President’s Report

August 24, 2020

Good evening and welcome to the sixth ECIA Board Meeting held via ZOOM.  It is difficult to believe that six months have passed since we were able to gather in-person and though I genuinely miss face-to-face contact, I am gratified that more members than ever are attending Board, as well as, Committee and Task Group Meetings.  Be assured that when COVID 19 restrictions are lifted, we will continue to utilize ZOOM so that ECIA members can participate in its governance.

One year ago, in the breezeway of the Community Center, we held a Town Hall at which ECIA members expressed their concerns about leadership and decision making.  Within a few months, the Board turnover was significant – the transition was hard work.  I am honored to say that the current five-member Board works hard to inform, to inspire and to activate.  It isn’t easy and it’s time-consuming and sometimes difficult to find consensus.  With that being said, I want to applaud my Board colleagues for their commitment and expertise.  Their skills, and willingness to use them, certainly makes the role of the President significantly less taxing.

At that Town Hall one year ago, I stressed the need for communication between and among members, committees and the Board of Directors.  For the most part, we have expanded the opportunities for exchange of ideas and plans.  And yes, some members have expressed their appreciation of this and some members have shared their dissatisfaction.  I have learned over the past months that no matter what the Board decides on any given issue, some will be in agreement and some will find the decisions lacking.  The truth is we can’t please everyone all time; we try to find the common ground as often as possible.  

To meet that consensus and with the expanded use of technology, the Board and HOAMCO  delivers information to the membership through its website, eblasts, the VISTAS and even through strategic use of marquees.  Tonight, I would like to review these communication tools. Based on the number of emails I receive with questions about where to find documents and contact information, I think it’s worth the time to clarify and simplify.

Let’s begin with the website. Some of you may know that the website is being revised.  A group of residents, along with David Sorkin as Board Liaison are working with Garret Vreeland to design a more user-friendly and contemporary looking ECIA website.  Though it’s taken longer than anticipated, I think we would all agree that we want an end product that is reflective of the whole community.  I hope that once the new website goes live, residents will appreciate the effort to make it a valuable, easy to use means of informing the members of ECIA.

In the meantime, I would like to point out some of the new and not-so-new tabs on our existing website.  Announcements that impact the community such as the pool schedule sit on the home page.   Thanks to the HOAMCO staff, our association attorney Lynn Krupnik and interested volunteers, we’ve added information residents frequently need to use.

To begin, under the CONTACT US tab, residents will find FAQ’s about HOAMCO and its services, a management flow chart with current job descriptions for all current staff and a document that outlines who to contact for what service in the office.  The info is just a click away.

Under the NEWS AND EVENTS tab, you will find COVID 19 updates, recommended by Committee Chair, a weekly ZOOM meeting schedule with links and the RFP’s for the upcoming logo selection process and the document that was sent to four [4] management companies.  The RFP’s are listed as a direct result of members’ desires to access the  process for vital ECIA projects.

The BOARD AND COMMITTEES tab has been expanded to include Task Groups, the Board Liaison list and Liaison responsibilities.  Also, members will find that Board Meeting minutes have been segmented to reflect our attorney’s advice.  Board minutes include only actions taken at the meeting.  All reports  are under a separate tab. 

Especially helpful for our members and potential new residents is the RESIDENT RESOURCES tab. Under it can be found articles about the flora and fauna of our community, maps, safety information, and all the forms and applications needed to report or request services.

And finally, the GOVERNING DOCUMENTS tab contains just that – all the most current rules, guidelines and policies that regulate what actions can be taken by the Board and residents.  The HOAMCO office is working to ensure that all the documents are searchable.  The older ones have been scanned in and need to be re-typed into a PDF format.  Once done, residents will be able to search for policies, procedures and covenants more easily.

Over the past several months, eblasts have been sent out to notify residents of meeting schedules and ZOOM links, to recruit residents for Committee and Task Group membership, to request participation at Town Halls and when needed, to announce Santa Fe county work or emergencies  that impact Eldorado.  In order for residents to be kept up-to-date, a working email address must be shared with HOAMCO staff – they  add it to the database so that each time an eblast is sent, residents receive it in a timely manner.  Email addresses are absolutely confidential and not shared with any individual or organization unless permission is granted. I’ve recently been told that some residents do not want to receive the sometimes-daily announcements, especially if they are repeated.  I ask your patience.  Not everyone reads their email  on a regular basis and to be clear, such eblasts have been effective in encouraging residents to step forward to volunteer or be active participants in Town Halls.  I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Sarah Skagen, HOAMCO’s Admin Assistant for her diligence and creativity with eblasts. 

ECIA’s VISTAS newsletter, produced by the Information Committee and Sandra Vreeland as graphic artist,  is something the community can be proud to read.  Every household should receive either an electronic or paper copy.  It is also accessible through the link listed on the ECIA home page.  VISTAS provides  residents with articles about Board actions, governance issues, committee projects and local wildlife.  Each month, there is a calendar that lists time and date of all ECIA meetings. There is a style guide available on the website and any resident interested in submitting an article or photographs is welcome to send it to  The due date for articles is the 5th of the month before publication. VISTAS is a valuable resource for the community and I encourage everyone to read through it for both your enjoyment and information.

And finally, the ECIA marquees.  We essentially have three [3] boards with which we can announce meetings, office hours, due dates and the like.  I encourage residents to read the boards as they pass the Community Center and as they enter the Agora. I would hope that these short public messages can serve as reminders about opportunities as well as responsibilities.

The Board realizes that even with these communication tools, not everyone will be satisfied.  We realize that residents have their own expectations of what could and should be done in the community.  To that end, as I have continually suggested in emails, if you want decision-making opportunities, please step forward and join a committee or apply for one of the vacant Board of Directors seat.   We are all in this together – we all strive to enhance our community.  We need more active voices, willing to put in the time and work needed to do so.  I ask you all to think about how you can make a positive difference in Eldorado through your actions.

Treasurer’s Report


Based on Financial Statement: July 31, 2020

Key Points:

  • Operating Fund Cash ~ $863K (anticipate remaining 2020 operating & cap expenses of ~ $550K)
  • Reserve Fund Cash ~ $719K (no remaining 2020 expenditures projected)
  • Transferred $220K from Operating to Reserve per budget (this was an early transfer in order to purchase a CD).
  • Reserve Fund 6-month CD purchased for $200K.

Total Cash ~$1.6M

Accounts Receivable: $73K (from Assessments); ~$20K (uncollected 2020 Assessments – ~1.3%)

Other Receivables (interest, stables, lien fees): ~$60K

  • Actual vs. Budget YTD: $882K vs. $935K (we are ~$53K under budget, primarily from lower expenditures in capital projects, pool operations and payroll). Anticipate additional 2020 surplus of $100-200K; excess funds at year end will be used to build our reserves.

Items from the Finance Committee (FC):

  1. Second draft of 2021 Budget was reviewed at the August 11 FC meeting. The FC made recommendations to the Board regarding the draft budget.
  2. FC developed a final draft of the revised procurement policy and it is pending Committee and Board review.
  3. The FC is continuing to review new software (Asset Panda) to use for the R&R database and forecasts.
  4. The FC established a Budget timeline for completing the budget approval process and ensuring that Assessment packages will be available by early December.
  5. The FC is looking into security procedures for handling Assessment checks at the CC office.


    • There was only one very busy meeting held for August.
    • 7 Consent agenda approvals
    • 4 Variances (to be presented this evening)
    • A number of request for approval for fences, solar arrays, a carport, ramada, a new shed and an observatory
    • Climbing concerns
    • Removing brush and debris along trails – concerns about if it is on lots vs. greenbelts
    • Budget discussion
    • At the August meeting, the Election Committee began the process of developing the procedures for the 2021 nominations and elections.
    • R&R list for 2020 is complete
    • Lights & cameras are installed and functioning
    • RFP for changing room is in progress
    • New pool schedule
    • Dark Skies- we will strive to meet or exceed requirements but no certification at this time.
    • ICIP has been received by the County.
    • Discussion about single use dog park for unsocialized dogs or traumatized ones. Waiting for resident use statistics if necessary.
    • Next meeting 9/2/2020 at 10AM
    • Discussions included:
      • Logo status: RFP return date 8/31/2020
      • Marquee ideas
      • What we have for September
    • The Road Committee discussed formalizing our recommendations for road upgrades for the ICIP application, which are consistent with the reviews previously performed by the RC, and consistent with the County’s priorities (see powerpoint presentation to the Board in June which lists these priorities,
    • Members of the community from Avenida Azul and Azul Loop attended to voice their concerns about the safety of their roads due to the number of pedestrians and the lack of ability for pedestrians to get off the road.  These residents would like the County to build a hike/bike trail along Avenida Azul.  Although hike/bike trail maintenance are handled by the F&G Committee, the RC agreed to include studying this project as part of the ICIP application, to make sure it is raised to the County
    • RAP road chip seal - RC happy w/professionalism of County crew
    • Cerrado Loop Paving Project - Funding committed - no firm date but should be sometime this fall
    • Eldorado Roadside Tree Project - John Gerver reported on trimming 
    • Speeding on Juego Road - Request for County to conduct a speed count
    • Since the Stable Committee didn’t meet in August, there’s nothing new to report at tonight’s Board meeting.  As a status report, Mike Rogers & his crew have continued to do great work, finishing off ALL the pending projects out to be paid for out of the operating budget.  Carol, if you haven’t been by the Stables recently, you should visit to see the sign cabinet!
    • The remaining reserve and capital projects at the Stables are on track, and there should be no problem completing them before the end of the year, within budget.
    • Many thanks to Mike & the maintenance crew for their great work, making a real positive difference at the Stable
    • Garret is continuing to move all of our documents to the new shadow website
    • Many PDF’s may not be easily searched and may require HTML assistance
    • Correcting misspelling on numerous documents while transferring
    • Awaiting decision on logo choice and will be able to incorporate smoothly without touching each document
    • Once finished exporting all the docs, can bring the task group together for inspection, ease of use, clicks, and overall make changes to user experiences