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2018 Annual Meeting Minutes




The Annual ECIA meeting was held on May 7, 2018, at La Tienda in Eldorado.  ECIA Board President, John Henriksen, called the meeting to order at approximately 7:05 PM.


Secretary Jody Price read a letter from the ECIA Election Committee stating that quorum requisite had been met for the Annual Meeting of Members. For the May 7, 2018 meeting, 10% of the number of Members Eligible to Vote was 208. Of the 540 Quorum Proxy Statements received, 524 were valid. Letter stating such is attached to these minutes.


Approximately 40 residents and nonresidents/invited guests attended this meeting.


President Henriksen thanked all for attending the meeting and asked everyone to please turn off their cell phones. He also reminded all that the meeting was being recorded and should residents want to speak during the open forum, they should sign in on the sign-up sheet at the door.


President Henriksen introduced the ECIA Board members who were present at the meeting. These members included Vice President Antone Forneris, Secretary Jody Price, Treasurer Joseph Guiterrez, Directors Pam Henline, David McDonald, and David Yard.


President Henriksen thanked and introduced staff present, including, Mark Young, Katrina Pederson & Courteney Handy.


Secretary Jody Price read a letter from the ECIA Election Committee naming the Tellers for 2018 and details of the Election and Bylaws process that was followed. The following text is directly from this letter.

On May 4, 2018, beginning at 9:00 A.M., the Election Committee Tellers (Jeanne Calzada, Mary Cassidy, Butch Gorsuch, Joe Loewy and Bette Knight) as per the Election Procedures counted and tallied the Ballots cast regarding the 2018 Board of Directors election. Director Joseph Gutierrez was present as Board Representative.

The Fourth Amended and Restated Bylaws, Article XVI, Section 2 state “The Bylaws may be amended and new Bylaws adopted by written Ballot upon the affirmative vote of sixty percent (60%) of the votes cast by Members Eligible To Vote as of the Date of Record established by The Board. Any amendment of the Bylaws shall become effective immediately upon approval by the Members.” All votes cast were counted and tallied as per the Bylaws.


            Total votes cast for Bylaws Amendment was 603.


            Number of Ballots mailed                   2,075

            Number of undeliverable Ballots             12

            Number of Ballots received                   646

            Number of valid Ballots                         630

            Number of invalid Ballots                           5

            Total of Votes Cast                                635


Secretary Price moved to approve the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes; the motion was seconded by an un-named member.  With none opposed the minutes were approved unanimously by a voice vote.



President Henriksen made the following remarks:

I want to touch on 4 subjects.

First, I want to apologize for losing my temper during our April 25, 2018 Board meeting.  As you may have heard I became angry during resident Claudia Daigle’s remarks at the Board Open Forum that night.  During our Open Forum, I concluded that she had exceeded her allotted time to speak and was then informed by this resident that she would not cease her remarks. At that point, I raised my voice and banged my gavel down in a loud manner to end her remarks.

I thoroughly regret losing my temper during this meeting. It does not matter why I was angry; my intemperate behavior cannot be excused. For that reason, I am publically apologizing to our community and Ms. Daigle for my loss of composure. I sincerely hope all of you will accept my apology.

Second, I want to outline some key procedural changes your Board enacted during the past 12 months.  The ECIA Board has changed the scheduling, management, and focus of its monthly Working Sessions. Our meetings are now scheduled to give our General Manager adequate prep time and are held early enough in the day to maximize our chances that we complete our work. We now make a written record of what occurs during our Working Meetings to ensure that we don’t lose track of completed tasks as well as tasks to be completed at a later date. We also encourage our Board members to work as teams in order to tackle big issues. Finally, our meeting agendas are now tightly organized so we don’t waste time discussing issues that do not benefit the Association as a whole and don’t focus on issues that cannot be resolved by our Board. Along with these key changes to our Working Sessions we have been working with our ECIA Committees to ensure that their Board Liaisons are properly executing their jobs.

While making these key operational changes we also worked hard to support our professional staff. Your Board has ensured that the activities of our ECIA staff are directed by our General Manager rather than by Committee or Board members. Empowering our General Manager in this fashion has allowed her to carefully delineate the respective roles and responsibilities of HOAMCO staff, ECIA Committees, and the ECIA Board, thereby promoting a closer, more professional working relationship for all parties.

Taken together these changes have resulted in more efficient, productive and transparent Board decision-making. These structural changes in the way we do business, in concert with the efforts of our hardworking volunteers and ECIA staff, helped to make the past 12 months a very productive cycle. It is imperative that we preserve these key changes so that the next 12 months are equally productive.

Third, despite your Association’s progress over the last 12 months, it is apparent that our current Board Open Forum system is not working well – it simply does not provide a good process to enable our residents to interact with the Board. We tried to implement a more interactive process at our March meeting. It did not work out -- for a variety of reasons. Because the March Open Forum was so chaotic we returned to the traditional ECIA Open Forum process during our April meeting -- residents making comments to the Board (who make notes of concerns that can be addressed at a later time). Your Board acknowledges that this format, even at its best, has limited value since there is no chance for real dialogue.  As one of our residents stated to me recently in her letter: “one-sided communication is not communication.”

For that reason, it is imperative that we come up with a new set of rules and a new system to allow for a civil and responsive dialogue between the Board and our fellow residents. Crafting an effective way for residents to interact with the Board is of high concern to all of our current members and will hopefully be a priority for any new members. Your Board intends to work on this issue going forward.

One of our residents also suggested that we consider using facilitators to encourage good communication with the Board.  So tonight we have asked Bette Knight, Chair of the ECIA Election Committee, to conduct our Open Forum. Let’s see how this works.

Fourth and last, I want to say thanks to all of the fine residents of our Community who have worked with me and the rest of the Board to make the last 12 months so successful. It has been a pleasure serving as your Board President during this timeframe.

Your Board has scheduled its Organizational Meeting tomorrow to elect its officers for 2018-2019. My year as your President will conclude when I adjourn tonight’s meeting. Please know that I will work hard to support the new President as I serve out my final year on your Board.

And so to all of the many fine folks who have continuously supported me and the work of your Board and ECIA Committees during my tenure as your President I say thank you.

And to the folks who have expressed concerns about my actions during the past 12 months I will leave you with a saying from my childhood:

God loves you and I’m trying



Treasurer Gutierrez stated that he, along with Finance Chairman and Committee has worked on the following:

  • Reformatted the operating budget to reflect categories of operations which greatly reduce the number of categories.
  • Developed an investment plan for the reserve and replacement funds, approximately $900,000 were invested over a three year period.
  • A review of the 2018 operating budget as well as the Reserve and Replacement budget.

Treasurer Gutierrez referred to the Annual Report, pages 4-7. This includes the Auditor’s Report dated, February 18, 2018, and CPA Report. All data and figures can be found on the aforementioned pages of this report.


The following committee chairs or their representatives commented on 2017 accomplishments and goals for 2018. The full list can be found on the 2017 Annual Report:

Architecture Committee:  Katherine Mortimer, Chair

Conservation Committee: John Reynolds, Chair

Election Committee: Mary Cassidy, Committee Member

Facilities and Grounds Committee:  Nolan Zisman, Chair

Finance Committee: Sal Monaco, Chair

Information Committee: Gershon Siegel, Chair

Road Committee: Terry Riely, Committee Member

Stable Committee: Tara Debrevic, Committee member


Vice President Forneris announced that residents Katherine Mortimer and Karen Murry were selected as the 2018 Residents of The Year.


President Henriksen opened the open forum part of the meeting and asked residents to be sure to limit their comments to five minutes. The Open Forum was facilitated by member Bette Knight. Directions as to the flow of the forum were announced. Three members signed up to speak in the forum.


Secretary Jody Price read the Certification Letter presented by the Election Committee and announced the results of the Bylaws Amendment vote.

The Bylaws were adopted with 487 members voting to adopt and 116 voting to not accept the amendments as presented.

The vote count is as follows:

Claudia Almstrom –    348

Emily McCormick –   332

David Yard –               331

Antone Forneris –       197

The new elected Directors for the two open positions ending in May 2021 are: Claudia Almstrom and Emily McCormick. Certification letter and signatures are attached to these minutes.

He further stated that the Election Committee had followed due process and certified that the tallying of the ballots was in accordance with the governing documents of the ECIA.


President Henriksen congratulated Director Ahlstrom and McCormick on their election win and thanked Vice President Forneris and Director Yard for their service to the Board. He also thanked the residents of Eldorado for the opportunity to serve as their Board President.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:50 PM.

Note: There was an audio recorder malfunction and there is no recording of the meeting. These minutes were recreated with input from several members who were in attendance.



_________________________________________________________    April 30, 2019


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