Agenda-Bylaws Review Committee

Bylaws Review Committee Agenda  

October 21, 2021  Business Meeting   

3:30 – 5:30 P.M. (Via Zoom)   


  1. Call to Order  


  1. Approval of Agenda  


  1. Ratification of email vote to approve the Minutes  


  1. Open Forum: comments from ECIA members (limited to 2 minutes per member)  


  1. Chair, Staff and Board liaison reports:  
  2. Chair report   
  3. Board liaison report  


  1. Old Business:   
  2. a.      Review Bylaws Review Action List and Annual Calendar 
  3. Proposed Bylaws Revisions: Review current spreadsheet of suggested Bylaws revisions, including suggestions from committee members   


  1. 7. New Business: 
  2. a.   Approve list of questions for the ECIA attorney
  3. b. Discuss town hall agenda, January and February publicity plan, and other public outreach
  1. 8. Announcements: next meeting date _____, homework   
  1. Adjournment   


Future agenda items:   

  • Review Committee Charter at the end of the process