Todd HandyTodd Handy 

As an experienced board member of 3 different HOA's for the past 36 years, I have worked in several different environments including self-managed, as well as the incorporating the use of a management company; having converted to and from both formats back and forth.

I see the ECIA situation as one needing to take command of the operations to see that "we get what we are paying for".

I am not against HOAMCO or any other management company, but things need to be less reactionary, and only putting out fires, but be more proactive and having fire preventions in place.  That is why we hired a management company.

The board needs to recognize it's role in the community as leaders and representatives of our neighbors and fellow residents in regards to safety, prosperity, and relationships with the various outside, and internal, entities and forces that do not always have the ECIA population at heart.

Having connections with State and County representatives, I have the experience necessary to help the ECIA to reestablish itself as a leader in the Santa Fe community.