ECIA Board of Directors

There is one Board meeting per month, usually the fourth Monday of the month. All residents are invited to attend. 

For questions, contact the ECIA office at 466-4248




Board of Directors - Vacancies 
As many of you know, the current ECIA Board of Directors is composed of only five [5] members, the minimum number required to conduct Association business. There are two [2] open positions (each with a term ending in May, 2023) that need to be filled by qualified, experienced community members. We are looking for volunteers with enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment to Eldorado and its future. We encourage you to become part of Eldorado's governing team. If you are interested in applying for appointment to the Board of Directors, please email a candidate statement, short bio, resume, and photo to the ECIA General Manager at by November 20, 2020. If you have questions about the process or want a more detailed overview of the position, please email President Nancy Sulzberg at

Read Candidate Statements for Melicent D’Amore and Sal MonacoMelicent D’Amore and Sal Monaco