Conservation Committee

Committee Chair: Thom Bredenberg,

ECIA Board Liaison: Carol Sanguinetti

Alternate Board Liaison: Nancy Sulzberg

ECIA Staff Liasion: Mike Rogers

ECIA Staff Alternate: Mark Young 

Members:  Carol Beidleman, Tom Brimacombe, Tom Bredenberg, Mary Clark, John Parker, John Reynold.

Meeting Time & Place.

The first Tuesday of every month at 7 pm in the Community Center Foyer.


The mission of the Conservation Committee is to advise, assist and recommend to the ECIA Board of Directors actions to protect the existing natural resources of the community and enhance these resources whenever possible, to provide recreational opportunities for the community in the use of these natural resources and to offer a variety of opportunities for resource education.


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Charter for the Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc. Conservation Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Conservation Committee is to advise, assist and recommend to the E.C.I.A. Board of Directors actions to protect the existing natural resources of the community and enhance these resources whenever possible, to provide recreational opportunities for the community in the use of these natural resources and to offer a variety of opportunities for resource education.  The recommendations of the Committee shall be based on their collective judgement as they balance the needs of the community with available financial resources.

Background Statements


The community of Eldorado has evolved from initial development into a maturing community concerned with preserving, and improving its property values and living environment.  This growth is exemplified by an increasing level of community support for amenities that improve the quality of life in Eldorado.

The Community Preserve of Eldorado comprises 4,094 acres of undeveloped land lying south of Interstate 25 and east of Highway 285.  Eldorado at Santa Fe, Inc. deeded it to the ECIA as long as the property is used as an undeveloped wilderness area for the use of the membership of the ECIA (Warranty Deed dated December 9, 1982).  The Preserve is undeveloped former range land, part of the old Simpson Ranch before being purchased by AMREP.  In 1981, the ECIA created a Wilderness Committee, now called the Conservation Committee, to protect and preserve this area.

In addition to the Preserve, in 1996 the ECIA acquired the remainder of the greenbelts from AMREP.  The greenbelts are approximately 1000 acres winding throughout the community.  The greenbelts were placed under the general oversight of the Conservation Committee because of the similarity of land use.

Eldorado is a Planned Unit Development and as such, the taxes on each individual lot within the community include the value of the 4,094 acre Preserve, the 1,000 acres of greenbelts and the 29 acre Community Center complex.

The purpose of this charter is to provide the foundation for establishing clear roles, responsibilities, expectations and standards for the Conservation Committee.


Working Procedures


  • The Conservation Committee shall meet at least quarterly. The Chairperson shall set the time and date of the meeting and prepare the agenda for distribution to all members.  A meeting notice shall be published in the E.C.I.A. Vistas.  Special meetings may be conducted as required.
  • Typically, decisions are made by consensus. When formal voting is required, each member shall have one vote, except the Chairperson.  The Chairperson shall decide tie votes.  The Chairperson may designate a Vice-Chairperson and Secretary.
  • Minutes shall be taken at each meeting and prior meeting minutes shall be approved at the start of each meeting. Copies of meeting minutes shall be sent to each member as well as the ECIA Board.



Level and Scope of Activities


The committee shall endeavor to provide orderly, long-term planning, set goals, prepare budget requests, maintain the resources and provide for appropriate recreational activities for ECIA members.  The committee desires to protect and maintain the Preserve and greenbelt areas in as natural and undisturbed state as possible, preserving the native plant and wildlife habitat for the pleasure of the community.

The committee shall strive to do the following:


  • Develop and recommend policies to the ECIA which promote sustainable use of the properties by residents , construct and maintain trails to provide access, organize and lead hikes to acquaint residents with the trails, provide maps of the areas, and develop written and oral material for informational and educational purposes.
  • Develop and recommend policies to the ECIA which minimize impacts on the ecological, scenic, historic and scientific features within the Preserve and greenbelts.
  • Recommend to the ECIA rules and regulations for the safe use of the Preserve by residents.
  • Protect the Preserve while making it available for use by the residents by marking and posting boundary and access points. Work with other agencies to protect legal accesses and deter vandalism.  Where indicated, recommend to the ECIA the fencing of boundaries to mitigate illegal use, cattle trespass and liability.
  • In coordination with the General Manager, design and execute work projects that enlist the assistance of volunteers.
  • Prepare detailed recommendations, including technical support and specifications for the implementation of work required to maintain and improve the preserve and greenbelts, and present the recommendations to the ECIA Board and General Manager for review and approval. The Committee does not have legal authority to enter into a contract for the Association.
  • Provide annual budget recommendations to the General Manager and Finance Committee.

In fulfilling the above the Conservation Committee seeks to communicate with the ECIA to report on issues and explain and seek approval for projects and policies.

The General Manager shall provide the oversight function and resources for maintenance and capital improvements within the Preserve and greenbelts based on Board priorities and committee requests.

Products and Reporting Requirements

  • Meeting minutes shall be submitted to the Board prior to the Board Meeting.
  • An annual Conservation Committee Report shall be submitted for the E.C.I.A. annual community information package.
  • Annually, submit the Conservation Committee Charter to the Board for review and approval.

Committee Membership and Responsibility


  • The Committee shall strive to insure a combination of experience and skills in its membership that supports the mission of the committee and Board. The Committee welcomes new members who are highly interested in the mission.  Prospective members shall attend a minimum of three meetings and may volunteer for such other activities as the committee may determine.  Upon approval of the committee, prospective members shall be recommended in writing to the ECIA Board for appointment.
  • The Chairperson shall be elected or agreed upon by committee members. There is no definite term of office.  The Chairperson, or designee, shall lead the committee in meetings and activities and coordinate all business.
  • It is the responsibility of each committee member to attend regularly scheduled meetings, unless excused by the Chairperson. Three consecutive unexcused absences indicate a lack of interest in the committee’s activities and shall be grounds for dismissal.  Committee members are expected to contribute where possible to committee projects and participate in committee activities.
  • The E.C.I.A. may designate a Board Liaison to the Committee.

Resources Required and Available


  • Regularly scheduled meeting shall be conducted at the E.C.I.A. Community Center.
  • Administrative support and supplies shall be obtained from the E.C.I.A. office.
  • Financial needs to operate the committee shall be budgeted annually, similar to other committees, and controlled by the General Manager.
  • A storage room in the maintenance barn at the Community Center.

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