Good evening and thank you all for coming to tonight’s meeting. I want to start by telling you all about some of Eldorado’s resident led activities. Libby Maclaren has stepped up to coordinate a youth event in February and has involved ECIA’s Pool Manager, the stables and local parents. Joseph Gutierrez has stepped up to become the Board’s County Liaison which will help us connect with county officials. He is also taking a lead role in making the Boys and Girls Club program available here in Eldorado. Residents have stepped forward to work with David Sorkin on the new ECIA website and with Melicent D’Amore on the Policy Review Task Group. I thank all of you who volunteer their time to enhance Eldorado.

This year the Board’s tasks are many and even though we are two directors short, we are working to fulfill our responsibilities as listed in the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. In light of the community’s concern about fire, we want everyone to know that the Board of Directors agrees with the need to address fire safety here in Eldorado. What appears to be a sticking point is that actions need to happen, but happen within the ECIA system. What is essential to this process are qualified community volunteers who will step forward and serve on the Safety Education Task Group [formally the Public Safety Task Group. The name of the group will be officially revised this evening to reflect ECIA’s actual role.] We cannot provide direct public safety; that is for the county’s sheriff’s office, fire department, etc. Without an established group of knowledgeable volunteers who will develop plans and budgets, the Board is limited in its actions.

In the recent past, community members were angry and very vocal about how the Board disregarded policy, procedure, procurement and bylaws and basically made decisions without community input. This Board is not willing to act in the same fashion. We will follow the bylaws and policies so that all our actions are legitimate. Even though this may mean projects take a bit longer, our feeling is that it’s wiser to take time to review and get all the information needed, get budgets approved by the Finance Committee, make sure the plan makes sense to the community and then ultimately get Board approval than to move forward without consensus and community support. This is a diverse community with intense feelings on this issue and it’s important to hear from all sides. The Board has an obligation to work for the interests of the full community.

Actions are already being taken that can form the basis of a plan. The Los Alamos Greenbelt will be surveyed to define the Library Trail. The Conservation Committee has scheduled a symposium for March 13; information will be available there. The county and local fire departments are aware of our concern and have let us know they are here to assist. We just need qualified residents to engage and plan. The group must be composed of folks with differing perspectives on the problem and possible solutions.

So if this issue is important to you and you want the best for the whole community – well then, step up and be part of the process instead of just sending out emails and commenting on blogs. For instance, the National Fire Prevention Association is currently offering $500 grants to communities to hold a day event. The Great Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition has details on their website. Last year, Eldorado received the grant to rent a chipper – residents brought their tree refuse. Though it was promoted throughout the community only David McDonald and Libby Maclaren volunteered.

The Board encourages you to apply to be part of the Safety Education Task Group. There are many county and state resources available to use at no cost. Fire professionals can help the task group develop a plan that reflects the whole community; not just those with the loudest voices. An effective, qualified, open-minded group of residents can make short work of recommendations and budgets. The Board will be as responsive as possible.

Thank you all for what you do.

TREASURER'S Report and Finance Committee – Sal Monaco

  • The community is financially very healthy. Starting the year off with over $300,000 in Operating Reserves
  • $1,138,000 in accounts before any assessments were collected.
  • New projects – parking lot lighting, family changing room, security cameras, mechanical room, pool shade structures
  • Bid for comprehensive insurance for the community center


  • Conservation Committee – Carol Sanguinetti
    • Defining objectives for providing community education and facilitating access to additional sources of information and assistance with understanding wildland fire risk and implementing fire risk mitigation. Committed to advise, assist and recommend to ECIA Board of Directors actions to protect existing natural resources in the community and enhance those resources whenever possible.
  • Facilities & Grounds Committee – David Sorkin
    • Issue with pool sporting equipment; in particular the log roll. Concerns about the learning curve on the log roll. Did research and there are ways to anchor log roll so people are not hitting their heads on the side of the pool. Will also need more lifeguards to make sure everybody is safe. Alternative to log roll would be wiggle bridge.
      • Need to research liability on any of the equipment and the cost for the additional staff needed
    • Information Committee – Melicent D’Amore
      • Meeting was conducted via phone. Bon Macey resigned and it was accepted. Website implementation was discussed. Reformatting data will be handled by Jessica Collins. The web project will take 6 months. Survey has about 120+ responses with many similar comments. ECIA logo was discussed and enlisting local Eldorado talent. Articles for March Vistas issue.
    • Road Committee – Melicent D’Amore
      • James A Mason is chair and only member. Two residents who are interested on being on this committee and have almost met the requirements. Concerns about RAP roads. Mason has detailed plan about getting our roads in better condition.
    • Stable Committee – Carol Sanguinetti
      • Emergency procedure when a horse dies unexpectedly. It’s difficult to get a horse off the property. Arenas – upper and lower. People want to be able to leave equipment out and not have to drag it out every time want to use it. Footing in upper arena is better than in the lower. Lights are now solar panel, low wattage, with motion detection.
    • Bylaws Review Ad-hoc Committee – Nancy Sulzberg
      • February 13, 2020 from 6-8 pm is the forum. A chance to look at changes to Bylaws and have discussion.
    • Website Task Group – David Sorkin
      • Six members in this group. Have not met yet and David has not met with Garrett yet. A little less than 130 responses about website. Happy with the input people have been giving. Asked people what they like, dislike, and want to see changed. Have one individual communite with person doing the website so we can make the website easier to use. Will be a “members only” section.