Minutes - Stables Committee


Eldorado Stable Committee Business Meeting Minutes  

Monday, September 27, 2010 at the ECIACommunity Center


A)  Call to Order

Deena Joseph, Stable Committee Co-Chair, called themeeting to order at 7:10pm.

B)  Roll Call

There was a quorum:  Deena Joseph & Lisa Bessone,Co-Chairs, with committee membersSuAnne Armstrong,Gretel Underwood & Lyn Janiga.  Darby Long was ill and Elsa was in Germany; both were excused absences.  Others in attendance were Tom Willmott, ECIA Board President and stable liaison, GM Bill Donohue, Patrisha Mayer, Mark & Sue Liming, Deborra Berlin, Alice Griffin and Julie Lubke.

C)  Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Gretel and seconded by Lyn, the minutes of 8/30/2010 were approved unanimously.

D)  Approval of the Agenda

On a motion by Gretel, seconded by Su Anne, the agenda was unanimously approved.

E)  ECIA Liaison Report

Tom Willmott noted the Board /Committee Chair retreat on Saturday, 9/18 was very productive.

Sub-Committee Reports

            1 - Water

A single bid of $50,000 for the water system has been received. The subcommittee will meet asap to review before making a presentation to Finance and the Board.

            2 - Fly Control

Lyn said that the last predator distribution for the year was completed 2 weekends  prior.  Darby and Patrisha met with Frances Aull, 2011 predator distribution volunteer, to share information.   

            3 - Manure Management

Su Anne Armstrong reported net cost to barn owners YTD for manure removal as $3234

            4 - Rules and Regulations Review

2 meetings were tentatively scheduled for 10/14 and 10/21 at 7pm with the hope that the proposed revisions would be ready for review by the stable community by 11/15.

            5 - Artist’s Day-Saturday, 10/9, 9-12 am

Alice noted that Andy Cameron will give a lecture on equine anatomy at 9, pony rides will run from 10-12 in the upper arena, equine demonstrations will be in the lower arena and artist demos at various places.  Bill promised the weeds would be cut. Alice still needs a parking director.

            6 - Arenas

Deena will work with Ken Blake to move and remove sand in the upper arena.

            7 - Maintenance

Gretel reported that Bill’s crew had:

            cleared the lower round pen of weeds, begun the 4th weed cut (usually only 3/yr) with  special attention to the drainage ditches, cleared dead trees and debris along 285.

She asked that they:

             fix the latch on the upper arena storage area,  move the old ECIA truck so that the Linders had better access to their barn, fix the light at the bulletin board.

Tom suggested that she create a prioritized list of the bigger maintenance issues.

G)  New Business

            1 - The Stable road budget has $2300 remaining and the maintenance budget $300. With the pending water system project it makes no sense to do road work but there are a number of maintenance issues which need addressing.  Bill suggested that we present a request to the Finance Committee to use some of the road budget on specific maintenance items.  Gretel and Deena will attend their next meeting.       

H) Old Business

            1 - Trail Work Project

The Conservation Committee has planned a trail work project with the stable community. Possible dates are 10/ 23, 10/30 or 11/6.  Doug, Jac, Dina & Herb, Alice, Deena, Gretel, Lyn and SuAnne expressed an interest in working on trails.

            2 - Arena Use and Training Tools

Deena said she wished to drop the proposal to leave tools set up 3 days/week.

            3 - Rule Proposal by Dina banning tools left in the arena

 All present decided to reaffirm the previous policy of removing training aids after each use (allowing a time to cool down and put your horse away) and that no new rule was needed.

            4 - Proposal to install automatic gate at main entrance.

This item is tabled indefinitely due to budget restraints.

I)  Open Forum

            Jacqueline requested that soil be added to the road in front of her hydrant and Lisa Darling’s where it has eroded away.  She believes this is the primary cause of their frozen pipes.  Su Anne volunteered to discuss with Chuck Aranda (Aranda Plumbing) what would help.

K)  Adjournment

            Adjourned the meeting at 8:45pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Su Anne Armstrong, Secretary