Salvatore MonacoHaving served for over three years on the ECIA Finance Committee and the last couple of years as chair, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the ECIA Board of Directors and Committees.  I fully understand and appreciate the time, effort, and service commitment required.

Although there have been recent controversies and concerns in our community about Board actions, I fully believe the current Board has a renewed commitment to improve member relations and provide outstanding service to our community as they fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.  I also believe my background in business, finance, and technology provides a skill set that would be helpful and blend well with the talents of the current Board.

In my opinion, the most important characteristic for our Board is transparency in action, deliberations, and execution of their responsibilities.  Everything, except the most private and sensitive matters, should be open and available to our Association members.  This includes ensuring there are clear policies and procedures (from debt collection to procurement and budgeting) that are followed and that they are published and made available to all members.  I believe the Board has a responsibility to manage the operations of our Association as effectively and efficiently as possible and strive for nothing less than excellence.