• Question from B. Silver about having personnel binder with organizational chart, job descriptions summary and key job responsibilities. Discussion about what staffing decisions are available under document request per HOA Act. Staffing is available for Board members and HOAMCO is responsible for staffing. Soft copies are available but no hard copies held in office.
  • Question from J. McDermon about state of the projects supported by grants. Are they ready to execute? Joseph Gutierrez and James A. Mason both answered in their presentations. Paperwork has been submitted but funds have been frozen so no execution of any projects. Mel will take any other questions. James A. Mason discussed water run-off on roads and how to mke sure go to natural drainage basins.
    • B. Silver asked about hiring a qualified engineer who has liability insurance and equipment. Discussion about how hiring will cost a lot of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars. No property corners being plotted; just finding corners.