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ECIA Greenbelt


Location: Throughout the Eldorado Community

Greenbelts Map

Eldorado is blessed with greenbelts winding throughout the community, which add much to our feeling of living in wide-open spaces. They provide recreation and serve as flood protection. The developer, AMREP, was required to designate flood plains and drainage easements when platting the subdivision in 1972 as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). Additional drainage, walkway, and bridle path easements were also platted. These are our greenbelts today, and are one of the community’s major assets.

The greenbelts total 987 acres. ECIA purchased 130 acres from Rational Alternatives, Inc in 1988. AMREP transferred 857 acres to ECIA in 1996.

ECIA members collectively own the greenbelts. The greenbelts are managed by the ECIA Board of Directors, with the Conservation Committee providing oversight and recommendations and are designated as wild space.

The policies include guidelines for ECIA management of the greenbelts to protect their values for homeowners and provide a safe environment for the residents.

Greenbelt Management include:
● Clearing overgrown paths
● Marking access points
● Fire danger reduction
● Erosion control
● Trailhead signage
● Trail realignment and improvement

The ECIA Conservation Committee has now completed the Greenbelt Pilot Project in the Pueblo Canyon Greenbelt area. This work, which was approved by the Santa Fe County Land Development Office, successfully turned an eroded greenbelt trail into a 2.6 mile long, class 4, multi-use trail for walking, biking, or horseback riding.

Regulations for Use

  • While walking is the primary greenbelts activity, horses and bicycles are allowed.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed, including ATVs.
  • Dogs shall be leashed when in the greenbelt, as per ECIA Board Policy.
  • Dog Owners shall clean up all waste.
  • Cyclists must slow or stop when meeting equestrians or hikers; hikers must step aside for horses.
  • Fires and smoking are not allowed due to fire danger
  • Dumping of any plant material or other refuse is not allowed
  • Plants, animals, minerals are artifacts are not be disturbed or collected.
  • Guests are permitted as long as an ECIA member accompanies them
  • Use only designated access points (or you own property border). Do not cut across other lots, even vacant ones.

Keep our greenbelts as scenic buffers for all to enjoy.

Green Belts