Board Meeting Reports

President’s Report

Board of Directors Meeting

September 21, 2020

Good evening and thank you for participating in this ZOOM Board Meeting.  I can’t tell you how much I look forward to a time when we can meet in-person but we are committed to following the Governor’s guidelines for meetings.  Perhaps  it may be that within the next few weeks, we will consider opening the Community Center for only ECIA sponsored meetings, basically Committees, Task Groups, Executive Board Sessions and the like.  The classroom can certainly be set-up for social distancing and masks would be required by all. The difficulty lies in how to sanitize after the gathering.   Be assured, the details are being discussed and hopefully we can find a safe and productive process.

In the meantime, ECIA work continues to move forward.  Last week the Board of Directors, the eight [8] Committee Chairs and a few residents, ZOOM’ed a meeting about Compliance.  This is an issue wrought with concerns and will need a significant amount of Board, Committee, legal and resident input.  The minutes from the meeting will be posted on the website and a recording is available by calling the office.  The Chairs will use this preliminary discussion to foster further review in their respective meetings. Also, over the next several months residents will be invited to participate in discussions and  we hope you will choose to step up and be part of the process.

With that being said,  I encourage residents  to understand their responsibilities to the Association including, but certainly not limited to, timely assessment payments and stable payments, requesting architectural variances when needed,  registering a dog before using the dog park, or abiding by the posted signage at the courts, preserves and dog park.   Our community is fortunate that most Eldoradans observe the rules.  However, as in almost all scenarios, there are folks who choose not to follow established guidelines and as a result, might put others or the community as a whole, at risk.  Our primary goal is to minimize that. 

This past Tuesday evening, many residents joined the meeting about Santa Fe County’s  updated Land Use Code.  The County  changed its side and rear setbacks from 10 feet to 25 feet. This change has implications for Eldorado and as such, the County has recommended that a representative committee that includes residents and business owners from the greater Eldorado area, develop an overlay zone that would allow Eldorado's setbacks to remain unchanged.  Anyone interested in being part of this should  contact Mark Young at the ECIA office.  Just a note, this is not an ECIA committee, but one defined by the County and thus has certain requirements and timelines.

And now on to a touchy subject. I would like to address the serious issue of armchair quarterbacking … you know, giving opinions about something without having direct knowledge or experience of it after the fact. This seems to be a chronic problem in Eldorado.  Folks hear bits and pieces of meetings or recommendations and then take to social media or gatherings and all too often, rile people up unnecessarily.  Please, get the facts before you share incomplete or false information.   Before you trash an idea, please make sure you know the whole story.   Anyone who wants more information about what’s happening now has a direct route to the office.  It’s a new option on the ECIA home page.  If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, comments, complaints, compliments, ideas, musings or thoughts that you would like to share, please use the link that is shown.  Get the whole picture so you can be well-informed.

And as always, I wholeheartedly thank all the volunteers who continue to work on  behalf of the community.  Their willingness to share their time, expertise and support makes Eldorado the special community that it is.

Treasurer’s Report


Based on Financial Statement: August 31, 2020

Key Points:

  • Operating Fund Cash ~ $760K (anticipate remaining 2020 operating & cap expenses of ~ $450K)
  • Reserve Fund Cash ~ $720K (no remaining 2020 expenditures projected)
  • Total Cash ~ 1.48M
  • Funds in CDs: ~ $800K

Accounts Receivable: $69K (from Assessments); ~$17K (uncollected 2020 Assessments – ~1.1%)

Other Receivables (interest, stables, lien fees): ~$59K

  • Actual vs. Budget YTD: $1.0 MK vs. $1.05M (we are ~$50K under budget, primarily from lower expenditures in capital projects, pool operations and payroll). Anticipate additional 2020 surplus of ~$150-200K; excess funds at year end will be used to build our reserves.

Items from the Finance Committee (FC):

  1. Third draft of 2021 Budget was reviewed at the September 8 FC meeting. The FC will hold a special discussion of the budget for members on Oct 20 at 7PM. There will also be a Public Forum on the Proposed Budget on Saturday Nov 7 at 10 AM.
  2. FC developed a final draft of the revised procurement policy and it is on our web site for review.
  3. A new procedure allowing scanning directly to our bank was discussed that will allow fast processing of assessment checks delivered to the office.

ECIA Board of Directors Liaison Reports

Sept. 21, 2020

Architectural Committee  Sept. 8, 2020

  • There were 4 Consent Approvals.
  • 14 Projects approved for solar arrays, fences and walls, new portals and a greenhouse.
  • There was one variance, which the BOD discussed tonight.
  • There was discussion regarding a resident’s color paint proposal for a wall and agreed that a color closest to approved stucco colors could be used.

Conservation Committee Sept. 1, 2020

    • Finalization of new brochure will be made available for board approval at the September Board meeting
    • Jan-Wilhem work days coming up this month
    • Looking for ways to spend the rest of their budget this year to reduce next year’s ask
    • Discussed need for the 4x4 

Election Committee  Sept. 9, 2020

  • At the September meeting the Election Committee completed work on the 2021 Election Procedures.  A motion to approve the new procedures was sent to the Board and approved by the Board at the September 21 Board meeting.

F&G liaison report 9/21/2020

  • Mike will be reporting the GM’s report going forward.
  •  Family room plans were moving forward with multiple bidders participating in the process.
  •  Hike/bike maintenance continues in house.
  •  Pool hours were shortened slightly and a closing date of 10/5 was proposed.
  •  Lifeguard course proved successful and all 4 Eldorado residents passed the requirements.
  •  F&G powerpoint video is now on our website 
  •  A motion to recommend a card entry system was approved.
  •  Dog Park Committee touched on immunizations and licensing and how to track compliance. Currently no system is in place to successfully monitor compliance.
  •  A mobile Vet service will be on site on Oct. 14th for any dog owners to obtain exams, immunizations, etc. 
  •  Hike/Bike etiquette was discussed and guidelines were discussed.

Information Committee  Sept. 14, 2020 

Mel had an excused absence 

Road Committee  Sept. 2, 2020

  • Estrambre Road work is in the works
  • Cerrano Loop work to begin the end of September
  • ICIP Eldorado proposals have been submitted to the County
  • The committee chair James A. Mason presentes an excellent powerpoint which I believe is now on the ECIA website under the Road Comm. tab
  • Dr. Gordon expressed her concerns regarding speeding vehicles during the open forum

Stable Committee Sept. 10, 2020

  • Very happy with the maintenance staff
  • Also see a need for the 4X4