Minutes - Stables Committee



  1. Time and place. The April 2020 business meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (“the ESC”) was held on April 21, 2020, via Zoom, and was called to order at 7:09 pm by the Chair of the ESC.  Copies of the Agenda, past meeting Minutes, and Chair Report, were made available. The Zoom meeting was recorded.
  1. Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Amelia Adair, Gretel Underwood, Deena Joseph, Karla Lauritsen and proposed member Tara Debevec.  In addition to ESC Members, ESC Board Liaison Carol Sanguinetti, HOAMCO Staff Mike Rogers, Jessica Collins and Rachel Turnbough, and the following barn owners were present: Dina Siegel, Carol Loewy, Alice Griffin, Charli Stevens, and Lisa Bissone.  Amelia Adair presided as chair of the meeting. Tara Debevec volunteered as Secretary.  Amelia Adair asked to add a fence variance request for Charli Stevens to the Agenda as new business, there were no objections.  The Agenda was adopted as amended. Chair asked ESC to vote on recommended appointment of new member, Tara Debevec, to the ESC. Vote passed unanimously.  Tara Debevec also volunteered to serve as the acting Secretary for the meeting.
  1. Minutes. The Minutes of the February 2020 ESC Business Meeting were previously approved by e-mail; there were no corrections to those Minutes.
  1. Stable Story. Amelia Adair recognized and thanked Stable volunteer Mike Ault for his work on the ESC and for stepping in as acting Chair while she was out of the country. His service went above and beyond in fielding complaints, phone calls and enforcement issues that arose. Additionally, Amelia Adair recognized Deena Joseph for her extensive time commitment in working with Mike Rogers, ECIA Operations Manager, and the maintenance crew to improve stable arenas/amenities and in the purchase of new equipment.
  1. Open Forum. Barn owners present were invited to raise issues and questions.  Dina Siegel requested barn owners be allowed to participate as the ESC moved through the agenda. This request was granted.
  1. Chair’s Report. The Chair’s report was delivered in writing, and distributed to those participating in the meeting via email.
  1. ECIA Report. Mike Rogers, the ECIA Operations Manager, reported on the following topics: Water project is complete, individual meters are being read and bills are being generated from readings, meter training to be held at a later date after social distancing is relaxed, in the meantime FAQ sheet almost ready to be distributed. ECIA Executive Assistant Rachel Turnbough reported: First water bills have gone out and that meters are being read the first Wednesday of the month. These readings will generate future bills. Deena Joseph discussed the new equipment being used and preliminary maintenance schedule in place -- fine tuning of schedule based on needs is in progress, final schedule will be placed in maintenance barn and will include use of new equipment and upkeep of new amenities.  Mr. Rogers further reported that the crew is trying to get as much finished as possible before too busy with other community projects; Gave new project status report: Waiting on panels for the upper arena, trail course well underway, looking for poles for new entry sign, cabinet on order, dumpster area improvements have not yet begun; Road maintenance: they are repairing damage done during water project, road base course is being brought in to fill problem spots until more complete road work can be completed. ESC members and barn owners expressed that this was helpful in the interim.  Outlet on the Tree Road is going to be worked on this week, electrician is trying to locate power source line for that outlet.
  1. Stable Liaison Report

Conservation Committee received a complaint regarding equine hoof marks on a trail where they are not allowed. Amelia Adair responded that horses are allowed on the greenbelt trails, but the complaint has been satisfactorily addressed.

  1. Old Business. The following items of old business were discussed:
    • Deena Joseph gave status report on project completion and maintenance of arena and trail course. (See Mike Roger’s report above for details.)
    • Karla Lauritsen gave history and updates on proposed equine burial revision.
      • Need emergency protocol
      • Work with Water District to gain support due to qualifying changes
  1. Changes in water use/water system equaling conservation and dry ground/no flooding therefore won’t take elements
  2. No environmental contamination for aquifer – too deep
  3. Changes made in manure management to protect surface water level from contamination
  4. Need to gather maps and reports from experts regarding run off to submit
  5. Discuss possibility of a community burial area if some barns/pens can’t be used for burials
  6. Carol Sanguinetti said she would support bringing the request for equine burial revision to the board if the ESC can get letter of support from water district and put together a presentation of facts.
    • Amelia Adair discussed the need to establish priorities for capital improvement projects for 2021, plus agree on spending general maintenance funds in this year.
      • Operating Budget
  1. All members of ESC in favor of purchasing new training aids/equipment – need totals from Deena to proceed
  2. Gravel pads for dumpsters for next year
  3. ESC Members agreed to ask the Board to approve a capital improvement project to fence the arroyo field, in the amount of

$2,000 (capital improvements are defined by ECIA policy as new expenses in excess of $1,500).

  • Carol Sanguinetti gave her support for draw up request for additional funds for Arroyo Arena fencing to present to Finance Committee and Board.  Amelia Adair will prepare the form and present to the Finance Committee.
  • The ESC agreed to propose a multipurpose structure at the upper arena, as an equipment shed, vet stand and shade structure, for 2021.
  1. New Business. The following items of new business were discussed:
    • Charli Stevens, new owner of Barn #23, requested permission to use RAMM Flex Fencing polyvinyl fence rails. After discussion, the fence variance request for barn #23 was unanimously approved
      • ESC Chair made recommendation to update to architectural standards for barn/fence remodeling to include this new type of horse fencing product.
    • Amelia Adair asked Mike Rogers if a gap could be left next to front entrance monument on Avenida Vista Grande when it’s repaired, to facilitate equestrians riding to the Eldorado Preserve.
    • Mike Rogers asks that equestrian volunteers be organized to ride out and check fences and check for illegal rock-climbing paraphernalia being placed in boulders on the 400 trails of Eldorado Preserve.
    • Discussed the need to put ESC Charter Review in upcoming agenda and come up with a complaint and enforcement process
    • Should we change to monthly meetings? Poll will be taken
  1. Action Item Summary: The following action items were assigned during the meeting:

Action Item

Responsible Person


Complete Water FAQ sheet and send out to barn owners

Karla and Mike Rogers

Next meeting

1.  Work with water district to gain support

2.  Create horse burial presentation for board review

Amelia, Gretel, Karla

Next meeting

Revise Stable Maintenance Schedule based on new equipment and processes

Deena and Mike Rogers


Stable Community Charter review needs to be put on the agenda in the future


Next meeting

Define and develop complaint procedures for the Stables


Next meeting

Propose switching to monthly meeting and moving prior to the monthly Board Meeting


By April 30

Submit request to Finance Committee for additional funds for Arroyo Arena fencing


May 12

  1. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:09 pm.

By: Tara Debevec