The Fifth Amended and Restated Bylaws of the Eldorado Community Association state every two years an Ad Hoc ECIA Committee shall conduct a review of the Bylaws. 
The Bylaws were last amended in 2018, and a review will begin in June of 2019. All Members are encouraged to send comments and suggestions for consideration. Members should send comments to .  
Comments will be accepted until July 16, 2019.
 If the Bylaws Review committee proposes another revision, a Forum open to the Members will be held, (most likely in January 2020), prior to submitting the revision to the Members for voting in April of 2020.
Members include:
Butch Gorsuch (Chair)
Amelia Adair (Secretary)
Joe Loewy
Sue Daniel

Board Liaison: James Caruso

Alt Liaison:  David Sorkin

Staff Liaison: Julie Navarro