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Home to great folks, rich culture and beautiful views, Eldorado at Santa Fe is a community of 2650 homes situated at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, approximately 25 minutes from the Santa Fe Plaza.

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               POOL STATUS UPDATE - June 27, 2019

Due to criminal property destruction in the bath house and on the deck walls, the need to rework the plan for the shade structures, emergency time off for a key vendor sub-contractor and unexpected inclement weather, the timetable for completing Phase I of the pool rehabilitation has had to be extended by 7 to 10 days. The estimate of the impact of the property destruction is about $6,000 in repairs and 3-5 days lost in the schedule. It now appears that the pool will not be able to open before the middle of the 3rd week in July.

Because of the anticipated cost of shade covers, the plan now for the rest of this pool season is to place pre-fabricated structures and deck umbrellas around the pool, equating roughly to the same square footage of shade as was provided during the 2018 pool season. Any additional area coverage requirements will be evaluated during the balance of the 2019 pool season.

Expenses directly related to the rehabilitation of the pool facility now stand at about $610,000. Of this amount about $87,000 are due to change orders, expanding the scope of the original budget to reflect uncovered flaws and      unknowns found during the construction phase of the project. The operating equipment has been inspected and sand in the filters has been replaced.