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Committee Chair:  Katherine Mortimer,

Committee Co-Chair: Gary Moran

ECIA Board Liaison: James Caruso 
Alternate Liaison: Sal Monaco
Staff Member:  Mark Young
Committee Members:   Casey Cronin Larry Ward, Mark Hiatt, John McDermon
Meeting Time, Place, and Submission Deadline:
  •     Usually meetings are held at  3 PM on the 2nd  & 4th  Tuesday of each month, Conference room of the ECIA. (Dates subject to cancellation or change). 
    • Deadline for submission is Wednesday 12:00 Noon (Wednesday before the meeting)
 ECIA Staff Contact: Mark Young at 466-4248, ext. 15

Mission Statement and Charter for the

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.  (Last Update 10-28-15)

Architecture Committee


1.0    The Mission Statement

The mission of Architecture Committee (AC) is to support the ECIA Board in implementing the Amended and Restated Protective Covenants and Building Restrictions for Eldorado at Santa Fe (Covenants) and Guidelines for Protective Covenants and Building Restrictions for Eldorado at Santa Fe (Guidelines) as residents and developers submit plans for the construction, addition or remodeling of dwellings and other structures covered under the covenants and guidelines.

The AC shall grant approval for projects the AC deems consistent with the Covenants and Guidelines.  The AC shall advise, assist and provide recommendations to the Board based on projects which require and are eligible for a variance to the Covenants and Guidelines which balance the needs of individual residents with the architectural values of the community at large, as described in the Covenants and Guidelines.

2.0    Background Statement


The community of Eldorado has evolved from initial development to a maturing community concerned with maintaining and improving its property values and living environment.  The AC has been part of that evolution.  The AC initial task was primarily focused on the review of home construction plans.  Today, the tasks have expanded and become more challenging in order to meet the changing needs of a mature community.  As such, the Charter of the AC needs to be periodically reviewed and reaffirmed by its members, the community, and the Board.

3.0    Working Procedures


3.1 Items for review are processed by the ECIA administrative staff and referred to AC for review and recommendations.

3.2 The AC shall normally meet twice a month.  Typical meeting time shall be 7:00PM, in recognition of our working residents.  Additional AC meetings may be called by the chairperson as needed.

3.3 Meeting notices shall be published in the ECIA “Vistas” newsletter and on the ECIA website.

3.4 The meeting shall be chaired by the Chair, Vice Chair or designee that be designated by the   Chair or Vice Chair, prior to the meeting, or by a vote of the members present at the meeting.”

3.5 Due to the covenant requirement, reviews will be processed within thirty days.  Committee decisions may be made without a quorum present, recognizing all AC decisions are reviewed by the Board or their designee.

3.6 Typical decisions are made by consensus.  Although, when formal voting is required, each member shall have one vote and ties are to be decided by the AC chairperson.


3.7 Meeting agendas shall be used.  Typical agenda items should include:

      3.7.1    Instruction and advice from the Board

      3.7.2    Orientation for new covenants, guidelines or Board policy, as required to conduct business

      3.7.3    Plan review

      3.7.4    Open forum

      3.7.5    Review of action items and date/time for next meeting

4.0    Level and Scope of Activities


The AC serves as an architectural advisory committee, reporting to the Board.  When specifically authorized it may function as the Board’s designee, as allowed in the covenants.  Typical activities shall include the following:

4.1 Develop and recommend to the Board architectural and planning standards along with guidelines required to implement the covenants.

4.2 Review or develop procedures for the submission, review, and approval of plans to ensure they support implementation of the Covenants.

4.3 Review plans submitted to the ECIA. Approve plans deemed consistent with the Covenants and Guidelines and recommend approval or disapproval to the Board for variance requests.

4.4 Perform local site inspections when required to understand specific issues relative to submitted plans.

4.5 When requested, advise the Covenant Compliance Representative regarding intent and scope of noncompliance concerns.

4.6 Determine noncompliance with covenants and guidelines only when required during review of submitted plans and covenant variance requests.

4.7 Submit an annual budget to the Board that supports the needs of the AC.

4.8 Maintain AC Charter current.  Review as required, but at least biennially.  The Charter may be revised by a majority vote of the AC and approval of the Board.

4.9 Meetings with the Board will be scheduled as required.

4.10 Meet with individual ECIA members as necessary to explain and expedite the review process.

5.0    Products and Reports Requirements

5.1 All submitted plans shall be reviewed within thirty days.

5.2 AC meeting minutes shall be posted on the website, as soon as possible after each meeting, for review by any Board member, Committee member and resident.

5.3 All processed plans or variance requests shall be forwarded to the General Manager.

5.4 An annual report shall be submitted for the Board annual packet.

5.5 Biennially, submit the AC Charter to the Board for review and approval.


6.0    Committee Membership and Responsibility

6.1 Annually, a chairperson shall be recommended by a majority vote of the AC.  The chairperson shall lead the committee and coordinate its business.

6.2 It is the responsibility of the AC Chairperson to insure the blend of experience, knowledge, skills, and perspectives of AC members supports the AC mission and work processes.

6.3 The size of the committee will consist of seven (7) member and two (2) alternates.

6.4 Potential members are determined qualified by a vote of the AC committee after the candidate has attended three regularly scheduled meetings.  Prospective new members shall be recommended to the Board for their approval and appointment to the AC.

6.5 It is the responsibility of each committee member to attend regularly scheduled meetings and abide by the AC meeting ground rules.

6.6 Each member should come prepared to discuss the committee’s issues and contribute to the plan review process and committee’s concerns.

6.7 The Board may designate a Board Liaison to attend AC meetings.

7.0    Stakeholders

7.1 The AC serves at the will of the Board.  The Board is their primary focus and customer, and thus determines the “customer’s satisfaction” of the AC’s activities.

7.2 Individual committee members should utilize the AC to understand the architectural needs of the community and communicate inter-committee issues and potential resources available for common solutions.

7.3 Community residents and their values, concerns and opinions shall always influence and guide the discussions and products of the AC.  One measure of success for the AC will be the effectiveness by which it reflects the community at large in their recommendations and solutions to the Board.


8.0    Resources Required and Available


The AC will need and utilize the following resources:

8.1 Regularly scheduled meetings shall be conducted at the Community Center.

8.2 Administrative supplies and machines shall be obtained from the ECIA administrative offices.

8.3 Financial needs shall be budgeted, as a line item in the annual ECIA.  Budget, similar to other committees.

Board Motion:  #14-04-14.5  

Approved:       Katherine Mortimer                                        March 20, 2014          

                        AC Chairman                                                              Date

Approved:                   Dag Ryen                                            March 20, 2014          

                                    Board President                                              Date