Information Committee

Committee Chair: Pam Henline.

ECIA Board Liaison: Erika Penczer

Alternate Liaison: Carol Sanguinetti

ECIA Staff Liaison: Ciara Walsh

Committee Members: Bill Dunning, Sandra Vreeland

Meeting Time & Place
 The Second Monday of the Month at 7 PM in the Conference Room 

Vistas Style Guide

Charter for the

Eldorado Community Improvement Association, Inc.

Information Committee 2018 Edition



The mission of the Information Committee is to advise and assist the Board of Directors in the distribution of information to the members and residents of the ECIA from the Board, the Committees and various news sources, and to make recommendations to the Board on how to promote communication within the community.


The vision and purpose of the Information Committee is to create an appreciation for the advantages we enjoy in this region, to advance awareness of the quality and diversity of our residents, the landscape and natural beauty of this part of northern New Mexico, and to keep residents informed of current issues related to the Covenants, By-laws, Guidelines and Policies and their environment.

To further its mission, the Information Committee works with the Board to provide editorial leadership for the Vistas newsletter, the Eldorado Association website, The Newcomer’s Information Packet, and other information outlets to disseminate accurate and useful information to the community that is of high quality and reflects the policies of the ECIA Board of Directors.


  • The Information Committee will meet monthly at the Eldorado Community Center. Special meetings will be scheduled as needed.
  • A meeting notice shall be published in the ECIA “Vistas”, and, with an agenda, on the ECIA web site no later than one week prior to each regularly scheduled meeting. Every effort will be made to post special meeting agendas as early as practical
  • A chairperson and a secretary shall be chosen by a majority vote of the Information Committee and submitted to the ECIA Board for approval. The chairperson shall not be a member of the Board.
  • The ECIA Board shall designate one of its members to serve as official liaison to the committee and one member to serve as alternate liaison. Board liaisons shall have no vote in committee proceedings.
  • Committee meetings shall be conducted under regular parliamentary procedure. A formal quorum is required for voting on any issue. A formal quorum exists when a majority of members are present.
  • The committee secretary or their designee shall provide minutes and agendas for all meetings to be posted appropriately for ECIA membership review.


  • The Information Committee will monitor the publication of the Vistas in coordination with the Board of Directors and the editor, help gather information and submissions by homeowners, board members and other committee members
  • The Information Committee works with the Technology Ad Hoc Committee who are responsible for all designs regarding the website, marquees and any technology-based outlets the ECIA will use.
  • All materials published by the Information Committee shall be approved by a majority vote of the committee and submitted to the ECIA Board for review approval.
  • All submitted materials shall be subject to review for accuracy and relevance. Submitters may be asked to substantiate any comment or fact and correct any grammar or punctuation.
  • All information distributed by the Information Committee shall needs to be accurate, unbiased, devoid of slanderous, inflammatory or libelous language and properly identify all information sources.


  • All information distributed through the Information Committee shall seek to ensure that residents are informed of:
  • Current issues within the ECIA and surrounding areas;
  • Status of ECIA amenities, sponsored events, recreational and educational opportunities in the community;
  • Home Maintenance and covenant issues designed to protect property values and maintain the appearances of our homes;
  • ECIA Board activities and actions taken by the board and association finances;
  • Other matters that foster a greater understanding of our community and its environment.
  • All information distributed through the Information Committee needs to be accurate, unbiased, devoid of slanderous, inflammatory or libelous language and properly identify information sources.
  • All materials published by the Information Committee shall be approved by a majority vote of the committee and submitted to the ECIA Board for approval.



  • The committee shall consist of up to seven regular members, all of whom shall be members in good standing of the ECIA. Other residents, and renters, shall be welcome at meetings as observers and may engage in committee discussions.
  • Prospective members shall be voted on by the Information Committee members and recommended for membership to the board when they have demonstrated a commitment to the objectives of the committee by attending 3 meetings and other contributions.
  • Any committee member who has three consecutive unexcused absences from regularly scheduled meetings of the committee may be dismissed from the committee by a majority vote and Board approval.
  • Committee members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, professional manner when communicating with Board Members, fellow Committee Members, ECIA Staff, outside contractors, Eldorado residents and other members of the public, including in electronic communications and on social media.

Committee members who violate this policy by acting in an unprofessional, inappropriate or unacceptable manner will be subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to censure, removal as committee officer, or removal from the committee by a majority of the Board of Directors.



The ECIA Editor will assist in posting the agenda and approved minutes of Information Committee meetings on the ECIA website as well as posting bulletin board notices and information on marquees. The ECIA Editor will present a draft version of the Vistas to the Information Committee for approval before printing or posting on the website.




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