Minutes - Stables Committee




  1. Time and place.  The March 2019 meeting of the Eldorado Stable Committee (“the ESC”) was held on March 19 at the ECIA Community Center, and was called to order at 7:02 pm by the Secretary (and Acting Chair) of the ESC.  Copies of the Agenda, Chair Report, and the proposed Stable Rules were provided.
  1. Quorum, Attendees, Agenda.  A quorum of ESC members was present, specifically Mike Ault, Gretel Underwood, Elsa Kloess, and Karla Lauritsen.  In addition to ESC Members, ESC Board Liaison Libby McLaren, ECIA staff-member Anna Hanson, and the following barn owners and sharers were present: Carol Loewy, Liz Matthews, and Alice Griffin. Mike Ault presided as acting chair of the meeting in Amelia’s absence and also served as Secretary. The Agenda was adopted as submitted.
  1. Minutes.  The Minutes of the February 2019 ESC Business Meeting were previously approved by e-mail; there were no corrections to those Minutes.
  1. Stable Story.  Carol recognized and thanked Mike Ault and Joe Loewy for turning the water on and off during periods where ECIA staffing was unavailable. Gretel recognized and thanked Maureen Maloney, Herb & Dina Siegel, and Alice for (along with Gretel) helping round up the Linders’ horses after a recent escape from their barn.
  1. Open Forum.  Carol recently encountered two non-barn-owners taking photos of horses and barns (they claimed “the office” gave permission, which Anna stated was not true). Carol suggested our next email to the stable community remind people to greet strangers and inquire about their activities. Be friendly, but vigilant. Also, she requested that no one take photos of horses without permission from the owner.
  1. Chair’s Report.  Submitted in writing.
  1. ECIA Issues



  • We discussed the need to bathe horses in warm weather.
  • Libby mentioned that Board is getting bids for the water repair. Anna indicated that repair may not be done until August. ECIA is buying a mobile water tank for emergencies or for bathing.
  • Gretel asked for changes to current water schedule. Proposing 4-6 on Sat/Sun, and extending morning hours to 10. Anna to discuss with Julie.
  • Libby & Anna asked for clarification about ownership of the feeder lines (from meter to hydrant). Alice & Mike thought line from meter to hydrant was barn-owner’s responsibility. Gretel stated she doesn’t think barn-owners should pay for underground pipes, and ECIA should ask for barn-owner input on location when system is upgraded.
  • Mike B has resigned as project manager, and Russell may assume temporarily (or longer)
  • Anna suggested a group meeting with barn owners before upgrading the system. Karla agreed to lead a project to gather input from a working group first.
  • Carol asked that ECIA ensure EAWSD involvement in any new water system.


Enforcement Status:

  • Anna mentioned that fines cannot be assessed without legal approval. Board will discuss.

Other Topics:

  • Questions about what time does gate to switch to keypad—does not seem to be working. Anna to investigate and work with vendor to fix.
  1. Maintenance & Repair Issues:
  • Proposing changing harrowing schedule to Wednesdays, with adjustments based on weather.
  • Mike showed presentation on signs. Will continue to work with Elsa on this
  1. Stable Rules: Prior to voting on the rules, the following items were discussed:
  • Rules indicate no equipment storage in corrals. One barn-owner present (Alice) asked if this would apply to some panels in corral, in a lock-up. Consensus was yes, as currently written, rules would not allow this.
  • Carol suggested rule to allow ECIA to clean neglected barns (manure, weeds) with appropriate notice and charge cost back to barn-owners for that work (need rate). Several questions came up about the limits on what could be included in this (e.g., loose wires, other safety issues)
  • Anna proposed more frequent inspections (quarterly) at least for empty barns
  • Anna explained that under current ECIA polocy we can’t put a lien on a home for a stable issue.
  • Carol pointed out and praised new requirement for a Coggins Test after 30days away from barn, even for returning horses

MOTION: Gretel moved to accept as written, Elsa seconded. New rules passed unanimously. Libby to present at Board meeting (NOTE: Board later deferred until April meeting)

  • Alice asked about getting a variance for the new storage policy
  1. Old Business:
    • Mike to test stable-wide DialMyCalls broadcast after roster update
    • Gretel working on “fun,” inexpensive amenity upgrades (trail course, bridle path)
      • Wants volunteers: Mike suggested she talk to Maureen
      • Anna offered help from maintenance
    • Manure composting: Update from Karla on this program.
  1. Action Item Summary:  The following action items were assigned during the meeting:

Action Item

Responsible Person


Confirm new water hours with maintenance crew and notify barn owners

Anna & Julie


Gather input from barn-owners on desired water system changes, for direction to ECIA


By next meeting

Investigate and fix (as needed) gate timing after hours

Anna / Julie


Inventory and propose changes to interior signage

Mike / Elsa

By next meeting

Consider variance to new storage policy


By next meeting

Test Dial-my-Calls Alert



  1. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 8:44 pm.  Next meeting is May 21.

By:  Mike Ault, Secretary                                           Date: Apr 1, 2019