

            * A handwritten or emailed complaint is sent to the stable committee, which, in turn, notifies the    General Manager.

            * If the General Manager receives a complaint, he will forward it to the committee.

            * The committee will acknowledge receipt of the complaint to the addressee and to the stable owner           named in the complaint.

            * The committee will deliberate and make its recommendation to the General Manager within five              working days.

            * The GM, so charged with managing the amenity, will take the committee recommendation under             advisement and notify both parties of his decision, as well as advising the committee of the final    determination.

            2 - Arena Usage and Training Tools

The trial period ends Tuesday 8/10. Jacqueline said she would consider sending an email to the community asking for input, positive and negative about this trial period. Further discussion at the August meeting.

            3 - Conservation Committee & Preserve Trails

Lisa will attend August meeting of the ECIA Conservation Committee to explore opportunities for a joint project in the Eldorado Preserve.


H) Open Forum

            1 - A complaint was voiced about unattended dogs and weeds in corrals. The stable owner was directed to file the complaint according to the process above.

            2 - Su Anne noted it was time for follow-up barn inspections. Darby volunteered to schedule and join Bill for the inspections. Barn owners will be notified in advance. This is only for barns cited in the April inspections.

            3 - Su Anne received a complaint from La Paz about manure left near their mailboxes. It was decided to ask the stable community to avoid this area if possible, clean up after their horses if necessary and that we should contact the county about moving the crossing to the west side of the bridge.


K)  Adjournment  - Adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted by

Su Anne Armstrong, Secretary