Minutes-Bylaws Review Committee

Call to Order - by Chair Amelia Adair, on ZOOM, at 3:33 PM. The meeting was recorded.

Attendance: Committee Members attending-Chair Amelia Adair, Secretary Nolan Zisman, Sue Daniel, and Jody Price. Jim Caruso was an unexcused absence. A quorum was present. Others included residents John Reynolds and Darrel Owens, and Ciara Walsh (Staff).
Prior Meeting Minutes: Unanimously approved as amended.

Agenda: Unanimously approved as amended.

Open Forum: John Reynolds is hopeful that the Bylaws work will stimulate interest in the community in serving on committees and the Board.

Old Business:

Committee Operations:

Communications: Chair Adair has already received a couple of emails from residents in response to the initial e-blast; their MIGS status is being vetted. Ciara Walsh will advise Adair re availability of the marquees to promote community input to the Bylaws. The proposed meeting and action calendar formats were unanimously approved.     

Committee unanimously agreed that draft minutes will     be prepared and circulated by the Secretary for email vote by committee           members within 3    days after meeting. If vote unanimous, minutes will be sent for posting on ECIA website as final (and so confirmed at following        meeting). If not unanimous, minutes will be posted as Draft.  Chair will       make the same happen for agendas.

Review of Bylaw and Suggested Changes:  Chair Adair advised Committee members how to post, review, and edit documents on MS One Drive. She will be responsible for adding new suggestions to the action item spreadsheet.

Charter Review: Deferred to February 2022.

Attorney Involvement: Committee member Caruso will be the “go-between” between the Committee and the Board in terms of establishing budget and getting our attorney involved in preliminary and final review of possible suggested changes to the Bylaws.

New Business:

Publicity: Chair Adair will contact ECIA committee chairs to have them solicit Bylaws input from committee members.

Some policy items in Bylaws: Chair Adair has found some such instances. She has volunteered to identify those for future Committee discussion.

Proposed Revisions: For next meeting Committee members will review and provide comments (on the spreadsheet) on the “Lessons Learned” and “Issues” carried over from the prior Bylaws Review Committee.

Next Meeting : August 12, 2021 at 3:30 pm via Zoom.


Adjournment: at 4:57PM.

Submitted by Nolan Zisman, Secretary