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Bylaws Review Begins – Member Input Opportunity

It’s that time again:  every two years, all ECIA members have the opportunity to suggest potential changes to the community Bylaws.  The Board welcomes member input in this important process and encourages members to read the Bylaws and submit suggestions for changes.  The goal of the process is to ensure the governing structure of our community will be continuously improved and updated.

The current Bylaws (specifically, Article 16 of the Fifth Amended and Restated Bylaws of the Eldorado Community Association) state that every two years a committee shall conduct a review of the Bylaws.  The Bylaws were last amended in 2018.  The Board appointed an Ad Hoc committee to conduct the Bylaws review this year; this committee began meeting in June. 

Highlights of the Bylaws review process:

  • July 16, 2019 at 5:00 pm is the deadline for members to send comments or suggestions for amendments to the Bylaws. Comments should be sent to ECIABylawsReview@gmail.com, or mailed or hand-delivered to the ECIA office. 
  • Review of suggestions. The Bylaws Review committee will meet regularly over the next several months to review all suggestions from members.  Finally, the committee will recommend necessary amendments to the Board.
  • Other opportunities for member input. If the Board agrees with the recommendations, then a draft of the amendments will be published for community review.  Also, an open forum will be held (most likely in January 2020), where members can discuss and give the Board feedback on these draft amendments.
  • Membership vote. After the forum and an attorney review, the final step in the process will be a membership vote on final proposed amendments, as part of the annual Board of Director’s Election, in April/May of 2020. 
  • If approved by a vote of the members, the amended Bylaws will take effect after certification by the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Bylaws Basics:  Bylaws are the rules which govern how an organization operates.  The ECIA is a non-profit corporation and a homeowners association, so it must have Bylaws in addition to its other governing documents, which include the recorded covenants and the articles of incorporation.  The Bylaws are approved and may only be amended by a vote of the membership.