ECIA Board Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Open Meeting / 7:00 pm

Community Center Railroad Building


Call to Order at 7:00 pm


Roll Call / Declaration of Quorum


In attendance:  David McDonald, President; David Sorkin, Director; Nancy Sulzberg, Director

            Staff:  Julie Navarro, GM; Mike Rogers, Operations Manager; Rachel Turnbough, Executive Assistant

Absent:  Bernardo Monserrat, Secretary; Todd Handy, Treasurer (arrived at 8:46 pm)


Announcements – meeting being recorded


Approval of Agenda motion by Nancy, second by Sorkin

Need to amend agenda Motion #9 and Motion #10

Consent Agenda Items


  1. Approval of the September 16, 2019 Board Working Session Notes-
  2. Approval of the September 26, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes-
  3. Acceptance of the September Finance Report-
  4. Acceptance of the September/October General Manager’s Report-
  5. Acceptance of the September Covenant Compliance Report-
  6. Approval of variance for wall at 5 Avila Court-

Motion to approve Consent Agenda Items by Sorkin, second by Sulzberg

Unanimous in favor

Open Forum for Agenda Items


New Business

  1. 1. Motion to approve the proposal for website design from Array Design Studio to include ADA compliance.


  1. 2. Motion to authorize the Dark Skies Task Force to explore the possibility of ECIA becoming a Dark Skies Community


  1. 3. Motion to accept the resignation of Director Libby Maclaren
  1. 4. Motion to accept the resignation of Director Joseph Gutierrez
  1. 5. Motion to move $12,000 from the 2019 Reserve into the 2019 Operating Budget
  1. 6. Motion to appoint Marti Zieg to the Finance Committee
  1. 7. Motion to appoint Kathy Ritschel to the Facilities and Grounds Committee
  1. 8. Motion to accept 2020 Nomination Petition
  2. 9. Motion to appoint Melicent D’Amore to the ECIA Board of Directors
  1. 10. Motion to appoint Carol Sanguinetti to the ECIA Board of Directors



  • Environmental Stewardship Committee – Karen Murry
    • Want to remove the elm tree outside the pool. Will bring a recommendation to the board
    • Working with ECIA staff to fix problems around CC
    • “green” materials for the staff to use
  • Architecture Committee – McDonald for Monserrat
    • Hearing projects and recommending variances
    • Accessory Dwelling Sub-Committee is on hold; county is still tyring to figure where Eldorado falls into this category
  • Conservation Committee – McDonald for Monserrat
    • Transferred weed management to the Road Committee
    • Greenbelts need mowed (clarification on greenbelt trails vs the entire greenbelt)
    • Volunteer work day working on 404 meadow project – water erosion and moving rock in to create dams.
    • No mowing shorter than six inches
    • Approved trail restoration budget
  • Election Committee – Sulzberg
    • Nomination petition will be posted on the website
    • March 12 and April 6 are tentative for forums
    • Docs are being reviewed and revised as needed
  • Facilties & Grounds Committee – Sorkin
    • No report
  • Finance Committee & Monthly Report – Sorkin for Handy
    • Tentative budget submitted and committee made their recommendations
    • Have had other requests for more money and changes
    • Requested another special budget meeting to make their recommendations
    • Workshop is November 2, 2019 from 10-12; this is first come first serve
  • Information Committee – Sulzberg
    • Chosen website vendor and meeting with him to ask questions and get recommendations on how to proceed
    • Welcome packet is on hold – trying to integrate into website
    • Vistas will proceed to be produced by HOAMCO staff – will take recommendations and requests from residents and send to the graphic designer
    • Waiting until full Board can meet and discuss what is going on with Vistas production
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:51 pm -- RETRACTED
  • Road Committee – no report
  • Stable Committee – Sulzberg for Handy
  • Bylaws Review Ad-hoc Committee – McDonald


Open Forum for General Issues

  • Mekah Gordon, 22 Juego Rd -
  • George Rutter, 8 Moya Loop - three pages of questions submitted after townhall meeting.
    • Sulzberg – answers will be on the website
  • Dan Drobnis, 17 Sabroso Rd - might be time to consider returning to the status quo ****. Going back to the beginning and the way things were earlier this week. Proceed with Vistas as previously laid out and move on.
  • Gwen Sperling, 1 Avalon Pl - Eldorado is a small city, we can create whatever we want. Need open communication. David has more of the responsibility; hard when people are saying not nice things and you are trying to do better for the community. A small amount of mistrust can manifest and grow, is human nature. Just want this to stop! Want people engaged and say “I live in Eldorado and it’s a great place to be.” Absense of communication and the mind attaches meanings that don’t exist. At the end of the day, David, I think you’re a decent man. How can we transform the current dynamic.
  • Barry Silver, 34 Herrada Rd - didn’t come here being neutral and have a loud voice. When feeling a certain way I will speak loudly. For six months me and Jon have been promised a loud speaker. Can’t hear what is going on. Not accustomed to not being responded to. Thing #2, asked when charges of the finance committee were going to be covered. Charges are against you and you should respond to those accusations. The question of your finance committee allegations of ******. The third thing is integrity and transparency. Man named Bernardo Monserrat, he is my neighbor but I don’t know him. He introduced himself as “Reverend, Doctor” Monserrat. Can’t find evidence that he is either. What about Monserrat and what about the finance committee?
    • McDonald – the Board responded to the finance committee in September Vistas.
  • Bill Dunning, 1 Herrada Terrace - speak on behalf of the information committee, the people who have labored night and day to get out the Vistas. Not propaganda. Journalism is the only profession protected by the Constitution. Last several months the info committee has worked fingers to the bones to get Vistas out. HOAMCO has been caught in the middle at times and worked hard to get things done. Sensorship from various parties. Today, the day the November Vistas was to go to the printer, and we were informed an article was to be pulled. Offered a suggestion as how to remedy the issue. Four articles were pulled from the Vistas and someone on HOAMCO staff was asked to write new articles. We do not need this in the community. Upshot was the president of the board sent an email to Pam Henline that her services were no longer required and ________________ and Vistas will be done by HOAMCO staff. Unanimous we didn’t think it was a good idea, we thought it was a terrible idea. Lee Chiacos sent email. As a radio caster end right on time!!!
    • McDonald – two things to address. Articles were not yanked by the Board and they were responding to an impass. Sedond thing is Vistas is not a community newsletter. It is an organ of ECIA governance. Convey information from committees and staff and board to the residents.
  • Scott Zamurut, 19 Camerada Rd - served on 4 boards of directors, 2 HOAs and in professional life. Vistas is not a community newsletter is a misrepresentation of what the Board does. Have someone on the Board tell a volunteer they can no longer serve makes no sense. Anyone who wants to volunteer is a volunteer. Nowhere in bylaws and governance can a person be told they can not volunteer. Idea someone can be fired by the board is insane, utterly insane. Your job as members of the community is to work on behalf of the community. Members of the committes work on behalf of the community. Members say they have a problem with the way the Board is doing things is a serious accusation. Don’t get Vistas – am a resident how do I get that. Information committee gathers information that should be disbursed to the community. Message from community to the Board of Directors is you are not serving the community. Step down and let someone who would like to serve the community do so.
  • Casey Cronin, 24 Alcalde Rd - wonder why I rarely hear any of the other board members speak at these meetings. Comforted when they do speak and there is a broader views. Lack of transparency. ECIA landowners look to Vistas for news and current events. Got the impression that’s what the information committee does. Encourage the board to review what the makeup of any information committee is made of. Scheduling questions about the audio file and the Vistas. Two parallel scheduling conflicts with audio file. Put into Vista the new link but how to get the file and have it uploaded on website. Blowing up into a larger and larger issue. Fearful of discussing the accessory dwelling unit issue. Blank faces and no response that is directly related to the president. Inform people exactly what the accessory dwelling unit issue means. If landowners don’t know about it and it could go through. It will blow up.
    • McDonald – still trying to figure out what it means for Eldorado. I have no opinion on the accessory dwelling.
    • Casey – board and landowners are equal entities and not communicating of what could happen. Breaching fundamental notion that two parties need to cooperate.
    • McDonald – when we get enough info from the county
    • Shiela – it has to do with the way Eldorado was platted after it was a ranch. Water was an issue. For Eldorado to be platted as is there needed to be a certain acerage, for density.
    • Handy – June 20 meeting with county. Some of our history precludes the county’s ability to make changes. We are zoned a certain way.


Adjournment at 10:05 pm


Upcoming Board Meetings: 


Board of Directors Working Session: Monday, November 18, 2019 at 6:00 PM, Classroom


Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM, Classroom