Minutes-Bylaws Review Committee



HELD ON JUNE 4, 2019


  1. Time and place. The initial meeting of the ECIA Bylaws Review Ad Hoc Committee (“The Bylaws Committee”) was held on June 4, 2019 at 1:30 pm in the ECIA Community Center Conference Room.  The meeting was called to order by Butch Gorsuch.
  1. Introduction of Attendees. Committee members introduced themselves.  All committee members were present, therefore, a quorum was achieved. Specifically, Butch Gorsuch, Sue Daniel, David McDonald, Joe Loewy and Amelia Adair were present, having been previously appointed to this ad hoc committee by the Board.  No staff member was present. 
  1. Minutes. There were no prior meeting minutes to review, because this is the initial meeting of the committee.  The meeting was recorded.
  1. Election of Officers. Butch Gorsuch was nominated as the chair of the committee; he was elected unanimously.  Amelia Adair was nominated as the secretary of the committee; she was elected unanimously.  After discussion, the Bylaws Committee decided not to elect a member as a communications officer, but the committee does request a staff member be assigned to it for communication assistance.
  1. Approval of Agenda. The agenda was approved as presented.  Copies of the agenda, the current Bylaws, and a sample Bylaws Review Action List were distributed to committee members.
  1. Committee Operation.

(a) Meeting Schedule: The committee will meet in the ECIA Conference Room twice per month on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm, on the following dates: July 2, July 23, August 6 and August 20.  Future meeting dates will be established later. 

(b) Document review and editing, storage: Butch will establish a OneDrive account for the committee and provide keys to all members, and information on how to use it; he will also open an email account for the purpose of receiving feedback from ECIA members on suggested Bylaws changes.  The Bylaws Committee will use Word and the same syntax for redlining documents as is used by the Election Committee.  The secretary will manage documents and version control.  The chair will backup copies of the committee’s documents. 

(c) Meeting procedures: the committee will provide an open forum at its meetings if ECIA members attend and wish to provide input, but the primary methods for obtaining public input on the committee’s work will be via email and an open forum to be held in the future.  The committee will follow the same or a similar meeting procedure policy as the Election Committee.  The secretary will distribute draft minutes to committee members as soon as possible after each meeting so that the committee may preliminarily approve them for posting via email, consistent with Board policy for standing committees.

  1. Discussion: What are Bylaws? The committee held a discussion on this topic, and on the committee’s work in general.
  1. Bylaws Review Checklist.

(a)  Soliciting comments from Association Members – Message and Time Period?:  The target date for receiving responses from the community regarding Bylaws revisions will be July 16, at 5:00 pm.  Butch will work with the staff to publicize this opportunity for community input via E-blasts, the marquees, and the website.  David will publicize the target date by sharing the information with the Board and with the standing committee chairs.  Amelia will publicize the target date by preparing an article for the Vistas. 

(b)  Complete due dates in reverse chronological order: The committee reviewed the sample Action Item List and began to update the dates and items on the list. At the next meeting the committee will work through the list in more detail.  In addition, the committee will plan to keep a summary reporting chart of suggested Bylaws changes and the committee’s recommendations, for the Board’s reference.  Butch will seek copies of this and other useful forms from the last Bylaws review process and upload them to the committee’s OneDrive. 

  1. Next Steps. Before the next meeting, David and Butch will provide the committee with suggestions for Bylaws changes which have previously been made.  Committee members should review the Bylaws and bring their own suggestions. 
  1. Adjournment. The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 pm.

For the ECIA Bylaws Review Ad Hoc Committee

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