Minutes - Stables Committee

Time and place. The November 2019 meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (“the
ESC”) was held on November 19 at the ECIA Community Center, and was called to order at
7:03 pm by the Chair of the ESC. Copies of the Agenda, prior ESC Business Meeting
minutes, Chair Report, and Financials were provided.

Quorum, Attendees, Agenda. A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Amelia
Adair, Mike Ault, Gretel Underwood, Deena Joseph, and Karla Lauritsen. In addition to
ESC Members, ECIA Covenant Compliance Coordinator Mark Young and Executive
Assistant Rachel Turnbough and the following barn owners and sharers were present: Liz
Matthews, Alice Griffin and Carol Loewy. Amelia presided as chair of the meeting and Mike
Ault served as Secretary. The agenda was approved as drafted. The meeting was recorded.
Minutes. The Minutes of the September 2019 ESC Business Meeting were previously
approved with no corrections.

Stable Story. Amelia thanked Gretel and Jennie for their work investigating the dead barn
cats and driving to ABQ for medical evaluation.

Chair’s Report. Submitted in writing.

Open Forum.

Construction & Maintenance: The contractor was expected to come today to finalize
grading of the Arroyo Road, but is behind schedule. Our expectation is that the base
course will be leveled off, but New Image is only improving roads to a certain point due
to budget limitations. Additional road maintenance after this final grading will be handled
by ECIA maintenance staff. We are aware of drainage issues—more work will be needed
to mitigate these problems. Amelia will continue to work with ECIA Maintenance, but
barn owners are encouraged to deal with drainage issues at their own barns to the degree
they can.

ECIA Report.

New board liaisons:
Todd Handy has resigned from Board. The position of liaison to this committee is
currently open until new Board fills it.


Mark Young reported results of the fall inspection. All barns except two passed.
One of those barns has received three notices without a response and was referred
to the ECIA attorney for next steps on enforcement. Starting this year, Mark is
also inspecting barns when they go up for sale as required in the Stable Rules.

We need to confirm and make known the policy covering sharers at barns where
the owner is out of compliance and under enforcement actions. Current rules
suggest that sharers are subject to any enforcement actions on non-compliant

Dark Skies Task Force

Mark reported that the light at the kiosk has been disconnected and replaced with
small, dim, solar spotlight shielded by the roof that shines only on the kiosk.

Current plan is for Stable lights to be on from dusk to dawn. ESC and guests
discussed the pros and cons of motion detectors for security, dark skies, and
equine well-being but did not arrive at a conclusion.

The light by the upper arena is planned for disconnection due to risk of the
electrical line running to it apparently being unshielded and not in conduit. This
will also cut off the electrical outlet, which is used by nearby barn owners. A
long-term solution or any new fixtures in that location will require running a new

ECIA is starting to inventory and document the current electrical system.

The ESC will evaluate the light at the kiosk and gather more feedback from Stable
users about these electrical and lighting options, and make a recommendation
about next steps for lighting and electrical changes at the Stables.
Security Cameras

The Stables are included in a camera upgrade proposal for all common facilities.

Mike Ault will share information about LCWA Wireless Internet to GM Julie
Navarro and Operations Manager Mike Rogers, which may enable wi-fi enabled
cameras to be used in more ECIA common areas
Water system

System and hydrants are warrantied for one year after install, which is not
currently considered complete.

All but two meters are working, and the contractor is expected to repair those
meters shortly. Until all meters are working, we assume the ECIA will bill barn
owners for water based on the estimated plan with the goal of starting metered
bills at the earliest possible cycle date. Meters will be read by the ECIA
maintenance crew.

Questions remain about billing process, tying the individual barn water bills to the
main Stable bill. The ESC also intends to follow up with the EAWSD after the
water system project is complete, to find out what tier (individual barn use vs.
stables-wide use) we will be billed at.

ESC requested that ECIA return to the practice of reporting to all barn owners the
main Stable water bill and how it compares to the sum of individual water bills.
Stable billing

Barn users are encouraged to put their correct account # (which Rachel will
ensure is on bills) on their payments, which should be made out to either “ECIA”
or “HOAMCO.” There may be some challenges for sharers who have their own

HOAMCO account separate from the barn owner. No clear solution was offered
for sharers and barn owners whose payments have been mistakenly credited to
their home accounts, showing a balance due on their barn accounts.

ESC requested that one staff person be assigned as the primary contact for all
Stables issues. This has not happened yet, but Rachel and Julie will address.

Gates can be operated manually in emergencies by pulling pins and disconnecting
the gate from the automatic arm. ECIA Maintenance plans to install a lock on the
pins, at least one of which will be secured by a combination lock —using the
same combination as elsewhere.

Maintenance & Repair Issues:

Maintenance Schedule: We have a lot of deferred maintenance. We have asked the ECIA
to rent a tractor if their large tractor is not repaired by the end of the year. Details in the

Chair Report.

Upper Arena: the 2020 R&R Budget includes $8K to finish the upper arena replacement
project —should cover the required new panels, which will be installed by ECIA
maintenance crew, together with railroad ties, in early 2020.

Assign Leads for Scheduled Maintenance . The ESC agreed to return to our previous
practice of distributing responsibility for coordinating routine maintenance to individual
leads, rather than having to funnel everything through the ESC chair. Leads may also be
assigned for major projects, and need not be ESC members. We’ll ask for volunteers to
take on these lead roles by next meeting.

Signage: Mike A. presented a sign proposal and pricing for the Stable entry gate, and will
follow up with Mike Rogers about required design elements. The ESC approved of the
proposal, and agreed to submit a capital improvement request to the Finance Committee.
We need to resolve questions about who gets to make aesthetic decisions.

Old Business:

New barn welcome packet: Karla asked for feedback on the FAQ sheet about the water
system she has drafted for new owners, which she has sent to the ESC. The ESC thanked
her for taking on this important work.

Emergency Preparedness:

The ESC distributed the 2018 Emergency Preparedness Plan to the Stable
Community, and asked for suggestions for updates.

We agreed to add Dial-my-Calls (phone tree service) information to the Plan.
Mike A will demonstrate the service at the next meeting and give credentials to
rest of ESC.

ESC asked what role ECIA should play in using Dial-My-Calls—we’ll talk to
GM Julie Navarro to determine.

We discussed asking ECIA Maintenance to deal with the identified fire risk due to
dead wood, cholla and high brush along the east side of the arroyo.

The EASWD is planning to put a hydrant in on the adjacent property they use at
some point—currently the nearest hydrant is across the street in the La Paz

Orange tape on in the arroyo marks damaged fencing and scrap wire. We will
notify the maintenance crew.

New Business:

Website: ECIA new website has been approved and budgeted for next year, but is
unlikely to cover the detail needed to provide services requested by the local equestrian
community, such as information on hay dealers, horses, tack and barns for sale, farriers,
veterinarians, trainers, etc. Mike proposed to turn on and start using our existing separate
site at eldoradostables.com and then integrate with ECIA (when they are ready) to
whatever degree makes sense. The ESC agreed to move forward with this project
ensuring it is not branded as an ECIA site, and ensuring all content is moderated.

Holiday Party: Need volunteers to plan it. Anyone in the community interested should let
Amelia know.

Barn Design Question: A potential new barn owner asked whether she may have two
separate structures in a paddock constructed out of materials which do not necessarily
match: one of which is a pre-fabricated barn; the other that is wood (a portion of a preexisting barn). The ESC agreed to allow varied materials on as part of a new barn construction or remodeling, as long as both structures look visually coherent. Amelia
will propose exact wording for the ESC, and then will let the new buyer know our

Action Item Summary: The following action items were assigned during the meeting:

Action Item Responsible
Review Stable Rules on enforcement, and recommend
how they apply to sharers
ESC 11/30/19
Remind Maintenance crew to extend incomplete ditch
along the Arroyo Road past the lower round pen, and
make fence repairs in the arroyo
Amelia Done
Find out where the electrical lines run in the Stables and
whether they are in conduit (ask former ECIA
maintenance staff member Brian)
Mark Young January

Decide what kind of nighttime lighting (always-on vs.
motion-triggered) to install in various locations.
Mark Young
Share details on wireless internet options with Mike
Rogers and Julie Navarro
Find out what the ECIA meter reading schedule will be
and make sure barn-owners are informed, so they can read
their own meters on the same day.
Mike Rogers Before
billing based
on actual
usage starts
Assign leads for routine maintenance and key projects ESC January
ECIA to continue summarizing water bills (overall and
individual) at each ESC meeting to identify any issues
Rachel January
Train full ESC on Dial-My-Calls Mike A January
Update Emergency Preparedness Plan to include Dial-My
Calls plan
Amelia January
Go live with equestrian community site Mike A By end of
Reply to new potential barn buyers with decision about
barn design standards
Amelia Done

Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm. The next scheduled meeting is
January 21.
By: Mike Ault, Secretary Date: Nov 19, 2019