Neighborhood Watch Home

Committee Chair Marilyn Walker     ECIA Board Liaison:  Todd Handy,
Committee Members:  Marilyn Walker, 466-2553) and Larry Eccard, 466-3535)
Lyn DeMartin, Secretary

Meeting Time & Location:  Meetings are called when needed by the Chair.

The Eldorado Neighborhood Watch is a voluntary program, organized and run by the residents of our community, which works with the concept of  'neighbor to neighbor' communication.
It is also a committee of and is supported by the Eldorado Community Improvement Association.
Neighborhood Watch aids in building a secure, informed neighborhood where residents get acquainted with one another, watch out for and assist each other.
Neighborhood Watch works toward community improvement by addressing issues related to home security, animal control, traffic safety and other illegal activities.
Neighbors are invited to implement crime prevention measures and report suspicious activity to the Sheriff's office, Eldorado Security Patrol or State Police (anonymously, if preferred).
Neighborhood Watch members are not expected to directly intervene in possible criminal activity.

Volunteers Needed:

1.  For Neighborhood Watch Committee members - Attend three meetings and help us work toward goals.  Volunteers needed for subcommittees:  Technical       support for electronic home security measures and computer support for block captains.

2.  To distribute NW recruiting flyers to Eldorado neighborhoods.

3.  Meeting support - help set up chairs and tables, bring refreshments and help clear room after meetings.

4.  To staff NW community outreach tables and talk to and recruit people to be NW members and block captains.