Ad Hoc Welcome Committee Minutes

May 13, 2020

Virtual via Zoom 12:00-1:00 P.M.


Tana Monaco, Kathy Cashiola, Missy Smock, Sandra Young

Rachel Turnbough (HOAMCO Staff)

Staff Liaison, Carol Sanguinetti, Board Secretary


Tana Monaco opened the meeting welcoming those in attendance attending on Zoom. 

Agenda Review:

Minutes from the April 22nd meeting were approved along with this meeting’s agenda.


Given the changes to daily living due to the pandemic, there was a follow-up discussion about holding the date of July 4th to combine ECIA celebrations with the first Welcome kickoff. Many ideas were discussed about other participants, such as shops, Library, Senior Center, El Dorado Community School, EACA and others.  Committee members were asked to volunteer in helping organize the event and we agreed.  Rachel Turnbough was asked to send a list of the most recent previous participants and an approximate number of attendees.  It was agreed that the date would remain on the calendar until May 31st for a final decision. The committee will review this again at the next meeting.  Welcome Receptions will probably have to be tabled until sometime later in the year.

Carol Sanguinetti followed up with the Board on two questions from our last meeting:

#1 We received permission to add the Welcome Committee’s “IMPORTANT INFORMATION SHEET” to HOAMCO’S new resident mailing and place in a prominent position, so as not to be lost in the paperwork: . 

#2 A budget of $500 for the Welcome Committee has been approved.

The Committee decided to move forward on plans for reaching new residents with key information:

#1 Members of the committee have continued to update drafts of the critical information needed immediately by new residents to fit on a 8 ½ x 11 sheet that can be submitted to HOAMCO to be included in an electronic mailing that HOAMCO currently sends to new residents.  Kathy Cashiola and Mary Lee Morgan will work on finishing this up ASAP.  Kathy Cashiola will forward the final draft to the committee before sending the final document electronically to HOAMCO via our Board liaison, Carol Sanguinetti.

#2 The committee set July as the timeframe for assembling and then distributing the “Welcome” bags to new residents.  It was also decided that we would concentrate on new residents who have closed escrow in the last three months.  Rachel Turnbough provided the list of new residents during the meeting. [Subsequently, she sent a list of all new residents in 2020 which totaled fewer than 50.]

Kathy Cashiola showed a turquoise paper bag (8 x 10 x 4) to be used for the “Welcome” bags, and it was decided that our flowering yucca design printed on a sticker for the front with a hand-written card attached would be appropriate.  It was suggested that we consider having our new e-mail address printed on the bottom of the card would be useful: Eldoradowelcome@gmail.com.  Sandra Young volunteered to be the contact to check the e-mail site for inquiries and forward any items/questions that need committee input. 

It was also decided to provide seeds (rather than a plant) plus brochures, maps and other materials in the bags.  Missy Smock has put together a list of ideas for bag inclusions and will forward this to the committee.  Kathy Cashiola also showed us several maps/brochures for consideration.

We agreed to delay asking local merchants for discounts/items for these bags until the economy improves.  Nancy Sulzberg has volunteered to contact merchants on our behalf when we are ready to pursue that. 

Next Meeting:

The next Welcome Committee Meeting is

June 10, 2020 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Adjourned: 1:10 pm