“Building Community One Neighborhood at a Time”

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The Eldorado Neighborhood Watch program (NW) started in 2006-2007 under the guidance of Marilyn Walker and several volunteers and was formed under the umbrella of the National Sheriff’s Association.  Neighborhood Watch continued to grow over the next decade and now has approximately 110 Block Captains (BC’s) with active participants on many of our rural roads.  A team of five volunteers direct NW at this time, taking over the responsibilities from Marilyn in 2018.  Daily, one NW team member scans the Sheriff’s Hot Sheets to see if there is any activity in or adjacent to Eldorado at Santa Fe that warrants reporting to the BC’s.  They, in turn, electronically send alerts (via email) to their contact group members.  It is believed that we are the largest Neighborhood Watch program in the State of New Mexico.

Our volunteer Block Captains are the key to Eldorado’s successful program with their groups consisting of anywhere from 4-5 homes to more than 20 along a common road(s).  Neighbors are contacted by the BC who then creates a Contact List that is distributed to each home choosing to participate.  This list is kept confidential among neighbors and can be helpful when emergency situations or suspicious activity occurs.  The information is also useful in helping others in times of need.  NW helps to build community and to partner with law enforcement for crime reduction.  We work together to create an atmosphere of trust and help keep our community safe.

We understand that in Santa Fe County it is impractical and unfeasible for law enforcement officers to be present in every neighborhood at all times. Neighbors take an active role in working with law enforcement by reporting suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office for investigation.  Participants are encouraged to be the eyes and ears of laws enforcement, but to never directly intervene in any suspected criminal activity.  It does not mean that participants involve themselves in neighbors business.  However, we encourage our members to be observant, to get good descriptions and to report suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s non-emergency number (428-3720) or in an emergency situation by calling 911.

If you do not receive NW alerts, then you probably do not have a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain on your road.  Being a part of NW is a means for neighbors to be kept aware of security-related issues, to create a stronger sense of community and connection with our neighbors and to deter crime. Email or call Chairperson Joe Loewy to find out more about being a volunteer Block Captain:  jloewy42@aol.com. or 505-231-6462.