Draft Facilities and Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes

September 4, 2019

Call to Order: 10:05 am

Attendance: Committee Members Nolan Zisman, Karen Murry, Lee Onstott, Fred Raznick, Mary Ellen Donat; Martha Jackson; Marie Aragon; ECIA Board Liaison David McDonald; GM Julie Navarro, OM Mike Rogers; residents Jean Crawford, Shella Sullivan, Kathleen Ritschel (second meeting); Kanah Waltman resigned.

Approval of Agenda: Three additions under New Business- 1) Converting pool operations to not needing lifeguards; 2)Night lighting for the courts; 3) “Vistas” article on maintenance management. Revised agenda approved.

Approval of August 7, 2019 Meeting Minutes: Approved.

Public Forum: None. Crawford and Sullivan to participate in Old Business

Discussions related to pool.

GM/OM Status Updates:

  • Disposition of Open Problem Tickets. None closed. a) Community Center WIFI signal remains weak in outer buildings when multiple users are on the network.   b) Hike-Bike Trails need weeding, trimming and tree and bush trimming. Franco’s Trees & Landscaping LLC is now contracted to mow and trim weeds, chamisas and trees along Hike/bike. They will also treat ant nests on the trails.c) Hike/Bike Trails line of sight problems at transitions from trails to roadways. Franco’s Trees & Landscaping LLC will mow and trim all chamises and trees to eliminate line of sight issues for safety.  
  • 2019 Pool Season Experiences. Mike Rogers is hiring 2 new lifeguards by end of week to cover student lifeguards who returned to school. Pool will stay open until October. Main complaint was late pool season opening and limited pool hours due to availability of lifeguards. Pool umbrellas are temporary and will hopefully be replaced in 2020 with permanent shade structures similar to those we had up to this year. There was discussion on ADA compatible new shower design. Feel there is a privacy issue. There have been several complaints about people passing by the main entrance to the locker rooms from the pool area being able to see in the left most mirror in the women’s locker room. The simplest solution is to keep the locker room door closed. Removing that mirror and using it in the family changing room was also suggested. Jean would like to schedule another meeting to go over the pool concerns. Nolan suggested all pool concerns and issues be documented and sent to Mary Ellen and Karen to discuss with the Phase II planning task force. 
  • Maintenance Management Documentation. A “Caliber” software module (HOAMCO’s central management tool) will be used for ECIA maintenance management. Julie is exploring how to create and implement.
  • ECIA New Website. David McDonald mentioned a 3rd local vendor was interviewed and info forwarded to the Information Committee. Using a local web designer will be helpful to better manage and maintain our new website.
  • Action items from Onstott/Zisman Hike/Bike Inspection Report. ECIA has hired Franco’s Trees & Landscaping to maintain the landscaping on and adjacent to all Eldorado hike/bike trails. Julie will ask them to also deal with the ant hills located on the asphalt sections of the trails. Lee also requested Franco be asked to eliminate the weeds growing out of the base course on the Av. De Compadres trail between Herrada Rd. And Av. Vista Grande. Hike/Bike trail stop signs were ordered but not in standard red. Fred asked if Mike can contact the County to see if standard red stop signs are required on the hike/bike trails or if a more subtle tan is allowed.
  • Julie is still looking to fill the third maintenance position.

Board Liaison Update: David McDonald

  • Feedback from August Board Meeting. David Sorkin will be the new F&G Liaison. Question was raised on how to safely handle disrupting elements at Board and Town Hall meetings. Fred suggested reestablishing the Parliamentarian position; that person could also coordinate safe handling of disruptive elements.
  • Board response to F&G Motions on vandalism. Compadres is still under investigation. Pool structural damage is being explored through the pool contractors. Pool stucco painting vandalism has been temporarily covered with primer for the pool season. Will need to be re-stuccoed at a later date. Perpetrators are being asked to make retributions for repairs. Corporal David of the Sheriff’s office is handling.
  • ECIA Board Direction on Pickleball Project. Pickleball currently shares basketball court. ECIA Board is reviewing costs to create a pickleball multi-sport court at Compadres Park. Pool Phase II costs need to be reviewed first to determine if feasible for 2020. Board hopes to reach a decision at their September meeting.


Old Business:

  • Tentative 2020 Projects
  1. Improve CC Outside Lighting and ECIA Security- Mike distributed two bids just received re: security cameras. These will be reviewed by Nolan, Fred, and Lee as soon as possible. Still waiting for cost estimates to improve parking lot and infield walkway lighting. Julie also reminded to get bid from DHS on half court at Compadres which would be adjacent to the pickleball court if built there. Julie and Mike were reminded we need these costs to take to the Finance Committee meeting on Sept. 12.
  2. Dedicated Pickleball Facility See status comments above. Kathy asked if staff could help with moving equipment from shed to basketball court and setting up equipment for scheduled play. Timing would be based on use of scheduling sheets. Julie will coordinate.
  3. Pool Rehabilitation-Phase II Mike will ask a third party to evaluate the existing Mechanical room to determine what will need replacing and cost and what the footprint will look like. This needs to happen first to determine the design of the Family Changing room.  Nolan has listed the following segments deferred from Phase I:                                                                                  i) Outdoor rinse showers;                                                                       ii) family changing room;                                                                      iii) upgraded mechanical room;                                                          iv) Outside lockers;
               v) Pool entrance ID scanner;
               vi) Improved drainage in main parking lot and outside                           pool entrance;
              vii) Additional shade covers to match those we had up to                                the 2018 season;
             viii) New water fountain, maybe with bottle refilling station.
  4. Developing a more permanent solution to sand on the AVG hike/bike path near Joya Court. AFJ made bid proposals, but the ECIA needs County permission to move forward with the project as it is on County property. Possible temporary solution could be maintenance staff installing waddles to keep back loose soil.
  5. Suggested Hike/Bike Trail Maintenance. Seal coating and crack sealing funds for Hike/bike path on Vista Grande for 2020 needs to be placed on the R/R. Meeting set for Monday at 10:30 to discuss.
  6. Creation of a Dog Park “Special Needs”Annex Nolan will forward CPR form to Julie and Mike to determine if Staff can build and what they think it will cost.

New Business:

  • Dog Park Agility Course. Creating a new dog park agility course, training program and storage for supplies. Proposal will be sent to Nolan then to Finance Committee for review in September’s meeting.
  • Crossing Signals Near School and at the Agora. Todd brought up issue with Ed Merino. Will be put on the ECIA Board Agenda for September.
  • Converting Pool Operations To Not Needing Lifeguards. Depth of pool would need to be 5’ maximum to allow the need for no lifeguards on duty and signage of “Swim at your own risk”. National shortage of lifeguards. Most HOA’s and Hotels have gone to the 5” depth for operational pools. F&G and GM/OM concurred to table discussion of filling in the deep end of pool to 5” depth until after the 2020 pool season, pending reevaluation of our ability to recruit lifeguards and the impact of staffing on pool hours.
  • Night time Lighting for the courts will be reviewed during the October F&G meeting. Would have to be in compliance with Eldorado Night Sky perimeters.
  • October ECIA Vistas Article on Maintenance Management was finalized and will be submitted to the Information Committee for inclusion into the October Vistas.

Committee Comments:

Will there be a Dog Pool Party this October? Mike will determine if new pool equipment can handle the fur.

Please think of your ideas for next F&G Public Forum.

Next Meeting: October 9, 2019 at 10am.

Meeting Adjourned: 12:10pm.