November 23, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting OPEN FORUM 

The Stable Committee Chair shared the committee’s concern about expenses listed on the 2021  budget. This year, the budget includes a line item that reflects the cost of the ECIA maintenance crew work at the stables. They proposed the budget allocated is more than what will be spent. The Board Treasurer stated the 2021 budget is an estimate based on past and current labor. They indicated the budget can be modified if necessary.


October 26, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting - NO OPEN FORUM


September 21, 2020

BOD Meeting Open Forum

  • A resident expressed concerns regarding the purchase of a 4x4 and announcements. He elaborated that people need to be aware of the background and issues before jumping to conclusions. He would like staff to be more proactive about advertising work being done on amenities and suggested signs be put up in the work area. Discussion then started about second concern, purchase of a 4x4 (Kawasaki Mule UTV). Historically, this has been a “hot topic” when motorized vehicles are in greenbelts or preserve areas. He requested that notification be visible to residents when the vehicle is used on the greenbelts or preserve. Mike Rogers, Facilities Manager clarified that the proposed vehicle will be clearly marked with an ECIA decal. Information about work being done and a maintenance presence will go out to the community on e-blasts. Nancy Sulzberg, President further explained that the purchase of a UTV is to help maintenance getting their jobs done efficiently and debris removal will not need to be done with wheelbarrows or by hand anymore. Signage at entry points will need to say “Authorized Vehicles Only”.
  • A resident asked for  updates about speed control units on Juego Rd as there has been an uptick in excessive speeders. She suggested placing solar radar speed signs on roads experiencing excessive speeders in the interim.  The Road Committee has made  no decision on this issue. The resident was advised to call the Santa Fe County Public Works Department and reminded her that the roads are not under ECIA jurisdiction and therefore we can’t place radar speed signs at this time. Olivia Romo, County Commissioner Hank Hughes assistant, suggested contacting Johnny Baca, Traffic Manager, at the Public Works Department. There has to be a certain amount of traffic passing on a road at a certain speed in order for the county to implement a Traffic Calming Policy, this gives further signage on roads. Mr. Baca’s contact information was provided and Olivia suggested contacting him and herself regarding this issue. Johnny Baca’s phone number is (505) 992-3020 and email is

AUGUST 24, 2020




  • J. Olsen requested clarification about the rock climbing closures in the Eldorado preserve and how the decision was made. A Board Member shared that the closure was originally to be temporary to evaluate what damage had been caused. The Conservation Committee is currently evaluating if the closure should be permanent because of insurance liability. The Eldorado preserve was posted on public climbing websites and thus promoted public use and there is ongoing concern about petroglyph destruction. The group was reminded that the Preserve is private property. Olsen wanted to know what sources of information were used to arrive at the closure recommendation; were experts consulted? Members of the Conservation Committee and residents who are climbers were consulted. The committee is working to find an area that could be open for residents who enjoy bouldering. Olsen suggested an area that could be used for climbing. It was strongly recommended all questions and concerns be taken to the next Conservation Committee meeting and to send topic prior to the meeting so it can be added to the agenda. A final reminder was made to the group to be aware of prescriptive easements and Federal and State Ordinances protecting archeological sites.
  • P. Henline posed a question about the ADA parking at the pool. A staff member explained that the handicap parking available in the past was not compliant with ADA guidelines because of the slope for drainage. The current parking spot is closer to the pool entrance and is in compliance with ADA regulations. Asked if there could be public parking in front of the pool as it is now a fire lane. The situation will be reviewed and will discuss the current configuration with our architect.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday morning a staff member measured distances from the previous handicap parking space and the current handicap parking space. The distance from the previous handicap parking space to the pool entrance is 67’ and the distance from the current handicap parking space to the pool entrance is 50’.

OPEN FORUM for June 15, 2020 BOD Meeting

  • Question from B. Silver about having personnel binder with organizational chart, job descriptions summary and key job responsibilities. Discussion about what staffing decisions are available under document request per HOA Act. Staffing is available for Board members and HOAMCO is responsible for staffing. Soft copies are available but no hard copies held in office.
  • Question from J. McDermon about state of the projects supported by grants. Are they ready to execute? Joseph Gutierrez and James A. Mason both answered in their presentations. Paperwork has been submitted but funds have been frozen so no execution of any projects. Mel will take any other questions. James A. Mason discussed water run-off on roads and how to mke sure go to natural drainage basins.
    • B. Silver asked about hiring a qualified engineer who has liability insurance and equipment. Discussion about how hiring will cost a lot of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars. No property corners being plotted; just finding corners.