President Report

June 15, 2020

Over the next few weeks, the Board and designated volunteers will address a major project that concerns the future of the ECIA.  As reported previously, we sent an RFP – Request for Proposal to four management companies.  This was done to be in compliance with our policies.  The responses were due this past Friday and I’ve been informed that  four companies have submitted a proposal – HOAMCO, Sentry Management, Associa Management and Westgate Management.  I think it’s important for ECIA members to understand how this process will affect the community.  Regardless of which management company is selected, we expect to make  improvements in the way ECIA functions. Some changes will be behind-the-scenes, while others will  be more evident as members interact with the office and complete their business.  I hope that you all can trust that whatever decision is made and whatever changes are implemented, they will be done so in a fashion that benefits the community.  I fully expect to have differing opinions on the outcome;  I just hope that we all can do so in a respectful and productive manner.

I’d like to give you all a head’s up to another change that will be more evident.  At the advice of our Attorney, Lynn Krupnik,  we will alter the format of our Board Meeting minutes.  So that we are in compliance with best practices, the official minutes from these meetings will detail only actions that are approved by the Board of Directors.  In our case, that primarily means motions and variance approvals.  These will be posted on the ECIA web page with any and all written reports attached as addenda.  In an effort to keep our residents up-to-date on Open Forum or other agenda discussions, a separate document will be posted so that we don’t lose the important deliberations and thoughts presented during the meeting. I will call this document “Board Meeting Community News”.  You can expect that it will be posted within 3 -5 days after the Board meeting.

On Wednesday, June 17th, the Board of Directors will meet with HOAMCO Executive Staff members Stacy Maule,  Michael Franciosi and Nigel Burgess, along with General Manager Julie Navarro and Facilities Manager Mike Rogers.  The focus of this meeting will be to review current office and operations issues, in particular document retention and management and to learn about HOAMCO’s newly launched Asset Management tool.  If time allows , we will begin work on a Strategic Plan.  I will keep you informed as the process moves forward.

I realize that the past weeks and months have been challenging in so many ways.  Our daily activities whether on-the-job or at home have been altered to accommodate the new normal.   The Board has been sincere in its adherence to state and county guidelines, oftentimes having to make difficult decisions about opening our amenities, the dog park, the tennis courts, the pickleball and basketball courts.   With that in mind, I would like to thank everyone using the amenities – your willingness to make reservations when needed, wear masks, sign Waivers, and adapt to the new restrictions has helped keep virus transmission in check .  It would be silly of me to say that these guidelines will be eliminated soon.  Just like all of you, we don’t know how long our community will need to socially distance, wear masks, limit group numbers and the like.  All I ask of you is that you remember that the pandemic is far from over and we all need to continue minimizing exposure.

I would like to take a moment here to acknowledge the members of ECIA’s working committees and task groups.  Adjusting to the current situation, our committees continue to meet via ZOOM and keep the preserves, amenities, newsletter, finances, stables, roads, and covenants  true to their purpose.  All the task groups stay focused on their goals … whether that be  the development of a new website, the review of our policies or the tabulation of the recent resident survey and contract review.   Without the commitment of the many volunteers who make this all happen our community would be considerably less inviting.  Thank you so very much for attending meetings, writing reports, researching topics, interviewing neighbors, and finally for your willingness to put in the time necessary to keep this 6600-person community thriving.


Treasurer’s Report


Financial Statement: May 31, 2020

Key Points:

~ $1.3M in Operating Fund Cash

~ $574K in Reserve Fund Cash

Total Cash ~$1.83M

Accounts Receivable: ~$28K  (prior year assessments); $101K (2020 assessments);

95% of 2020 assessments have been collected; ~$27K (other)

Actual vs. Budget YTD: $453K vs. $626K (we are ~$173K under budget, primarily from lower expenditures in capital projects and payroll)

Items from the Finance Committee:

  1. First draft of 2021 Budget will be reviewed at the July 14 FC meeting. – any committee that has not yet submitted their budget should do so before the end of June – submit to GM + copy to FC Chair.
  2. FC will review the revised procurement policy at the July meeting.
  3. FC recommended Kathy Ritschel for membership.
  4. FC will have a special meeting on Reserves on June 23, 2020.

R&R Update

Projections show 2021 requirements at a little under $140K.

Five-year full funding is about $1.2M; projections show we will reach full-funded status by 2027, but this is likely to be sooner if we have annual surpluses.


  • Architecture Committee - Mel D'Amore
    • June 9th was another busy meeting with 8 residents and 2 guests in attendance. There were several consent approvals for re-stucco requests, plans for a new home, 2 solar arrays, a large accessory building and a number of fence and wall requests and approvals. There are also 2 variances which were approved by the committee and presented at tonight’s board meeting for approval.

      No other business was discussed.

      The next Architectural Committee meeting will be held Tuesday, June 23 via Zoom at 3 pm.

  • Conservation Committee - Carol Sanguinetti
    • Conservation Committee meeting heldon June 2nd
    • HOAMCO report –
      • Speaking with REI to get us off website. REI has not taken ECIA off website but have “closed for climbing”
      • Sent letter to ask to have us removed from website – asking for Cease and Desist letter from Board’s attorney, Lynn Krupnik
      • Nothing about taking trails off the website – needs to be pursued to have taken down
    • Setting posts to designate new parking area by 400 trail head
    • Making sure none of the fences have been cut, Conservation Committee has scheduled fenceline patrol – no new cuts have been made
      • Did find new places with erosion and cows being led to go under fence
      • Added horse wire to these areas
    • Discussed small projects to be done that can stay within COVID-19 restrictions – social distacing and no large groups
    • Discussion about draft 2021 budget proposal and what projects to include in it
      • Working on new signage and increase in 2020 budget to finish this project
      • Need to see how much 401 gully project is going to be before shifting funds to finish sign project
    • Discussion about updating Preserve Map photos and verbiage
    • Report made about rock climbing going on in preserve and the threat to the area
  • Election Committee - Sal Monaco
  • Facilities & Grounds Committee - David Sorkin
    • Waste Management agreement on file
    • Dog Park Annex complete
    • Stable work is ongoing
    • Maintenance of hike/bike trails in progress (mowing)
    • Graffiti and tagging in tunnel under Ave. Vista Grande between school and fire station - Mike was asked to paint over
    • Pool awaiting inspection but Jessica has prepared plan to open including additional staff
    • Dog Park registrations being tracked by staff. Talk of revising program to include add'l inoculations. Possibly on new website.
    • Ongoing road work in progress
      • As of meeting about 1/4 had been completed
    • BOD approve a policy prohibiting rock climbing
    • Policy enforcement - thanks to Nolan and Amelia, will provide draft documents
  • Finance Committee - Sal Monaco
    • Available on Treasurer's Report
  • Information Committee - Mel D'Amore
    • There have been no formal committee meetings due to COVID-19. 

      Article submissions were in abundance and quickly filled the July issue.

      The committee chair reports that there are already a number of article submissions for August.

      Please be aware that the focus of article submissions are of personal/ memoir type or factual only, with a word count of 150 to 300 words. Longer submissions will be subject to heavy editing  due to space availability. All submissions must be received by the 5th of the month to be considered for the next Vistas issue.

      The new logo RFP due date was May 15th with several wonderful logos submitted by Eldorado residents which will be addressed later during tonight’s board meeting.

      The Information Committee is looking for new members or volunteers with writing/editing experience who wish to participate in the editing process.

  • Road Committee - Mel D'Amore
    • The Road Committee meeting was held on June 3, 2020 via Zoom. Mr. Mason acknowledged the great job the Road Committee volunteers have done, especially Paul Ingraham and Art Kaiser for their efforts in documenting the RAP project with photos to archive as historical records. The question was raised as to how to preserve such data, to which I was asked to look into.

      The Town Hall Summary, crafted by Ms. D’Amore, was sent to the committee  members for review, which is also available on the ECIA website under the RC tab.

      Mr. Mason reported that interactions between the Santa Fe County Public Works Dept. and the Road Committee are very positive.

      Amelia Adair will write a “Road Tips Column” to keep Eldorado residents informed with what’s going on with road projects and maintenance. I’ve suggested posting on the website under Road Committee Tab and when appropriate, an eblast with project updates.

      The Cerrado Loop paving project is currently on hold with no additional update as of today.

      The Road Committee is pleased to announce its newest member, Art Kaiser. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to thank Mr. Kaiser for volunteering and for his participation in documenting  the RAP project.

      Please remember that the Road Committee is advisory only. Road issues are the responsibility of Santa Fe County and should be reported to the Public Works Department.

      There will be NO July meeting. The next scheduled Road Committee meeting is August 5th from 5:30 to 7:30.

  • Stable Committee - Carol Sanguinetti
    • Volunteer Recognition Opportunity

      Amelia – recognized Herb Siegel who helped assemble the upper arena.

      Facilities is working well with the ESC and adding a new maintenance person with tractor experience should help.  Deena working with Mike to redo the ESC maintenance schedule to be able to stay on track.

      New signs, camera and parking lights are all under way

      Reviewed 2021 budget request

      Still concern from the stable community over the leaks that occurred with the new water meters and who should have paid for It - warranty from the vendor.

      Trail Course finally up - because it wouldn’t look like much to a non-equestrian, signage will be put up to prevent people from walking off with parts of the course

      Setting up mentoring program for new barn owners including safe snake handling training

      Future agenda items will Include

      • Proposed barn architectural and repair standards
      • Equine Burial proposal
      • Eldorado Stables & EASWD relationship
      • Community Day planning
  • Ad Hoc Welcome Committee - Carol Sanguinetti
    • Report next month