Since the time of the February Board Meeting, ECIA Board Members and staff have attended  several meetings; some were learning opportunities, some were network building and some were social in nature.  All of the gatherings served to strengthen the staff and Board as a working team.  I summarize the activities with the following.

Board Members along with approximately 30+ representatives from other HOAMCO managed associations in Santa Fe area attended a HOAMCO Board Training on February 18.  The presentation covered topics including documents that govern HOA’s, roles and responsibilities of Boards, Committees and Manager and meetings, minutes, community input, executive session and HOA financials.  ECIA Board Members left the session with a clear sense that we are addressing these governing issues according to best practices.

About seventeen realtors that serve the Eldorado community met with ECIA staff and Board Members on February 18. Breakfast was sponsored by Fred Raznick and Sue Garffit.  The Q and A session about Eldorado and its covenants and guidelines was thorough and since most realtors were new to this community, the exchange was quite helpful.  It has been proposed that this meeting might become an annual event.

On February 26, ECIA staff and Board participated in a one-hour CAI Webinar about dealing with mental illness.  The session focused on legal limitations the association has with residents who display behavior consistent with mental illness and reviewed what responsibilities staff and Board has regarding warning, intervention, and reporting.  Though much of the content related to California law, the overview helped ECIA staff and Board understand a bit more about this complicated issue.

Joseph Gutierrez, Melicent D’Amore, Mike Rogers and I met with County representatives Ed Moreno, Olivia Romo, Gary Giron, Public Works Director, Diego Gomez, Public Works Projects Engineer and  Philip Montano, Facilities & Projects Director on February 27. The meeting was very successful and agreement was made to keep each other well-informed about plans and opportunities for projects in Eldorado.  Communication is key.  The county agreed to provide Eldorado a heads-up before starting projects so residents can be informed.  Follow up meetings are planned with County staff, Mike Rogers and relevant Eldorado Committee Chairs.  Unfortunately, since this meeting, the Governor has redirected money for road improvement.  Eldorado stands to lose $500,000.

About 20 people attended and brought wonderful food to the Leap Year Pot Luck.  Several folks were new to Eldorado and it was a great way to meet neighbors.

This year, ECIA must decide whether to continue to have HOAMCO as a management company or seek other options.  With that in mind, the Board held a Special Board Meeting to introduce the HOAMCO Review Task Group.  The  group will gather information from membership, as well as review the current contract and any future contract.  During this research time, the Board will be interviewing other management companies.  There will be an RFP [Request for Proposal] put out to vendors so that the Procurement Policy is followed. The goal is to have decision in July, as the community  will need at least six months to ensure accounting policies and integrity of financials. Sal Monaco, Treasurer, will be the lead on a Transition Team.

Along with Board Members, Committee Chairs James A. Mason, Nolan Zisman, Paul Butt, Dan Drobnis, Pam Henline, Kathy Ritschel, Betty Knight, Mike Ault [for Amelia Adair] met with Stacy Maule, HOAMCO COO and Julie Navarro,  GM.   During this open discussion Committee Chairs questioned HOAMCO about performance measures and personnel.  It was noted that CAI [Community Association Institute] membership and programming should be extended to Committee Chairs.  In addition, Chairs will poll their members about HOAMCO during the upcoming review. 

And of course, it would be negligent if I did not address the current state of our community, our region, and yes, even the world.  COVID-19 has changed the manner in which we all conduct business and communicate with each other.  I hope that residents in Eldorado are able to connect with neighbors and friends, while maintaining social distancing and that folks who are in need will reach out to those who can assist.  This is a time for the true sense of the word community.   

Stay informed … Stay healthy


Treasurer’s Report


Financial Statement: February 29, 2020

Key Points:

~ $1.155M in Operating Fund Cash

~ $756K in Reserve Fund Cash

Total Cash ~$1.911M (up about $451K from last month)

Accounts Receivable: ~$69K  (not including Assessments due – about same as last month)

73% of assessments have been collected as of Feb 29, 2020

Actual vs. Budget YTD: $168K vs. $200K (we are $32K (16%) under budget - mostly payroll)

Balance Sheet as of March 9, 2020:

Operating cash balance: ~$1.253M (79% of assessments collected)

Items from the Finance Committee:

  1. FC recommended getting debit card for use by GM to order items for Reserve expenditures. This will avoid needing to transfer funds from operations to reserves.
  2. FC recommended revised capital budgeting procedure which will lead to a final 2021 budget by November 2020.
  3. FC prepared and recommended a revised collection policy for delinquent accounts.
  4. FC recommended deferring investing operating cash in CD until a larger portion of unpaid 2020 assessments is collected.


  • Policy Review – Melicent
    • Finished preliminary research
    • Will need to determine which policies are current, need revision, or should be rescinded.
  • HOAMCO Review – Nancy
    • Monty met with Julie and will be meeting with other ECIA staff.
    • First meeting scheduled for April 28
    • Margaret Shakelee will assist with web survey
  • Website – David
    • All volunteers asked to identify their skill sets
    • Garrett providing a program for committee members to use while working on project; allows updates and edits for all to see.
  • Safety Education – Nancy
    • Covid 19 has made contacts limiting; the Senior Center is closed
    • Contacted Neighborhood Watch with no positive results
  • Strategic Planning – Sal
    • On hold
    • Plan one day retreat in the summer to develop plan


  • Architecture Committee - Melicent
    • Currently has 7 committee members
    • All architecture applications brought were approved
    • People attending are requesting variances for solar arrays
    • Discussion held about guideline revision
  • Conservation Committee – Carol
    • March and April schedule created may now be on hold
    • Has 7 members and would like to have 8 members
  • Election Committee – Sal
    • One candidate for the 2020 election
    • When there is one candidate can they be elected by acclimation?
      • Would need a Bylaws amendment
    • Have 5 committee members
  • Facilities & Grounds Committee – David
    • Pool on schedule to open Memorial Day
    • 6 lifeguards that are returning; still looking for at least 4 additional
    • All maintenance modules have been entered into Caliber; staff will start working with it
    • Mike Rogers is responsible for hike/bike – Nolan has relinquished control
    • Stables would like whilte vinyl fencing to have these taken out at CC and put at the stables for their use; may not be feasible
    • Bubble at bottom of the pool will be fixed and will eliminate need to replace r for the next few years
    • Have 5 members and would like 7 members
  • Finance Committee – Sal
    • Only have 3 members and would like 6 members
    • Concerned about risk liability for water district with separating the lot at the stables
      • If the easement is deeded to water district need to refer to Stable Committee – have some caveats
    • Information Committee – Melicent
      • Web data is mostly complete back to 2012
      • New logo specs sent to Julie and Nancy; Julie will send out RFP
      • Mel, Pam and Sandra developed strategies to keep the cost of the Vistas down
      • Absolutely no last minute articles accepted after the 5th and must be delivered to printer on time
      • Have 3 members and would like 5 members
      • Information has proof readers but are not active committee members
    • Road Committee – Melicent
      • New recruit  attended first meeting – making 3 new recruits
      • Roads committee and county show same roads need attention and maintenance
      • County has come and done repairs on bad roads
      • Did some regrading – did not stay because of bad weather
      • Currently has 3 members; think 5 would be a good amount of members
    • Stable Committee – Carol
      • Met in Feb instead of March
      • Would like the water district to take over their easement but have concerns about what they will do to the land
      • Strategic planning begun
      • Have 5 members and are happy with this number
    • Welcome ad hoc Committee
      • Held first meeting
      • Tana Monaco was voted in as chair of the committee with a rotating secretary
      • Next meeting March 25 and first event for new residents – end April to mid-May
        • Suggestion to have booths with all the different committees to solicit for new membership
      • First event will be for people who have lived here for a year; next event will be for new residents only lived here for 6 months
      • Possible home visit by committee member to the home of new resident
      • Have staff member at all events to sign up residents for eblasts and Vistas
      • Have 4 members and are good with this number